Now is the hour of the Black beating

Sabrina Stallion is a Banker at a large financial institution. And Sabrina Stallion is black. That doesn't make them necessarily to the typical voter of a 78-y

Now is the hour of the Black beating

Sabrina Stallion is a Banker at a large financial institution. And Sabrina Stallion is black. That doesn't make them necessarily to the typical voter of a 78-year-old white socialists. But that's exactly the Stallion has: for Bernie Sanders to load this Saturday, in the area code of the Democrats in South Carolina. She stands in the driveway of their house in a suburb of Charleston, as a choice of helper of the presidential candidate pushes a Flyer into the Hand. "Me, you don't need to convince," she says, "my voice he has."

anyone else excited as Stallion for Sanders, reveals a lot about the current presidential election campaign of the Democrats. Four years ago, won by Hillary Clinton here in the pre-election with a huge lead over Sanders, thanks to the votes of Blacks. African-Americans make up about 60 percent of the democratic voters in the state, belongs to the southern States. Who is the Black writing in South Carolina on the ballot is later in the rule, the Nominee of the party. In the case of the first three primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, African-Americans played virtually no role at all – now it's all about you. But whom to support this time, is not as clear as in previous years.

Clearly, there's Joe Biden, the former Vice-President of Barack Obama, who leads in the polls – still. But Sanders has caught compared to his last candidacy up. And with the entrepreneur Tom Steyer, there is a candidate who has almost his entire campaign on South Carolina, the reparations for slavery on the promise of black organizations with generous donations supported. Steyers election posters hanging in South Carolina, even in remote corners.

"a second 9/11"

The Banker Stallion Sanders chooses because of the economy. It's true that the share prices had increased. "But who has shares? A lot of normal people working at starvation wages. Nothing has changed." Sanders campaigned for many years for a higher statutory minimum wage. And he was in favour of the adoption of the exorbitant loans, the need to accommodate many Americans, if you want to study. You even stutter still their debts, says the Stallion, "I, myself, have a child; this cuts off the air".

Biden helps that he is one of the few Democrats who talk a lot about morality and Faith.

Donald Trump talks like about it is that the unemployment among Blacks today is as deep as almost never. However, only 20 percent of African Americans believe according to a survey of the "Washington Post" that this was the merit of the President. But above all, two-thirds find that Trump had worse racism in the country. "The day of the election felt like a second 11. September," says Fenton, a 42-year-old Black man from Charleston, who works for the Federal government, and his last name will not, therefore, want to call it. "To see that a racist like Trump came to Power, gave me a Depression, the left never more." White nationalists were again encouraged, and after eight years of Obama presidency, acting much like a step backwards.

The Faith of Joe Biden

Trump out of the office, throwing the country: The Biden is the message from Joe. The 77-Year-old speaks at his campaign appearances, not three sentences, without mentioning Barack Obama, in what can sometimes seem a little clumsy. However, many Black people seem to him not a bad increase. "Biden was an excellent Vice President," says the retired Robert Gailliard, came to a speech by Biden's at a University in Charleston. Black voters, says democratic political consultant Antjuan Seawright, are very loyal. Biden made a lot of efforts over the years to personal relationships to the black community, especially in South Carolina. In return, he could expect now, with your support.

Biden helps also the fact that he speaks of as one of the few Democrats a lot and openly about Faith and morals. Hardly any other group of the population is as religious as the Black, and many of you will appreciate it when the Catholic tells about how him and his own Faith helped over the loss of two of his children and his first wife to get over. "We know Joe, we know its hard personal fate, and Joe knows us," says the Pensioner Bernice Jackson, who has already come for the third Time to a performance Bidens. "He's a basic decent human being."

in hopes of The democratic party, that it will be more voters – that the aversion to Trump brings your people to the ballot box.

the black voters, However, are different, than it does in the media sometimes seems that not a single Block. Sympathies enjoys Biden especially for the older voters. Younger African-Americans, however, speak often on the issues with Biden rather beside the point: the fight against climate change or the Reform of the judiciary, which is dominated by racist structures. It is these voters, of which, for example, Bernie Sanders is hoping a lot of votes.

Almost as important as the question, for whom the Black finally decide, but the choice of participation. Hillary Clinton lost the election against Donald Trump, because she managed to bring in some crucial States, plenty of African-Americans to the ballot box. The lack of enthusiasm, it was clear already in the case of the area code in South Carolina.

at the Time, only 370'000 Democrats went to the election – a massive decline compared to 2008, when Barack Obama was on the ballot, and more than 530'000 Democrats of the pre-election took part. The party hopes that it will be more voters – that the aversion to Trump brings your people to the ballot box.

Trumps Offensive

But the President has already started to advertise the Black. Only 8 percent of African Americans gave him three years ago, your voice. Not much more to be in the coming fall, no matter who is against a candidate of the Democrats. But this is not necessary: Even a few percentage points more with this group of voters could help him, given the tight margins of a re-election.

trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner said this week: "You only get the voices to the community."

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