Paderborn, Germany: reactions to the game SC Paderborn - Werder Bremen (1:5)

Steffen Baumgart (Trainer SC Paderborn): (the Almost-relegation: "If we had won today, would have been what is possible. If you put in a performance like tha

Paderborn, Germany: reactions to the game SC Paderborn - Werder Bremen (1:5)

Steffen Baumgart (Trainer SC Paderborn):

(the Almost-relegation: "If we had won today, would have been what is possible. If you put in a performance like that, you need not to talk. Then you have to see the whole 90 minutes. And that you in the second half, better to have played than in the first half, is one. But basically, today we had no answers to anything. "If You're just in such situations, as a final situation, as there are for us for quite some time, then I have to expect more from us. We didn't make it. We have not done. Since there are many causes for, and we need to consider.“

(for performance): "I am extremely disappointed that we have not managed to come close to the achievements that have distinguished us over long stretches of the season. If we do not act as a team, if we are to work together against certain situations, we have no Chance. This is what makes me thoughtful. This is not the Bundesliga and are also not we. To me the whole appearance annoys. We cannot now refer to the 18:11 shots on goal. I don't think we have today as a team what you need to bring. Worry I'm not, but still you have to say: you are not allowed to occur. We were in a difficult Situation and now the Situation - even if it is mathematically still possible - very far away from us.“

(to debut Jan-Luca hull): "I think he did it over long distances well. With one or the other error we must live and we will live also.“

Christian Strohdiek (captain of SC Paderborn): "It has just been missing at all corners a little bit. And then you get in the League problems.“

(to failure): "of Course, at some point reaches a limit. But it's not definitely, but because of how we acted as a community. It was not much to see. To go to the individual team or individual player, that in no case. We have as a Team is not working in the first half. There has, somehow, made everyone his own thing. Then you're chasing so behind Bremen.“

(for Fast descent): "That we leave to those who can add up. We just want to play our football. And the successful in the next three Games. That is our goal in the last three Games.“

Florian Kohfeldt (Werder Bremen Manager): "We have today a very determined performance. That was the key.“

(performance this week hinted at?): "We've had good training sessions. Of which we had many this year. It was evident to me that the team is basically in the position to play such games to keep up the pressure. How a game runs, you can predict, of course, never. We have a clear set routes. The were tactical, they were also, as we mentally the game want to tackle, and as such, setbacks want to respond. I don't believe in it, and then decide in the game. Then it was to see clearly after the missed penalty, which is once again a slap in the face for us. We then shoot the 1:0, the pressure held, which was very good.“

(a thought after the missed penalty): "shit and more. It was not a lot of time.“

(praise for Davy Klaassen): "he does not Need. This is what he does for the Team. Hurray for Joshua Sargent, Yuya Osako and Maximilian Eggestein, what they ran, how they kept together as they have always restored the compactness, kept the Balance in favour of a large praise. And yet, the joy of two goals from Davy - everything is good.“

(How long the crew must be relieved): "Until she rises in Bremen from the Bus. We now need to regenerate already. We are still in a direct relegation place. Now due to the worse goal difference, but still a descent place. We can take away from the game, that we can keep pressure. But we won today, still nothing. We must continue to make. On Tuesday, Bayern come. This is also not the easiest game. And then Mainz, and Cologne. And we still need wins. We need to because there is not much talk about it. We won, and now we go home and prepare for Bayern. More does not help, but it shows, of course, a piece that we can tolerate a certain amount of pressure and performance can bring.“

Niclas Füllkrug (Werder Bremen): (for the Comeback) "That was nice. It was a slightly emotional Moment when it registered the at the end, where you stood in these nine months. That was not a Yes for me too the first Time. That's why for me it was a special Moment. I am glad that the team has made it in the sense of easily and I was able to exempt loading, because we already had a head start. It was a special experience in any case, once again. I envisioned that I meet in the last Play, of course, not to the hair in small Detail, but that happens today, of course, is madness.“

Updated Date: 13 June 2020, 17:26

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