The monastery Schlehdorf: Soon, citizens can move | Schlehdorf

The developments in the Wogeno München in the monastery Schlehdorf run largely according to Plan. The building permit for the East wing is now available. With t

The monastery Schlehdorf: Soon, citizens can move | Schlehdorf

The developments in the Wogeno München in the monastery Schlehdorf run largely according to Plan. The building permit for the East wing is now available. With the parish but have not yet spoken about the future division of space.

Schlehdorf – at the end of last year, has acquired the housing co-operative (Wogeno) Munich, for € 4.2 million, the monastery Schlehdorf of the missionary Dominican sisters, and subject to that on the part of the Tölzer district administrative office all permits for the new use of the concept in the Interior are granted. There was in the past years many discussions about the further development of the so-called "Cohaus monastery Schlehdorf". "In mid-March, we have received the building permit for the East wing," says house leader John high-Holzer.

The Wogeno is currently working so more in the transformation and reorientation of the building, divided into the areas East (phase one) and West (phase two). Are planned for a mix of Housing and Work, as well as an area for public events and education work. A great challenge to fire protection regulations and monument protection. "We are in constant communication, and good things," says Holzer.

In the summer, you will start with the tag. "Because Corona is a bit later than planned." In brief, the application starts the time for the room, which will approximately last for four weeks. 15 to 20 rooms are available in so-called clusters, so in residential communities. High-Holzer, according to a membership in the Wogeno is not for some of the rooms required, in the case of commercial premises, however. "There is a strong demand," says the house Manager. Depending on the size and location of the rooms cost between 300 and 800 euros.

Great demand from self-employed to the office spaces

Prior to the application phase, guided tours and information events were actually planned, but because of the pandemic can't take place. "Perhaps the groups are small is possible", says Holzer, otherwise you could inform yourself on the Internet. The Wogeno will lead to a list of prospects and then probably at the end of July to make a decision. There will be no lottery. The residents need to identify with the values of the cooperative is called the high-Holzer is an example. In addition, you make sure that people from the Region and to have a "healthy variety", that is to say women and men of every age group. A first reference at the beginning of September, the house Manager considers to be realistic.

requests from the trader you get a lot of, says Holzer. Including, for example, two Schlehdorfer mothers who want to set up a "parents-child-office" be. Other requests come from the self-employed, the office space search for ambulatory nursing, physiotherapy, Coaching, and graphic Design. "The demand is colorful and big," says Holzer. "We are pleased, especially on requests from Schlehdorf." The business rooms are between 20 and 75 square meters in size and cost depending on the location between 400 and 1200 euros. "It is also the garden and the community kitchen benefit", says Holzer.

project-presentation at the beginning of July in the municipal Council

at the beginning of July, the development will be presented in the municipal Council. It should also be about the design of the village square, so the area in front of the monastery towards the community. "We want to be an open house. This is important to us,“ says Holzer.

Between the East and West wings of the monastery, the Prelate of the staircase, the state of Bavaria belongs to the free is. The Wogeno would buy it, and demands that the free state of Bavaria meets until the fall a decision on how it goes. If it is not for sale, insists the Wogeno understandable way to a passage of law, "or else the whole project fails", says Holzer.

life in the monastery should remain

Due to the staircase and associated spaces talks with the parish to run again. Schlehdorf is since 2015, the seat of the parish Association of home garden with the municipalities of Schlehdorf, large because and Ohlstadt, explains the new pastor Simon Tyrolt. "Habitable rooms are essential for the parish and überpfarrliche life, because this life requires, even outside of the worship space a suitable place, to be able to continue to unfold," writes Tyrolt to a request from the Tölzer courier. The talks are held "in a climate of trust and mutual well-characterized atmosphere". Still there are issues to be resolved but he was confident that "in the foreseeable future for all parties Involved, a satisfactory solution can be brought about". The common goal is to preserve the life of the former monastery complex.

Updated Date: 17 June 2020, 16:33

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