The district of Weilheim-Schongau: Per track: being a second Track of Chaos | Region of Weilheim

The is planned for 2030 "Germany beat" the train can even bring a half-hour rhythm between Weilheim and Murnau. The passenger Association Pro Bahn, considers

The district of Weilheim-Schongau: Per track: being a second Track of Chaos | Region of Weilheim

The is planned for 2030 "Germany beat" the train can even bring a half-hour rhythm between Weilheim and Murnau. The passenger Association Pro Bahn, considers the concept without the two track section, however, is unrealistic and calls for a comprehensive approach with the reactivation of railway stations in Polling and Wilzhofen.

the district has long Been a Pro track for a thicker stroke. Since the Federal policy has formulated the goal of "Germany beat" is Norbert Moy cautiously optimistic, because of the schedules, the competent Bavarian railway company (BEG) is a Swiss planning office is compaction-concepts develop.

+ Norbert Moy passenger Association Pro Bahn

"sections with more than 5000 passengers every day, the policy is to aim for a half hour," the Chairman of Pro Bahn regional group of the Oberland. And since the introduction of new engines, driving increased car guest numbers significantly. To the North of Weilheim used 2018 daily 10 043 passengers on the train (2013 8477), to the North of Murnau 5209 (2018 4579), to the North of Garmisch 3905 (2018 only 3700).

As is the case with Mikado tower: the Slightest delay, Chaos would trigger

a half-hourly trains to Munich-Murnau it would therefore be expected to be in the "Germany clock". The specifications according to the need of the South of Murnau, no Extra trains, but Moy argues: "I am convinced, if one Partenkirchen to Garmisch-a half-hour offering, climbs the number of users there, too fast to 5000 passengers."

two further points in the future divergence between the visions of BEG and Per lane. Once the infrastructure. "The roadmap between Tutzing and Murnau is already very tense," warns the railway expert. As in the case of a Mikado tower would trigger a half hour, the slightest delay, Chaos, if not a two-track section additional minutes for the crossing of trains can do. "From the point of view of Per track, the second Track from Murnau to Uffing is absolutely necessary."

The third point of difference concerns the reactivation of old stations. "At least the revival from the train station, Polling would be useful and feasible," says Moy. In the meantime the BEG had hardened completely in the issue of the additional stops, and pull yourself already a re-opening of the Stop in Kainzenbad on the Eastern edge of Partenkirchen, specifically, into consideration.

redirection of Federal funds would make three trains per hour possible

For Moy a klecker measure, such as the apparently planned extension of the weilheimer not reach half turning hour trains to Murnau than enough to be a real Traffic-to: "Per path calls for a resolute strengthening of rail transport in the Region." A redirection of Federal resources in favour of rail expansion could even make three trains per hour in each direction between Murnau and Munich possible, Moy.

Every third train could, then, still at other stations Stop, such as at the old station Wilzhofen, in Polling and in a new supplementary stop "Huglfing place". It would require then, but also the two-track approach around because home to Polling and Wilzhofen, calculated by the engineer that would look at the electrified loved one, the Ammersee railway and the Pfaff angle rail.

No luxury unlike fast trains for different needs

not use "In the Region there are the Standard passenger with the unit of interest, because some of them want to quickly to the big places, and others have all local transport needs." On a hundred-Kilometer-long connection from Munich to Garmisch, it was not a luxury, for the different needs of different fast trains to use. In addition, the Ammersee railway would need a two-track station in Raisting – only as the roadmap for all of the ports work in because home.

the interest for longer train platforms offers, derives Moy from positive discussions, not only with the BEG, but also with political representatives of Polling and wielen Bach. Not to forget the Pro railway-Petition for the rapid Expansion of the Pfaff angle and the rock rail that has found 3154 supporters Are. "Would our country circles in Switzerland, would be implemented end-to-end trains per day travelling from Schongau to Munich and a rail connection to the Roche company in Penzberg, probably for a long time", the Per-train-a thought leader is convinced. In the humble reality of the Bavarian Railways but you had to beg for that reason alone, that at least each train clock to stop the car in Iffeldorf, regrets Moy.


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