Polizei Bremerhaven: POL-Bremerhaven: Police year 2021 sworn in

With this oath, the young policemen take their oath to the office assigned to them. In his speech, Lord Mayor Melf Grantz explained the characteristics of a dem

Polizei Bremerhaven: POL-Bremerhaven: Police year 2021 sworn in

With this oath, the young policemen take their oath to the office assigned to them. In his speech, Lord Mayor Melf Grantz explained the characteristics of a democracy and that it must prevail worldwide. He pointed out to the students that the police will always be in the public focus. She enjoys a high reputation among the public. Grantz condemned violence against police officers and called on the candidates to support each other. Bremerhaven's director of the local police department, Harry Götze, explained the significance of the upcoming oath: "With your vow, you will become one of the pillars of our social system. As it stands now, this will not be an easy task and will constantly challenge us all."For the quote from Mitch Mattern:"...Police is more than work and money. Police is the hottest job in the world!"there was a long applause. Subsequently, the swearing-in of the 35 new police officers of the year 2021 was completed. A few tears flowed when the national anthem was played by musicians of the Bremerhaven City Theater.

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The Senator for the Interior





Bremen, 28 June 2021

New training year of the police: Swearing-in of 203 candidates will take place in small groups this year due to pandemic

< p> For reasons of infection protection, the large traditional swearing-in ceremony with friends and family in the Bremen bell had to be canceled. The 203 prospective police officers were sworn in today by Police President Dirk Fasse and the director of the local police authority Harry Götze in small rounds: 168 police commissioner candidates of the Bremen Police on the premises of the riot police in Huckelriede, the 35 colleagues who will belong to the local police authority Bremerhaven after their training, in the courtyard of Stadthaus 6 in Bremerhaven. < / p> < p > There were a total of 2,036 applications. At the end of the written, sporting and oral examinations, 1,115 applicants were generally suitable. Finally, 82 women and 121 men were selected from this group, who performed particularly well in all tests. The first began their studies at the University of Public Administration on October 1, 2020. As part of a second recruitment date, the second part of the recruitment year was appointed for the first time on 1 April 2021. Summarize: "I am looking forward to the new colleagues who have decided to join the Bremen Police. You can expect an exciting, versatile and demanding job in a colorful and cosmopolitan state."

The majority of the new vintage comes from Bremen or the surrounding area of Lower Saxony. "But it also attracted applicants from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, NRW and Rhineland-Palatinate to Bremen. This speaks for the good reputation of our police," says Mäurer and continues: "Our police are a modern employer, where you can combine family and work, which stands for diversity and mutual respect and which helps its employees to process the stressful experiences of the daily police service."These included training programmes that promote democratic resilience so that colleagues do not become vulnerable to racism and extremism. < / p>

The great interest of young people in the police forces of the State of Bremen also leads Mäurer back to the new young talent advertising campaign "Are you fit enough", which was launched in summer 2019 for the 2020 vintage. Under www.fit-genug.de interested parties can inform themselves about the training requirements. < / p>

At the next swearing-in ceremony, which will hopefully take place in the autumn, candidates will also join the civil service, who will be trained in the Lower Saxony area, so that the training capacities will be expanded again to a total of 250 per year.

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