Netanyahu with a clear margin

In the parliamentary election in Israel, there were two Surprises: one was that Benjamin Netanyahu has won, with his right-wing nationalist Likud party, accordi

Netanyahu with a clear margin

In the parliamentary election in Israel, there were two Surprises: one was that Benjamin Netanyahu has won, with his right-wing nationalist Likud party, according to initial forecasts, even with a clear lead in the election. The blue-and-white-party Alliance of Benny Gantz landed this time on the second place. The other Surprise was that two-thirds of the 6.5 million eligible voters actually vote, and the turnout was the highest for 21 years – although on this Monday, the Israelis were summoned for the third Time within a year the polls.

Shortly after the closure of polling stations at 22 o'clock it was not yet clear whether it also would be enough that the Likud with other rights and religious parties getting a majority for the government in education. For 61 of the 120 mandates in the Parliament are necessary at least.

Grand coalition never came into existence

The right bearing consists of Netanyahu's Likud, the settlers close to Jamina-party of defence Minister Naftali Bennett and the ultra-Orthodox parties Shas and United Torah Judaism. The extreme-right Ozma Judith (Jewish power) failed to reach the threshold of 3.25 per cent. The center-left camp is next to Gantz' Alliance of Blue-and-White, the left-liberal list of labour party, Merez, and Gescher also included in the United list of Arab parties.

The former defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman could help with his ultra-nationalist party Israel Our home to a coalition majority. However, Lieberman had to be excluded during the election campaign last, to want of a government, in which Netanyahu is represented. Also Gantz wants to enter any government with Netanyahu, and this is justified with the charges against him.

that is Why I was also one of President Reuven Rivlin favorite Grand coalition of Likud and Blue-and-White after two rounds of voting concluded. Blue-and-White was gone from the election in September, with 33 out of 120 mandates, as the strongest force. The Likud came to 32 mandates, but neither camp had a majority for the formation of a government.

For Netanyahu begins after the election the real battle for the political Survival of

President Rivlin to the attention of the media used after the submission of his voice on Monday to send a message to the Israelis. Normally, an election day is a solemn day, but not if within a year, for the third Time, the citizens to the polls are called. "To be honest, I feel no celebration. Only a feeling of deep shame to you, the citizens of the state of Israel." The President spoke then of himself as a citizen: "We didn't deserve easy. We have earned a terrible and dirty campaign like this. We have earned an endless period of instability. We deserve a government that works for us."

The President now needs to clarify the question of whether he can entrust Netanyahu, according to the charges at all with a government education. The attorney General and the Supreme court have not expressed yet conclusive as to whether a defendant should be granted a mandate to do so. In contrast to the previous elections, Netanyahu is accused of now in fact, in three cases, for bribery, fraud and breach of trust – as the first acting Prime Minister.

Netanyahu at an official state visit billionaire numbers

For Netanyahu begins, therefore, after the electoral battle, the actual battle in the courts: the political Survival. The process starts at the 17. March. By setting a date two weeks after the election, it is ensured that the procedure can begin. Because even if Netanyahu won the election clearly and quickly a government would be formed, so the time for the adoption of an immunity would not have been enough law in the Knesset.

In the election campaign, in which it was also alleged sex Affairs of Gantz and secretly recorded, unflattering assessments of consultants, were also known, new Details from the investigation against Netanyahu. So Netanyahu during an official Moscow-to the account of the visit in a Restaurant for himself and his guests in the height of 24'000 dollars to a billionaire to have to put that on a table next to sass. His wife Sara should have a kilogram of "expensive caviar" taken. Netanyahu is said to have then boasted that he would never pay in a Restaurant.

The process is several months

last, In all cases, it comes to favors like positive coverage, or gifts of the rich and Famous, for the Netanyahu political consideration should have. The process will take several months, maybe years. The procedure in charge of judge Rivka Friedman-Feldman was involved in the condemnation of the former Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, to 27 months in prison. After 2008 the corruption allegations had become known, was Olmert resigned as Prime Minister back. To do this, the leader of the opposition – Netanyahu had pushed him.

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