The EU media to stop a violent response from Iran

The European Union does not accept that Iran and the united States to resolve their differences by force of arms. Two days after the death of general Qasem Sole

The EU media to stop a violent response from Iran

The European Union does not accept that Iran and the united States to resolve their differences by force of arms. Two days after the death of general Qasem Soleimani in a raid on a north american, the contacts will occur against the clock to stop the announced response of Tehran to the affront. The High representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, has spoken by phone in the last few hours with the Foreign minister of iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, to convince you that the solution does not pass through the counterattack, but for the dialogue. "Has asked Iran to act with restraint and to consider carefully any reaction to avoid an escalation that would be detrimental to the entire region and its people," says a press release published this Sunday. The text offers no clues about the willingness of Iran to attend the pray community.


Trump threatens to strike 52 targets iranians if Tehran hits the interests of the United States, Thousands of iraqis fired at the general Soleimani while growing the tension about the reaction of Iran

The head of the european diplomacy faces its first great international crisis just a month after taking office. In her conversation with Zarif, he has demanded that Tehran keep alive the agreement that sets limits to its nuclear program, mortally wounded from the output of the united STATES in may of 2018, and violated repeatedly by the iranian authorities in recent months. The request came hours before Iran's announcement that it will cease to meet those limits. With the rumble of the drums of war ever more audible, the Spanish political offered to the Islamic Republic mediation to defuse the tension, and invited Zarif to attend a face-to-face in Brussels.

The effort of the diplomacy community has been accompanied by movements on the part of the great european powers. The Foreign minister of the Uk, Dominic Raab, will be Thursday in Washington with the us secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to address the crisis. The response from London, who will leave officially the EU on the 31st of January and shall weave new alliances when consuming the Brexit, has been the most comprehensive of the Twenty-eight with the decision of Donald Trump to eliminate the general Soleimani, but not even the nation's most lenient with the modes expeditious of the american president sees with good eyes a new war in the hornet's nest of the middle East. "Its only beneficiaries would be the terrorists and the Islamic State," said Raab to the BBC. The concern about the side effects of the barrage aerial of Trump against a strong man of the regime is obvious: the United Kingdom has mobilized two ships of war to act as escorts in the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic point for global trade of crude oil.

While Iran and the US make public lists of targets of the adversary potentially atacables, the consensus is that both parties need to relax hostilities is broad. The minister of Foreign frenchman, Jean-Yves Le Drian, spoke on Saturday with his counterparts, German, and chinese to analyze the situation, and the three agreed that it is necessary to calm the situation. The same desire has been expressed by pope Francis this Sunday. "War only brings death and destruction," he warned. The big question is how to achieve that Tehran recule and consent to leave the tort us no answer while in the street thousands of protesters clamoring for revenge.

The EU has been a year and a half trying to avoid that Tehran's moves on the nuclear path despite the resumption of u.s. sanctions that stifle its economy, a work that now hangs in the balance. Russia, one of the signers of the nuclear deal, critics of the murder of Soleimani by the US, has called this Sunday to the signatory powers to save the deal.

Updated Date: 06 January 2020, 03:00

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