Pets/Coronavirus: cat and dog in their own quarantine | world

The Coronavirus is also in cat and dog possible. Therefore, there will be a Covid-19-obligation to register for Pets. dog and cat can become infected with th

Pets/Coronavirus: cat and dog in their own quarantine | world

The Coronavirus is also in cat and dog possible. Therefore, there will be a Covid-19-obligation to register for Pets.

dog and cat can become infected with the Coronavirus .
A special treatment for the four-legged friend yet.
Nevertheless, to be introduced in a mandatory reporting for Pets that are infected with the Virus.

NRW - It's supposed to be rare, but, in principle, can also infect Pets with the Coronavirus . Therefore, soon to be a mandatory reporting introduced. Dog and cat have been reported also in quarantine , such as*.

animal species


Scientific Name

Canis lupus familiaris

the family

dogs (Canidae)

life expectancy

10 – 13 years (may vary depending on the breed of vary greatly)

quarantine Coronavirus also for the dog and cat: The reporting requirement

come to discuss the risk in the dog, cat and other domestic and zoo animals really is, is soon to be introduced in a mandatory reporting in infections with the Coronavirus. Agricultural Minister of Julia Klöckner (CDU) expects that the Federal Council on may 3. July green light for. In Dortmund, meanwhile, is testing whether dogs can sniff out the Coronavirus also*.

Known cases in the case of cats : so far In a Zoo in New York have put lions and tigers with the Coronavirus face. But also infections in dogs have already occurred, said Thomas Mettenleiter, head of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, Federal research Institute for animal health.

reporting obligation in the case of Coronavirus: when a dog and a cat to the vet?

The expected reporting requirement, but should not imply that pet owners must equal the dog and cat to the veterinarian . Nevertheless, you must also have the situation in animals, in the view, so Mettenleiter. The reporting requirement is intended to provide that the veterinarian shall display at the authority , such as N-TV reported.

Overall, the pandemic will driven by the Transmission from person to person, such as Mettenleiter explained. As Julia Klöckner emphasized, there is so far no evidence to suggest that Pets plug in your holder (more Service-articles on*).

Coronavirus: Transmission of the dog and cat to human is possible

in Principle, a Transfer from animal to human is possible, because the origin of the Coronavirus is also fed to a so-called zoonotic back. In the Netherlands there was in the case of mink, which belong to the family of dogs, also evidence to suggest that people have infected the animals.

A test-mandatory in addition to the obligation to report is at dog and cat from Federal government not planned. Useful whether it's according to Julia Klöckner (CDU), but in particular, cats testing, in households with at least one Coronavirus-infected Person's life.

+ The Coronavirus can also be used on dog and cat transfer. For this case, from 3 to. July reporting obligation to engage.©Frank Rumpenhorst /Gemunu Amarasinghe/dpa; Collage: RUHR24

Coronavirus in dogs and cats: the cost for the Test will not be the item in all cases

However, the costs for the Test only if a veterinary office directs him. Who wants dog and cat volunteer to test, you must also pay for it. The cost of this should be "in the low double-digit range," as Mettenleiter explained. Anti-body tests are a bit more expensive.

The Problem: Similar to many people infections with the Coronavirus Pets completely without symptoms lost. It could also lead to respiratory diseases. Especially in the case of cats, the disease is difficult to distinguish from the widely used cat runny nose to. Also end-to-end pet food can make dogs and cats sick*.

That comes up to pet owners, if dogs and cats infected with the Coronavirus

And also, if the four-legged darling has actually infected with the Coronavirus, there are not many options for action. "A special treatment for animals, it is not," says Mette head there. The contact with the pet should be stopped well it goes.

Shall mean: dog and cat must be in a quarantine . If that's not be in a private room, give from special quarantine stations in the veterinary . The quarantine period is similar to humans, in about two weeks. The all-clear is only available for all, the hold rats or mice: you can't become infected according to the current state of knowledge.

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Date Of Update: 18 June 2020, 07:35