Police inspection of Lüneburg, Germany: a drop in kindergartens creep thief full steel a drunken Truck-driver - 2.8 ppm burglar arrested

The 19-Year-old was arrested by a police patrol at the scene of the crime on a provisional basis. When he had several bottles of perfume. The 19-Year-old has al

Police inspection of Lüneburg, Germany: a drop in kindergartens creep thief full steel a drunken Truck-driver - 2.8 ppm burglar arrested

The 19-Year-old was arrested by a police patrol at the scene of the crime on a provisional basis. When he had several bottles of perfume. The 19-Year-old has already been in the past in connection with property crimes in appearance and also has been legally condemned, entered. He was taken into custody. The investigation, if he comes for more deeds in question, to take.

Lüneburg - full

drunk with the bike on the road in A highly intoxicated Bicycle rider crashed on the evening of 25.06.20 in the street, Good Vienna Beadle with his bike. In consequence of the fall, the 58-Year-old face, suffered injuries that were treated in the hospital of medical. The blue bike brand Giant, the 58-year-old man admitted spontaneously to the police officials, he stole. An alcohol test revealed a value of 2.42 per thousand. The 58-Year-old was taken from a blood sample, the bike was secured and prosecuted for drunk driving and theft initiated against him. The rightful owner can Lüneburg to the police, Tel.: 04131/8306-2215, log on to his bike back.

Amelinghausen - Who needs beats go to - 10 day expelled

Between a 61-Year-old and your five years older companions, it came on 25.06.20 in the lunch time to a dispute. The 66-Year-old woman hit several times in the face and took her in a headlock. Both were under the influence of alcohol; alcohol tests showed that for both values of more than one per thousand. The 66-Year-old was expelled for 10 days. Against him was initiated in addition, a criminal case for assault.

Reppenstedt - disc hammered

Between the 24.06.20, 15.30, and the 25.06.20, 09.30, a beat unknown perpetrators of a side window of a VW Beetle that was parked in the Habichtsweg. Was stolen from the Car nothing. Presumably, the offenders were disturbed at the time of their Commission. There is property damage of approximately 400 euros. Notes the police Reppenstedt, Tel.: 04131/244480, contrary to.

Lüneburg - bicycles

stolen stolen Several bikes of different brands were made by unknown perpetrators in the night to 25.06.20 by unknown perpetrators. A total of 14 Bicycle thefts were displayed, which occurred between the evening of Wednesday, 23: 00, and Thursday, 04.30 PM. The bikes were stolen in the Planck street, virchowstraße, Bertha-von-Suttner-Straße and Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße. It is assumed that these bicycles from professional stolen the previous bike thieves and a van were transported. The damages amounted to approximately 4.800 Euro. Witnesses who have seen something are asked to contact police Lüneburg, Tel.: 04131/8306-2215, to put in connection.

Lüneburg, Germany - "hacks" in the downtown on the go

Unknown perpetrators have caused property damage of several thousand Euro by between 24. and 25.06.20 lettering on the various buildings sprayed. Affected buildings in the streets, On the seas, At the old bridge brick yard, At the Michaelis monastery and At the Graal wall. Notes on the police of Lüneburg, Germany, Tel.: 04131/8306-2215, contrary to.

Embsen - after the accident fled the scene - witnesses sought

A previously unknown driver pushed on the 25.06.20, between 13.40 and 15.15, against a red Opel Corsa, which was parked in the Parking lot of a school in station road. The Opel property damage of about 500 Euro. The accident drove, however, without having to worry about the claim settlement. Notes the police Melbeck, Tel.: 04134/909440, contrary to.

Lüneburg - full of drunken Truck-driver - 2.8 ppm

At the 25.06.20, against 18.10, pending an attentive witness to a apparently under the influence of alcohol, the Truck driver in the area of Häcklingen New. The 45-year-old driver from Poland, was able to be a police patrol in the Uelzener road in a controlled manner. In the case of the control of the suspicion of the witness was confirmed as correct. The Truck driver was blowing for a breathalyzer test, a value of 2.8 ppm. The 45-Year-old was taken from a blood sample, the Result of a motor vehicle in Germany was forbidden and a criminal case initiated against him. The key of the Truck, the police officials caution were half safe.


Dannenberg - "creep thief of steel"

came To a creep thief stole it in the afternoon hours of the 25.06.20 in an apartment in the Uelzener road. A young man showed up at 15:20 in the apartment of a 78-Year-old and had been given in search of a hairdresser. Because in the environment of the apartment, a hairdresser, brought the Elderly woman to the man there. In the result, the woman discovered the loss of her purse in the apartment. The police are investigating for theft. Notes the police Dannenberg, Tel. 05861-98576-0, contrary to.

coasts - from the road strayed

At the 26.06.20, against 07.25 p.m., and sailed he lost a 77-Year-old with his Mercedes B492, as in the area of Lübeln, presumably because of a health problem control of his Car. The Mercedes drove to a lowered guard rail and into the side room, where he finally came to a stop. Forces of the brigade liberated the Mercedes driver out of the Car. An ambulance took him to a clinic. At the time of the accident, the Mercedes was injured-the driver only slightly.


Uelzen - Pedelec-rider of cornering of a Car covered ... and more accidents.

minor injuries suffered by a 19-year-old Pedelec rider in the morning hours of the 22.06.20 in the grey street. A 46-year-old driver of the Car Renault had captured the young woman at the Turn on the foot/cycle path. It is a property damage of well over 1100 euros.

Also from the back of a van easy a 79-year-old cyclist in the lunch was captured hours of 25.06.20 in the North Avenue. The driver of the van initially stopped and wanted to turn to the right. When he again started, crossed the Senior with his Bicycle on the roadway, so that it came to a collision. The van drivers drove more, however, was the 79-Year-old, the license plate record. The police determined due to a traffic accident escape.

Bad Bevensen/Bienenbüttel break - ins in kindergartens

came To the two break-ins in kindergartens in the night to 26.06.20 in the x-ray road in Bevensen, as well as in the Uelzener road in Lumberton. The perpetrator had broken a window, entered the premises, but were not prey. It is a property damage of a total of more than 2000 Euro. Notes takes the police Uelzen Tel. 0581-930-0, contrary to.

Uelzen - ... the police controls the speed - 183 km/h on the B4

The speed of the police controlled in the evening hours of the 25.06.20 on the national road 4 - Hoystorfer mountain. A driver was going too fast. The 50-year-old driver of a Car BMW is a driving expected of 183 measured in km/h ban.

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