The halls for the athletes are re-opened | Wolfratshausen

Since Monday, are allowed to use the Indoor athletes in the halls again. Just as the power of many Clubs scratching their heads. Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen – The

The halls for the athletes are re-opened | Wolfratshausen

Since Monday, are allowed to use the Indoor athletes in the halls again. Just as the power of many Clubs scratching their heads.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen – The individual athletes in the district are already exercising for some time, the footballer also met for one or the other unit – the Sport in Bavaria, moved to the Corona-crisis step by step in the direction of normality. After the Opening of the open-air sports facilities, the state government on Monday, 22. June, also for Indoor operation, given the green light. However, there are besides the well-known Hygiene and spacing rules for more requirements: The future limitation of Participants in sports halls and is calculated from the specific spatial conditions such as room size and ventilation.

In many of the halls will be confirmed at the time of tests

This is Sabine Schmid. "Various gymnasiums of the district are currently not available due to school exams, which take place there," explains the spokesperson in the Tölzer district office on request. Be affected in this case, to about the middle of July in Bad Tölz the halls of the gymnasium and the Realschule as well as the secondary school hall in Wolfratshausen. The hall of the gymnasium Icking is currently being renovated. In addition, the need to clarify internally how to ensure compliance with the Hygiene regulations. "Who is, for example, for indoor cleaning after use responsible?" asks Schmid.

For the club sport back to the building of the city of Wolfratshausen were released at the beginning of the week. However, there are some requirements. "The clubs need to notify us prior to the start of the training, whether and to what times you want to train or not", says Susanne Leonhard. According to the Department head of the clubs were advised that each group may only train a maximum of 60 minutes, and the showers are currently not used, Case may be, that in the entrance areas and corridors, mouth protection, and that the requirements of the currently valid protection against infection regulation are mandatory.

"is the responsibility of managers in control of the individual Practice or the Clubs," emphasizes Leonard. So the Trainer must keep, for each unit an attendance list with addresses and telephone numbers of the Parties and of this – if a corona is the case in the respective group, without delay, to the competent authority and the city forward. The municipality had also placed signs and body soap, and disposable towels. "The disinfectant for equipment and toilets to get to the clubs themselves."

In Bad Tölz, the Post goes off again - with the concept of Hygiene

Re-Training, the Indoor Active can record in Bad Tölz. "It's all city halls are open, so the Südschule, the small hall at the Jahn street, on the flint height in the sports Park and the Latvians wood school," tells Birte otterbach on request. According to the press Secretary at city hall, there are two different editions of the Ministry of the interior – the infection protection measures regulation, on the other, the framework of the concept of hygiene "Sport". The pads themselves had been created, in cooperation with the clubs and to the sports oriented.

"Generally speaking, 1.5-Meter-clearance, the size of the group is dependent on the area of the hall. In the case of sanitary facilities only the toilets are open, up to the sports area of the mouth are to wear nose protection“, lists Birte otter Creek. The Sport should be in fixed groups operated, so that the contact chains understand. For the recording of the names and addresses of the associations are responsible. After the units are limited to 60 minutes, must be ventilated, the rooms sufficient. "The cleaning of the hall, the disinfection of sports equipment and door handles is the responsibility of the Clubs."

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Also in Lenggries has made it possible for the commune, the Clubs, the Sport in the hall to investigate. "However, you must keep to the specifications of the German infection protection measures regulation, we have hung out," stresses Tobias Riesch. How the business communicates to senior officials in the city hall, your are showers and Changing rooms are not in use. It is only allowed contact-free Sport in groups of up to a maximum of 20 people, in addition, no spectators. Riesch: "For the observance of the rules, the clubs themselves are responsible."

In Geretsried you wait for more schemes

in Front of the closed door, the Indoor-athletes are, for the time being in Geretsried. Affected are the halls in Gelting, on Isardamm, at the Adalbert-Stifter-Straße and Karl-Lederer-school. "We are still waiting, what are the new rules of pages of the Bavarian state government," explains Thomas Loibl. While previously only a maximum of 20 persons for non-contact sports were allowed to meet, the future basis for the indoor area according to the size of the building. As the press spokesman for the city runs, have you developed appropriate Hygiene and distance concept. Loibl: "We clarify that then for each site individually, for example, what are the ventilation possibilities in the halls are present."

Updated Date: 24 June 2020, 22:34

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