The new cruise reality could be bleak hardly

The images from the inlet of the two pouty-mouthed Riesenpötte Aidamar and Aidablu in Warnemünde on the 18. July are impressive: thousands jam the end of bather

The new cruise reality could be bleak hardly

The images from the inlet of the two pouty-mouthed Riesenpötte Aidamar and Aidablu in Warnemünde on the 18. July are impressive: thousands jam the end of bathers on the beach, but no waving to passengers on Deck.

cruise ships start with a maximum of 60 percent utilization,

week-long luxury ship lay at anchor in front of Skagen, now you should be again made ready for the first guests: 5. August starts the Aidablu in Hamburg, like all cruise ships, with a maximum of 60 percent capacity utilization: Three days out on the North sea, once in the circle drive and back again. Price: from 399 euros.

passengers may not Board

Tui Cruises earlier this spring, and already on 24. July, the "My ship 2" of Hamburg from the lake, the North sea sting: Once to Kristiansand in Norway, where the ship late in the evening for an hour to Refuel fixed – and then it's back to Hamburg.

The passengers are not allowed off the ship and pay for the three-day Mini-Trip to 629 Euro per Person in a balcony cabin.

And Because the machines are running because of the lack of shore continuously, the fuel consumption is also higher than normal.

The ship as a luxury hotel for many years a model of success

It is a tentative beginning to the sometimes traumatic experiences of the industry in the spring with Corona-outbreaks on ships and giant cruise liner, the seas wandered in search of a port that will not reject you.

The ship as a luxury hotel, the docks every day to a great new Destination, and the passengers in between Wellness and Entertainment offers – this concept has the carbon dioxide and fine dust spinning in spite of all the criticism from the environment each year, conservationists brought rates of gigantic growth.

Germany is the champion of Europe under the crusaders

On the send experience steamer the industry giant, Tui Cruises (7 ships) and Aida (14 ships) from to German: 2.2 million Amateur sailors made in the year 2019 holiday on Board. Germany's riders to the champion of Europe under the cross, and the cruise Association CLIA.

And now? Now, only the trips not taken, and life on Board is the same: In Restaurants, is served at the table pre-booked times, even visits to the gym have to be logged in. Saunas and Disco are closed.

And since singers are regarded as potential "super spreaders", are canceled by the pompous music shows in the onboard theatres. Instead of previous Shows ("amazing AIDA Shows in high quality about the Videos on the LED-wall in the Theatrium"), or is it dancers and acrobats, who entertained her audience to launch without a virus.

Covid-19-early warning system on ships

Tui Cruises promotes trust by Corona-rapid tests and an additional officer on Board, the "Infection Control Officer". In addition, there is a Covid-19-early warning system on the ships, based on daily temperature measurements from guests and Crew.

"Not a Cent I'll give for such a trip from"

Among the subscribers of the highly successful Youtube channel of the ship-tester Matthias Morr, the enthusiasm for the "in circles" in the borders. "Under these circumstances, no Thank you. Not a Cent I'll give for such a trip," writes one commentator.

"Only ship travel without land is as I would with the train to Hamburg, and without going back out again," says another. "Sorry, for me, a cruise would be a nightmare. I would take out of sheer boredom", is another.

ship testers can short trips also Positive

ship tester Morr can win the first short trips, however, on the positive side, sings the praises of ships, the serenity and the place is only good for half of the bays. In addition, the professional after countless trips, it is also nice to be able to without a stressful country course just to be on Board.

The German cruise Fans, it actually goes relatively well: The American health authority CDC has the cross travel ban just to 30. September 2020 extended.

This article was written by Stephanie Lamprecht

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