Pöcking/Bavaria: Auto rast in a group of people - new Details about the background - It was cruel | Starnberg

In Pöcking in the district of Starnberg has on Tuesday (26. - May), occurs, apparently, a terrible crime of passion: A motorist drove into a group of people. I

Pöcking/Bavaria: Auto rast in a group of people - new Details about the background - It was cruel | Starnberg

In Pöcking in the district of Starnberg has on Tuesday (26. - May), occurs, apparently, a terrible crime of passion: A motorist drove into a group of people.

In Pöcking, a man has perpetrated, apparently an attack with his car. The 43-Year-old is on Tuesday afternoon (26. May) in a group of Pedestrians, hazards. Among the Victims were the girlfriend of the alleged offender was. The police assumes that the reference date.

Update 20.20 PM: The district of Starnberg is in shock, with such a fact, no one had expected, and certainly not in the peaceful Budapest . According to the initial findings of the police, the attack in a car on a pedestrian group , a crime of passion was. A man (43) who apparently lived in until Recently with his partner (23) and a two-year-old child in star Berger Strasse in the North Pöckings, drove in front of the family house, according to the police, with the full intention in the group, and then fled. Among the Victims also the partner was. Five people were injured, some severe. Many questions are still open.

Pöcking: drivers locking in a group of people - a child, a teenager, and people with walking difficulties among Victims

The 43-Year-old, officially reported in München , should be some time with a silver VW Golf at the Starnberger street and drove off. It is a rather quiet residential street. Witnesses it seemed as if he was waiting for something. As his companion appeared, and apparently with some neighbors on the street in front of the house, raced the man to the group , and recorded with the VW so the incident was early Tuesday evening.

Among the injured – they seem to come with slight to medium-severe injuries are next , including a disabled women and 16-year-old daughter , as well as the two-year-old child. All were in the hospital. With Stand yesterday evening there was, at any sacrifice danger to life. The 43-Year-old raced after them, apparently in the direction of Starnberg,> about the Western bypass to Perchting Drößling . On a long Straight he collided with the VW head-on into a tree standing alone – whether intentionally, is unclear.

Pöcking: Auto-attack on girlfriend? Police are investigating the offence - "multiple homicide"?

The criminal investigation Department has taken over the investigation, currently, multiple homicide is attempted in the room. "The subject is likely to be in the personal environment," according to the police Bureau. To the exact motive, the police made but no details of the investigations are in full swing. According to unconfirmed statements that the woman had separated from the 43-Year-old, where a pregnancy could have played a role. There had been a dispute, know residents.

For witnesses and helpers, was the fact a traumatic experience. "All were pretty much in shock," reported Pöckings fire brigade commander Georg Kamerlocher , helped make with his people to both use. "In Pöcking, we have supported the emergency physician in the initial supply," he said.

Pöcking/district of Starnberg: man rides in car in group of people - witness signs frightening

A 20-Year-old, who was in the vicinity of the crime scene to visit, the fact, directly noticed. He was stood at the window, then a loud squeaks and screams heard. He immediately ran to the scene of the crime, to the eight to ten residents from surrounding houses and the injured helped. A Passer-by apparently tried to stop the motorist on the Go, or to keep track of – even he was injured. The witness said shocked: "It was cruel."

emergency pastoral care of witnesses and relatives, the neighbors, whose wife and daughter are among the injured. The family has three daughters. Fact - and the scene of the accident were locked up in the evening, the police officials searched for Clues and traces. The DLRG supported forensics with your drone.

Pöcking: man drives car into group of people - new information to the injured

Update 19.00: The police now about the state of the injured after the frightening fact of Pöcking, informed. In the 5.500-resident community on lake Starnberg a 43-year-old man from Munich was on Tuesday afternoon with his car into a group of Pedestrians hazards. Currently, the investigators of a deliberate attack - and of a subject "in the personal environment".

Among the Victims were four other people are in addition to the 23-year-old girlfriend of the alleged offender, also a two-year-old child was injured. All the victims have suffered light to medium-serious injury . The details could make the investigator first of all, there is no information. Photos show Merkur.de* the locations of the events.

The 43-Year-old bounced on the subsequent escape in case of Perchting even with the car against a tree. Also, he was the police means of information in the process, seriously injured. All the injured were taken to hospitals.

In the case determined now police Fürstenfeldbruck under the leadership of the Prosecutor's office Munich II .

Pöcking: car drives into group of people, a child among the injured, the police suspected crime of passion

Update 17.30: Now there is more information from the police to the alleged crime of passion in Pöcking Among the injured, a child is apparently.

When the alleged offender is reported to be a 43-year-old Munich . He is probably driving with the intention to a group of at least five people to the star of Berger road in Pöcking course.

Alongside his girlfriend (23) adults, but also a two-year-old child in the incident light to medium severely injured. The injured originate from the living environment to the wife, who lives in Pöcking. Of danger to life in the injured, the police are not currently.

The driver sped off after that and crashed at Perchting against a tree standing alone. If he wanted to commit suicide, can't tell the police yet. The man suffered serious injuries, according to the fire Department, he was trapped in his car. The state road 2070 was temporarily suspended between Perchting and the junction Unering full.

crime of passion? Motorists driving in the district of Starnberg, specifically in a crowd of people - several people were injured

first message: Pöcking - In the district of Starnberg, it is on Tuesday (26. May) came to a severe incident . Against 14.40 p.m. several people were injured when a Car-driver in Pöcking his car directly on the pedestrian heading . According to initial findings, he led the clash intentionally . The girlfriend of the driver is among the injured, so that is currently a West Brom is assumed.

Pöcking (district of Starnberg): car drives into crowd of people - a driver escapes

The driver escaped then from the crime scene and had his Car in Starnberg in an accident. He is currently being cared for at the scene of the accident medically. According to previous findings, were injured in addition to the driver four persons easy to moderate.


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Date Of Update: 26 May 2020, 16:34