The chaos of a floor drawn to a country

MORE INFORMATION Coup hand of chavez to avoid the re-election of Guaidó Luis Parra, an opponent of dissident accused of corruption in order to stop the Guaidó

The chaos of a floor drawn to a country


Coup hand of chavez to avoid the re-election of Guaidó Luis Parra, an opponent of dissident accused of corruption in order to stop the Guaidó

The chamber of sessions is small, but just as often accommodate 167 deputies with little living space, the National Assembly of Venezuela became this Sunday in a performance of vertigo in which the country is mired. And in him it all: tension, chaos, isolation, bankruptcy, institutional, insults and trickery. What happened in the headquarters of the legislative power, dominated by the opposition to Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaidó faced his re-election as president of the european Parliament doubts about the supports they had, resulted in a dispute for everything.

A struggle for control of the access of the deputies and of the press. A struggle to enter and exit, to achieve the quorum, by re-electing Guaidó after a year in office or out. In the two poles, the forces of chavismo, it is well with sector opponents, dissidents, and the outbound direction of the Assembly. They won, as has always happened, the first.

The history of the session begins at the edge of the ten of the morning, local time. The anticipated congressman José Brito, who took distances Guaidó and announced his replacement at the helm of Parliament would be Luis Eduardo Parra, a former representative of the First Justice who was removed in November of the party due to their relationship with an plot international, which sought to encourage businessmen linked to the regime, according to a research The group of journalists from local and international waiting in the dependencies of the mayor's office was led to the doors of the legislative Palace to listen to Brito and, later, again accompanied to the waiting room.

from eleven, when it was expected that the session began, the floor became a hotbed of rumors and half-truths, while the two blocks did calculations and looked a sure win. The environment Guaidó reported that the National Guard did not allow the access of several deputies opponents. The center of Caracas, where the National Assembly, was in effect militarized since early hours of the morning. However, the team of the outgoing president of the legislative still has not offered a complete list of attendees. The checkpoints and security controls, prevented the step-by dozens of reporters and inhibitors cut the communications for hours.

In any case, those who had no problems to access the facility were the deputies chavez, who from September will sit again in the Parliament after reaching an agreement with a minority of the opposition.

While everyone is waiting to Guaidó and the start of the voting, from the bench ruling, a group of korea “session, session...this opposition as that does not have the votes.” A member of parliament charge against the diplomatic representatives guests who have, since the beginning of 2019, giving his support to the rival of Maduro, among them the main european and american countries: “They don't vote”. Some of those present raising their voices in anticipation of the defeat of Guaidó. “Dead the dog, se finished the rabies”, comes to broaching a parliamentarian. The degree of confrontation by the State against the opposition resulted in the last few months in the stripping of parliamentary immunity of dozens of deputies ordered by the justice controlled by the chavismo.

suddenly, after an attempt of some deputies to force the access of the cabin of the control of sound, sheltered by the direction of the Assembly, decided to resort to a megaphone. And did the chaos. Luis Parra was proclaimed president with the support of chavez and of opposing the opposition. It was a swearing-in ceremony far-fetched in the middle of minutes of bewilderment in which dozens of people squeezed between screaming around the presidential table, trying to take it. Stalin González, vice-president of the Parliament and close associate of Guaidó, explained stunned that what happened has no validity. However, waiting to discuss with his fellow caucus, stated that he was unable to explain how to stop this manoeuvre in practice.

Meanwhile, the own Guaidó, who said that he had not come to enter the Assembly because of the National Guard, tried to climb over the entrance gate, according to a video released by his team. Shortly after, announced a meeting of the opposition from the headquarters of the newspaper The National. The general secretary of the Communist Party of Venezuela and member of the caucus of the ruling PSUV, Oscar Figuera, tried to justify what happened. “Yes there was a vote [show of hands] and what has been demonstrated is that the opposition is broken,” he told THE COUNTRY. In reality, the attempt to expel Guaidó of the Assembly was completed in the midst of the chaos over all, while the vast majority of the main opposition branded this maneuver blow to the Parliament.

The pulse of Guaidó against Nicolas Maduro began precisely a year ago, when he was elected to the front of the Assembly. More than 50 foreign Governments recognized, at least until yesterday, the Parliament as the sole legitimate authority after that the opposition did not participate in the presidential elections of 2018. So, two weeks after the politician was sworn in as interim president during a massive mobilization. However, all his movements were last year in water of borage. Mature barricaded himself in power and, despite the fact that everything seemed to have changed, nothing changed. And what we saw this Sunday in the National Assembly is the umpteenth representation of all the dysfunctions of Venezuela.

Date Of Update: 05 January 2020, 23:00