Temperatures in the North sea and the Baltic to rise much too quickly - now the fish escape

The Ecosystem of the two seas threatens to change due to climate change for The North sea has heated up in the period 1969-2017 of 1.3 degrees Celsius, as is cl

Temperatures in the North sea and the Baltic to rise much too quickly - now the fish escape

The Ecosystem of the two seas threatens to change due to climate change for The North sea has heated up in the period 1969-2017 of 1.3 degrees Celsius, as is clear from the answer of the Federal Ministry of transport, to a written question in the parliamentary Manager of the Greens group in the Bundestag, Steffi Lemke, shows.

Disturbing: the North and Baltic seas are warming much faster than the gigantic oceans of water, whose waters have become mass, according to the intergovernmental panel on climate change since 1969 "only" by About 0.74 degree warmer.

Baltic sea is a small inland sea, and very quickly warmer

it is. Especially the Baltic sea as a small, relatively shallow inland sea quickly warmer The Federal Agency for nature conservation even speaks of a "time machine", in the global changes particularly occur quickly.

An example: Since 2004, becoming less and less herring to develop larvae in the shallow Bay of Greifswald – the water has warmed within a period of 30 years by up to 2.5 degrees.

The surface temperature in the Baltic sea is usually between two degrees in February and 19 degrees in August. In the case of the North sea there are three degrees in February, 18 degrees in August.

Baltic sea: especially the herring suffer from the rise in temperature

"so far The worst vintages were 2016 and 2017, continued in 2018," said fisheries scientist Christopher Zimmermann from the Thünen-Institute for Baltic sea fisheries in the past year in the "New Germany".

The reason, greatly simplified: The heat does not allow the larvae to early to hatch, the food supply is still available, they starve to death.

above average, also the field "Or Bank heats up" at the Eastern German Baltic sea coast, a "nursery" for turbot and plaice. The increasingly warm summer were due to the shallow water depths of between seven and 20 meters may be particularly noticeable.

the North sea is getting warmer - that has consequences for the cod -

And the North sea? Here is the cod, favorite fish is the German especially, to sweat, Like that of the herring, the eggs and larvae of the cod, are particularly dependent on the "correct" temperature: Five to seven degrees of cod to Spawn – at nine degrees, half of the larvae dies have found, as researchers from the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar - and marine research (AWI) in Bremerhaven.

According to the Ministry, a warm top layer assembles in the North sea, even in the deeper layers below 30 meters in the spring than in the cold water of the soil layer.

Also for the North sea: The water is not heated evenly everywhere. Overall, the measurements show for the past 30 years, a warming in the range between 0.5 and 2 degrees. For the German Bight was measured in the period from 1980 to 2015, a warming of 1.4 degrees to the surface of the water, and 1.6 degrees in a depth of 20 metres.

the North sea and the Baltic sea are warmer now herring and Kalbeljau

Steffi Lemke of the Green escape: "herring and cod to escape in cooler waters, the direction of the Arctic. For the small-scale coastal fishing which is just as dramatic as for complex ecological cycles within our seas.“

It is also profiteers swim but due to the warmer water: "in the Meantime, the fish life more species from southern climes in the North sea, such as red gurnard, Surmullet, anchovy and sea bass," wrote the Federal Ministry for the environment already in 2017 to a request from the Green.

Warm Baltic sea allows Vibrios to a proliferation of

Also, Vibrios, belonging to the healthy bacterial Flora of the Baltic sea, spread with rising temperatures. In hot summers, when the sea water is warm 20 degrees, it comes to jump, which can be for swimmers with a weak immune system dangerous for the stick-enhancing.

reason to panic, the not, but is says Heiko Wants to be the Director of the country office in Rostock: about five million people who descend every year for bathing in the Baltic sea, developing statistically three. As cod and herring see clearly problems worse.

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