Mallorca-holiday in spite of Corona: these ten locations, you avoid the crowds | travel

significantly fewer tourists, Although due to the Corona pandemic is currently in Mallorca on the road, avoid many of the crowds. We have tips on where to do th

Mallorca-holiday in spite of Corona: these ten locations, you avoid the crowds | travel

significantly fewer tourists, Although due to the Corona pandemic is currently in Mallorca on the road, avoid many of the crowds. We have tips on where to do this.

With lifting of the alarm condition on 21. June 2020 Mallorca again for all the tourists open. Although many travelers yearn for holiday on the Spanish island of , many want to still keep distance. Here you will find a selection of lonely places - even on Mallorca there is this.

late start to the summer season: After the Spanish borders to open again for tourists, increasing the number of Mallorca-travellers daily. Still yawning Void there is in many places – but the more provinces the holiday can start, the more sought-after also the favorite island of the Germans. To give abroad Covid-19 no Chance, avoid leisure collections in the best case, a lot of people and crowded places. The Mallorca-experts of fincallorca, the mediator of Fincas on the Balearic island, has selected the Top Ten of the lonely places for the Mallorca-holiday .

Mallorca-holidays in times of Corona: view from the Puig de Randa

In the interior is the Puig de Randa with over 500 meters in height. Due to its distinctive shape, it looks like a table mountain. From the summit the view over the valley up to the small neighbouring island of Cabrera. Locals call him the Holy mountain, as there are three monasteries. The bottom of the monastery Santuari de Gràcia is regarded among Locals as the most beautiful. After more than 500 years of history had a in 20. Century, Antoni Gaudí, with the works there on the tag.

+ a view from the Puig de Randa.©fincallorca

the mountain village of Fornalutx: Here you can enjoy Idyll in Mallorca

A sea of Flowers awaits vacationers in the pretty the mountain village of Fornalutx in the North-West of the island close to the town of Sóller. The village is idyllically situated in the Tramuntana mountains and provides a welcome contrast to the hustle and bustle of the main tourist places. the Narrow, car-free streets and steep staircases wind their way between stone houses . The tranquil village is allowed to adorn themselves with the title of the most beautiful village of Mallorca and is an absolute "Must see".

+ the mountain village of Fornalutx.©fincallorca

If the bus groups leave the mountain village in the Serra de Tramuntana, peace in Deia . The Village fascinated with spectacular view over the mountains to the sea . The best point to enjoy the Panorama, and at the same time the main attraction of the cemetery at the highest point of the village. Under the loving and sometimes exceptionally landscaped graves, the rest are sites of famous musicians and artists.

+ Blue Hour in Deia.©pixabay, Dr. Agan

castle with views in Mallorca holidays and enjoy

worth the short climb to the Castell de Santueri . The romantic castle is situated on the 400-Meter-high table mountain, Puig de Santueri, Southeast of Felanitx. It is privately owned by a family that has renovated the castle completely few years ago. From the Castell of visitors will enjoy an impressive views over the hills of Serres de Llevant, as well as the nearby coast .

+ castle with a view.©fincallorca

Mallorca despite Corona: the fishing village of Cala Figuera, with the Torre D'en Beu

Over the tranquil port of Cala Figuera in the Southeast of Mallorca, sits the watch-tower, Torre D'en Beu . From about 500 metres away tower, the fishing village looks almost like a painted backdrop: fishermen sew their nets, and the turquoise sea shimmers between the white and beige houses with strong green-painted boat garages. The one who comes in the morning here, is happy about the wonderful peace and quiet and enjoy lunch with fresh fish.

+ the fishing village of Cala Fiquera.©pixabay media service

landscape at Cala Torta is a Must in Mallorca-holidays

A memorable trip for many tourists a ride through the countryside, the Cala Torta Bay . Through untouched nature is a road of the small town of Artà ends at the small Bay to the North-East leads. The sparsely populated Region are impressed by mountainous landscape and the bizarre rock formations are popular photo opportunities . Many paths and Hiking trails lead along the picturesque coast through this Region.

+ landscape at Cala Torta.©fincallorca

sunset at the Cala Mesquida

Approximately seven kilometres from Capdepera the is a Bay of Cala Mesquida , which is part of a nature reserve is. Dunes surround the 300 meters long fine sandy beach and offer a home for cormorants and gulls. In the case of Wind, high waves come from, what provides when bathing a special refreshment and variety. The return journey is worth a late addition to companies in the North-East most Bay, there is a amazing sunset stick .

+ sunset at the Cala Mesquida.©fincallorca

sleep on Mallorca: silence at the Cuber reservoir

starting at Cuber reservoir , the most important water reservoirs of the island , find hikers of every fitness level, your appropriate Tour. Families use the very simple loop trail around the reservoir, more experienced climbers to climb Ofre the Puig de l’. Since the water serves as drinking water storage is governed by provisions of a water conservation area. Instead of a bath, travelers will enjoy here >.

+ silence at the Cuber reservoir.©pixabay, e-cine

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Untouched natural Paradise of Sa Dragonera on Mallorca

Formerly hidden pirate here are your stolen goods, today, lizards scurry through the island and the seabirds that nest there. Since 1995, Mallorca, little sister island of Sa Dragonera nature reserve. Groups of over ten persons are in need of a special permission , so hikers need not fear the flows of visitors. Vacationers sail all the way from Sant Elm, with a small excursion boats to the island and Hiking bays to secluded on narrow paths.

+ Untouched natural Paradise of Sa Dragonera.©fincallorca

Mallorca holiday, in spite of Corona: walk to Cap Blanc

Southeast of Palma, the Cap Blanc can be found . A stone coast, the landscape, impressed by the contrasts of Land and water. Ideal starting point to the beach of Cala Pi is, of the holiday picturesque paths along the cliff and enjoy a breathtaking view . Accompanied by the rocky Mediterranean landscape, the path leads to an abandoned military site over to the watch-tower, Torre del Blanc .

+ hike to Cap Blanc.©fincallorca

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