New behavior rules in Israel resolve uncertainty

As Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and health Minister Yaakov Litzman late Wednesday afternoon because of the Corona-risk new behaviour and new regu

New behavior rules in Israel resolve uncertainty

As Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and health Minister Yaakov Litzman late Wednesday afternoon because of the Corona-risk new behaviour and new regulations published after the entry of five European countries, were no longer rules the phones at the aid organisation Magen David Adom to a standstill. Within a few hours and 39'000 calls were registered in the dedicated Hotline – an increase of 700 percent. Due to many requests, the site collapsed. According to the health Ministry, around 70'000 Israelis under quarantine because of the arrangements. The TV station Channel 12 calculated that 100'000 people were affected by the measures.

Because some of the announced measures were not clear or contradictory, triggered the Chaos and uncertainty. In the published regulations, it was said, the Israelis, the return from one of these States, would have to go for fourteen days in home quarantine retroactively from the day of entry. So who was returned a week ago, still needs to stay home for another week. Citizens from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Spain are not permitted to travel. "Unless you are ready and have the opportunity to embark in a 14-day quarantine", it is said in the decree of the Ministry of health.

Open: What it means to live in Israel to foreigners?

but Because about the date of entry into force was left open, there was a many travelers ' uncertainty. First, it was said, these measures should be implemented "in the next few days". Later, it was repaired For foreigners and the tightening of entry regulations should apply from Friday, 8 PM Israeli time. The Israelis would have immediately called in to quarantine it.

On Thursday and was then released guidelines that tourists from these countries, which were already in the country, could continue your trip as planned – unless of course you health felt socially uncomfortable. It remained unclear, however, whether foreigners living in Israel, will now be treated like the Israelis or like the tourists.

Many of those who were on a visit to Israel, tried to get out as quickly as possible flights and on Wednesday or Thursday to leave. As on Wednesday evening in a plane, the direction of Vienna was supposed to fly home, the quarantine measures for Israelis around languages, from increased some again. Other were, in turn, notified the school of your child by the Ministry of health that the whole family was quarantined.

On Wednesday evening, 19 aircraft from the five European countries landed. The Israeli passengers were not known for a large part of even that you had to right after the arrival in quarantine. This evening and for the next few days concerts and sports have been canceled events. The Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Team played in spite of the return from Spain, eleven days ago, in front of hundreds of spectators, and exposed himself to the charge to disobeying the rules. The enemy was the Turkish club Anadolu Efes, who had previously played in Berlin.

events with more than 5000 participants prohibited

The Israeli military is a large off-scale military exercise of the armed forces should participate. Also, the European media summit, which should take place, with participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the end of March in Tel Aviv, has been postponed for an indefinite period of time. Because of Israel among all the conferences said.

in Addition, events were to be expected where more than 5000 participants, is prohibited. The many Purim parades in the next few days. The Ministry of health showed that medical personnel and Workers in ports are not allowed to leave the country in order to prevent their contagion. Persons over 60 years has been recommended to avoid contact with persons who were abroad.

air travel and shake hands

abandon The Israeli Ministry of health repeated its call on all citizens to avoid travel by air. Netanyahu called for, shake hands to leave. Currently 15 persons in Israel as infected. For travellers from Italy and several Asian countries, the stringent restrictions were already in place for two weeks.

Also in the Palestinian territories were reported on Thursday, four cases associated with a Hotel in Beit Jala together. The Palestinian authority ordered the closure of institutions, as well as of all the churches and mosques for two weeks. Is also affected by tourists and visited the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. From Friday, the Hotels are allowed to work in the Palestinian territories, in addition, two weeks of no foreign tourists more.

The effects are already in Israel's economy: The Israeli airline El Al announced that due to the necessary flight cancellations, the dismissal of a thousand of its approximately 6000 employees. Furthermore, there is for all that deserve better, a salary reduction of 20 per cent. The share price fell by 30 percent within one month.

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