Process to the murder of Walter Lübcke: Tears confession of Stephan Ernst on Video | world

After long legal discussions will be presented to the interrogation of the alleged offender in the courtroom. process of murder of Walter Lübcke in Frankfurt

Process to the murder of Walter Lübcke: Tears confession of Stephan Ernst on Video | world

After long legal discussions will be presented to the interrogation of the alleged offender in the courtroom.

process of murder of Walter Lübcke in Frankfurt, a defendant admits to crying in court Stephan Ernst tells of his entry into the neo-Nazi scene in Kassel

Frankfurt - The fair-haired man in the red T-Shirt is crying and slaps his hands to his face. "I shouldn't have to do", he cries. For hours he sits in front of a white table and puts a kind of confession. Most of the time he quietly told, rich in detail, sometimes he falters, struggles to capture or wipes tears from his eyes.

Stephan Ernst tells of his entry into the Nazi scene

The man told how he joined the right-wing scene, to neo-Nazi rallies, took part. How he broke up as of 2010 the Nazi scene , but more a "foreign Infiltration" in Germany, and feared. How he got starting in 2014, weapons, for, in his view, the threat of civil war prepared. And how he projected at some point all of his hatred and his anger over Islamist attacks on the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke . How he decided to kill him, "because I saw him as someone who is partly responsible for these attacks".

The blond man in the red T-Shirt is Stephan Ernst . His confession is on Thursday in the chamber 165C of the Frankfurt higher regional court. On the second day of the trial in the criminal process to the murder case, Lübcke , the court can first evidence the video recording of a comprehensive confession demonstrate the Serious had filed in June, 2019 prior to the Kassel police officers. A few days previously, he had been on suspicion of murder in the case, Lübcke arrested.

process to the murder of Walter Lübcke: Second confession by Stephan Ernst

The four-hour-long Video is a key piece of evidence in the process. The office of the attorney General supports large parts of their indictment to the fact, Seriously, himself, has to call the statement later, and in a second confession to the Tatablauf otherwise described.

According to its defenders put little value on the fact that the recording is shown. "This Video came in a peculiar way," says Frank Hannig, Ernst's lawyer. His client had been under the influence of a sedative. His second confession in January he had filed against a judge, it will have more proof and that it must first be shown. However, the presiding judge Thomas Sagebiel wants to know anything. "We will proceed chronologically," he says determined

judges in Lübcke-process missing serious remorse in the accused

Already in the morning the five judges had to drag several times for consultations. Because before Ernst's confession, it can be shown, there is a two-hour, sometimes heated tug-of-war between Sagebiel and a total of four defenders. First of all, Mustafa Kaplan, Stephan Ernst brings a second defender , a further challenge for bias against the judge. This was raised at the end of the first hearing day, "grossly inappropriate" and seems to be made to pins between Ernst and his lawyers, "strife". Sagebiel had contacted Stephan Ernst and because of aid to murder accused, Markus H. and encourage them to show serious repentance and confessions on them. "Don't you listen to your defender, you listen to me," had Sagebiel said.

On this set, including the defenders of h. a further challenge for bias against Sagebiel. The judges return the applications. Later, he is fighting with the defenders on the question of where in the court room, the TV stand, on the Ernst's confession is shown. Nicole Schneider, a lawyer from Markus H., complained that they could not see because of the device, the face of the judge. The dispute undulates back and forth, the session must be suspended. "It borders a bit on the Ridiculous," says judge Sagebiel, eventually, annoyed. The four co-plaintiffs Lübckes widow and his two sons , as well as the Iraqis, Ahmad, E., and Ernst in January 2016 with a knife severely injured is to have to watch the legal spat.

Stephan Ernst in the process to Walter Lübcke: Germany, the United States occupied

And then Ernst's confession will be shown. "Yeah, okay, then I'll start," says Ernst at the beginning of the film. He describes how he dived after his first prison sentence at the beginning of the 2000s, about the NPD in Kassel's in the camaraderie of the scene . For six years he had been, among other things, due to a pipe bomb attack on an asylum accommodation. His Belief was that Germany was occupied by the USA. "This Germany is not free, and since what needs to be done." A "racial Superiority" of the German, he had adopted, in contrast to his comrades never claimed to be Serious. After a neo-Nazi Demonstration in Dortmund in 2010 he decided to leave the scene and make a therapy for his depression. "I wanted to be a part of this society," says Ernst. The neo-Nazi ideology have it "stripped".

Ernst reported that he had asked his two children to listen to their teacher because he had not seen because of its past will be able to educate them, he begins to cry. And also the Stephan Ernst in the courtroom, the tears come in this Moment. The year 2011 around he was met at work, his old PAL Markus H. again, reported Serious in his confession. He and H. had made friends again friends, a lot of politics talked, and re-radicalized. He did not want to burden h. to have him put her up to it says Seriously. "What I did then, I have made of their own accord."

Stephan Ernst portrays the murder of Walter Lübcke

He describes how H. got him in his gun club and him to contact an arms dealer - mediated. How you came to believe, "the Germans" would have to arm themselves, to prepare for an impending civil war. And as he night then, after the "border opening" in 2015, and the Cologne new year's eve, I decided to act.

All of his anger was directed against Walter Lübcke , said Seriously. The CDU-politician, he had experienced 2015 at an event, on the accommodation of refugees. Lübcke had replied right Pöblern in the room, who don't represent the values of this country, it could leave. "In this Moment, he was with me on the screen," says Ernst. "And this has not let me go." All alone he had researched Lübckes address and several times the house is being spied. At the latest after the Truck-stop in nice, he decided, "the Lord Lübcke what to do". Again and again he had seen Videos of Islamic atrocities, and the voices of the victims in his head. In the night of the 2. June, he went to Lübckes house, "and then everything went very quickly". Meticulously portrays the seriousness of the fact. "I've kept to head height and pulled the trigger," he says. the Lübcke have yet to look half-eaten. "He saw my shadow, he wanted to look, and in that Moment, the shot fell."

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