Sanders hits the backbone of the Democrats

There is a compliant Declaration, which have placed Bernie Sanders and his supporters after the primaries in the Super Tuesday deal. The "Establishment" is

Sanders hits the backbone of the Democrats

There is a compliant Declaration, which have placed Bernie Sanders and his supporters after the primaries in the Super Tuesday deal. The "Establishment" is the reason that not more of the left Senator is at the forefront of the democratic presidential candidates, but Joe Biden .

The Wall Street-friendly Elite of the party – the "Corporate Democrats" – have proven to be, with all the Power behind the former Vice-President, said Sanders this week. Supported houses, the reported bad about him, Biden will be the big media. "There is a massive effort to stop Bernie Sanders," said the 78-Year-old. "The economic Establishment and the political Establishment to come together against us, and they will stop at nothing."

In the case of its allies, it often sounds even more shrill. "This is a Coup," tweeted the former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, the supports, in the meantime, Sanders. Supporters of the Senator to spread Tweets with Hashtags like #EstablishmentJoe and complain that Biden gets more and more Official and officials of the party election recommendations.

This statement has a true core: It is undisputed that the vast majority of the leadership of the Democratic party could arrange more with Biden as a presidential candidate than Sanders. And it is also undisputed that there was in the media in the past few weeks, some of the hysterical comments about Sanders. To the left of the TV channel MSNBC, the now-retired Moderator Chris Matthews has compared the advance of the Senator with the conquest of France by the Nazis.

down for the count on the Mat

After the Super Tuesday have been taken, a lot of the media, Sanders’ reading of Biden's Comeback. "The Establishment strikes back," was a Headline in the "Los Angeles Times" and several other titles. That sounds obvious, but it is also a piece of far misleading.

– at least provisional – turning point was for Biden to be an overwhelming victory for the area code in South Carolina last weekend. At this time, his campaign nearly broke, the coverage of his campaign had been over for several weeks negative to devastating. Would Biden be a Boxer, he would have face located counts on the Mat. Again on the legs of the black voters in South Carolina, which helped him to a Triumph for him. They play in the state of the crucial role – and they gave him a overwhelming majority of your voice.

Also, according to this result, Biden's campaign Fund took in comparison to those of his rivals is empty, and it was left to him in the 72 hours up to Super Tuesday, no time to many States is still a serious choice to organize the fight. However, Biden himself won in States such as Massachusetts and Minnesota received the most votes, in which he had completed a single campaign appearance. He also won Texas, where Sanders’ campaign boasted that they had invested much more money than Biden. In Texas, there were, according to the surveys, especially the voters in the suburbs, which gave the former Vice-President of her voice, and especially the women.

voters are self-determined

African-Americans, voters in the suburbs, women: This is not the "Establishment" of the Democrats , as Sanders claims, but rather the backbone of the party. There are those people that every democratic candidate needs, if he wants to win the nomination, and there are those people who helped the Democrats in the autumn of 2018 to conquer the majority in the house of representatives.

this part of the democratic base went in very large numbers to the ballot box, in order for Biden to be lodged, says after this week is less about the "Establishment" of the party, but more about the widespread fear of the fashion walk people's rates, with the self-proclaimed socialist Sanders against Donald Trump to compete. Certainly, the withdrawal of the candidate Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar helped Biden, to rally moderate voters behind. But this decision met with the voters themselves.

the enemy is not sitting in his own party

Sanders’ Problem is that he could not widen his own base over his last candidacy verb. He secured more votes with the Latinos, he also won this time again, the majority of young voters, but overall, he cut in many places, is consistently worse than four years ago, when he was up against Hillary Clinton.

The 78-Year-old, politicized as an independent, had sought after his successful Start in the primaries at all, other parts of the Democrats to address. Instead of moderation in the tone: full of attack. That might have worked against Clinton better, which was also the case for many of the Democrats unpopular. But now, because Trump is President, is the enemy for many in his own party, but in the White house. "The democratic voters", so the conclusion of the liberal-left magazine, "Atlantic", "like your Establishment quite well."

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