Paid to anti-Gay discrimination look the other way

It is an affair, which is one of the most important people in the shaken legal organizations of the world to its foundations. In 2012, Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Paid to anti-Gay discrimination look the other way

It is an affair, which is one of the most important people in the shaken legal organizations of the world to its foundations. In 2012, Human Rights Watch (HRW) received a donation of more than 470'000 dollars from the Saudi billionaire Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber – after the HRW had previously complained of its construction violently. Al Jabers companies to decreased their unskilled foreign workers of the passport and you have left under adverse working conditions and minimum wage toil.

The acceptance of the payment is in several respects problematic. On the one hand, it looks like I bought the business man of the charges. Al Jaber posed after the money transfer to photos with HRW chief, Kenneth Roth, and could pose as a friend of human rights.

on the Other hand, Saudi has made its donation to a questionable condition, such as the US online platform - "The Intercept" revealed a few days ago: The money was not to be for the rights of Homosexuals in the Middle East and North Africa. The same-sex love is forbidden in these areas, almost anywhere, for part of the death penalty at all – a fundamental violation of human rights. However, HRW accepted the claim.

Startled by the research of "The Intercept", took Human Rights Watch to escape to the front and oriented to the Public, even before the article was published. The organization gave the facts in full. "The acceptance of a donation under such a condition that all speaks to what the commitment of HRW for the protection of the human rights of all people", in the message. The money you've paid in the meantime back. In addition, they announced a "comprehensive independent investigation" to clarify how the agreement came to be.

The Swiss offshoot if you do not react surprised

Human Rights Watch says that the donation had no influence on the work: "The condition attached to this funding, our commitment to the rights of LGBT people and other human rights in the Middle East, or elsewhere affected."

For HRW is the case particularly sensitive is the Organisation but for many years in the criticism. In 2009, Robert Bernstein distanced himself even in the "New York Times" of your, who founded HRW and from 1978 to 1998 and its President had been. He accused those responsible, Israel is harder to tackle than the Muslim countries.

2019 referred to the Israel Human-Rights-Watch-regional chief Omar Shakir of the country, as this supported the Boycott against the country. Also, the organization was faced with the charge that you could pay of Saudi Arabia. Now, should the critics are confirmed.

Human Rights Watch is headquartered in New York and is in Switzerland with offices in Geneva and Zurich. The Zurich-based Committee was founded in 2006 by the businessman and art patron, Thomas Bechtler. The former Board of Directors of Credit Suisse was able to attract a considerable proportion of the Zurich economic elite for the cause.

the members include Credit Suisse Chairman Urs Rohner, banker Raymond J. Baer, publisher, Ellen Ringier, the Swiss Re Chairman Walter Kielholz, Roche heiress Maja Hoffmann, and many more, the meet events regularly at Fundraising and Information. For HRW can be quite a bit as a result: 7.5 million of the total 90 million Swiss francs of donations come from Switzerland.

Brigitte Schmid, Senior Director of the Zurich Committee, says she's been surprised by the affair. The international Board of Directors have the 490 employees around the world on 19. February is oriented both on the case as well as the various measures that have been taken. "We hope that the matter does not affect negatively on the amount of donations."

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