Test for new System in Weilheim: Online trading is designed to strengthen small stores | Weilheim

The Online trading power broken small shops in the inner cities, so the common opinion is. The weilheimer Valentin Sauer wants to support by means of E-Commerce

Test for new System in Weilheim: Online trading is designed to strengthen small stores | Weilheim

The Online trading power broken small shops in the inner cities, so the common opinion is. The weilheimer Valentin Sauer wants to support by means of E-Commerce such transactions. He has developed with colleagues a System test area is also supposed to be the County town.

Weilheim–With his 36 years, he was actually in the age at which someone initiates a Start-Up, says Valentin Sauer with a Smile. However, experience is just a pound, even in the IT industry grow lets. For the past ten years, the native of Stuttgart, home to live in because it has to do, professionally, with the electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) to. He has met a lot of concepts. E-Commerce, says Sauer, "is more than Online Shops". So he came up with the idea that orders can also run just about Messenger services (for example, Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook) between the customer and the merchant. This could result in especially for the smaller business a further sales opportunity.

communication between the customer and the dealer runs about Messenger services

Than at the beginning of the Corona-lock downs in March, the Federal government, Informatics specialists at the "Hackathon," inviting in order to develop digital solutions for the challenges posed by Covid-19, also took part mad to it. "It was a mega-fascinating story," he says. Around 40 000 interested people were connected. His concept was accepted by the organizers as a worthwhile idea. Finally, a group of eight people from Germany and Austria, the Sauer's idea further pursued. To a computer scientist, a restaurateur, a business professional and an expert in Marketing module. Sauer had created in the run-up to a Screenshot of how he imagines his trading system. The have created during the "Hackathon," a lot of attention. And then, "we have programmed for up to 48 hours," he says, smiling. The aim was to develop a prototype and to show that it can work“.

especially small shops will benefit

Under the Online address www.localivery.org is admire the System, with which it is specifically smaller shops to be possible, Were possible to sell a digital order. Pissed off both the traders as well as clients in the process. As the head of the Online presence of the company "Zarges" he knows how much effort behind a corporate Website and an Online Shop with product range, search function, order forms, information on the availability, dispatch's, etc. and how large is the financial commitment must be in order for everything to work. In the case of "Localivery" – in the words of local (local, regional), live (in real time) and delivery (delivery) plug – communicate with the customer and the dealer about ordinary Messenger services. "It is not an Online marketplace, and also no Online-Shop," he says. The Whole resembles a digital sales pitch. The provider registers with "Localivery", you must not set up an Online store with the necessary infrastructure. And the buyer can find services right easily by using the search function, do not need to set up for his order only extra a customer account.

In three places tested

the project is Still at the beginning. As in the case of merchants arrives, in three places explored: in Weilheim, in Quickborn (Schleswig-Holstein) and in the mostviertel in lower Austria. Quite deliberately, no major cities were targeted, because there are already well-established delivery services. Mad wants to get in these days with shops in Weilheim in contact to determine their interest in the System. He also uses conventional Flyer – a full swing came in recently with him. "It's all Feedback," says the 36-Year-old, is in the leisure in the mountains and also a degree as a horticultural engineer can have. The project also provides the only platform "to search for products, communication between suppliers and orderers and at the conclusion of the contract about products with the involvement of external Messenger services", as it says on the Homepage. As the product ultimately comes to the customer (whether by delivery or pick-up), the dealers themselves are responsible.

System was the "Hackathon" is not developed

earn Since the System was developed on the "Hackathon", the solutions to problems in the Corona-crisis should provide the money for the idea in the first place. Everyone involved in "Localivery", "have regular Jobs," says Sauer. At some point, but also the financial aspect of a topic. To ensure that the Team uses, so to speak, as a company, Programming in Whatsapp, is on a per-use fee of 0.5 cents due. A shopping with a plurality of messages summed back and forth, according to mad in the cut to ten cents.

From the founder-consultation "Social Impact" for the project 1000 Euro support. This helps for the further test phase. Whether and to what extent dealers for participating in "Localivery" have to pay, still stands in the stars. Still it comes, to inspire as many as possible for the System.

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Date Of Update: 26 June 2020, 18:33

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