Kronach: Bastion Marie and Franconian gallery, fortress Rosenberg wakes up from the slumber

For over 700 years, perched Kronachs fortress above the city on the Rosenberg - and their walls be still standing when we are long gone. Insurgent peasants coul

Kronach: Bastion Marie and Franconian gallery, fortress Rosenberg wakes up from the slumber

For over 700 years, perched Kronachs fortress above the city on the Rosenberg - and their walls be still standing when we are long gone. Insurgent peasants could not be harmed by enemies in several Wars, they could not take, and no collapsing of the wall parts brought to case. Bastion, prison, refugee accommodation, venue and tourist attraction - the old lady is forever reinventing itself. However, the Corona-pandemic forced them into a brief slumber.

From the wakes it now and again: The walls of a fortress based in the Franconian gallery is open since last week. But of course, the precautions against the Corona are Virus also in the exhibition are ubiquitous. "We have created according to the guidelines of the state office for non-state museums and the concept of Hygiene, we are the district office for approval have been submitted," explains Kerstin Löw of the Kronacher Tourist Info. Everything is cleaned daily, door handles and handrails several times.

At the entrance, visitors can expect a disinfectant dispenser, and from there to the Mask is required. And even if the exhibition spaces are wide: the Yellow stickers on the ground point closer to the minimum distance. It can also come in the Museum, a quick to the traffic jam, have shown the days prior to the closing: this otherwise quiet place of pause was the magnetic to the true tourist: "Because at that time, a lot has already closed, have appeared in the middle of March - in the absence of Alternatives - the visitors by the hundreds," recalls Löw. For the protection of your employees, you have then decided, in consultation with the mayor, to close the fortress.

caution instead of easing madness

And even if the tourism Boss, the joy is great that visitors can again go with the high-profile exhibits to "RUB shoulders": "I don't believe in a loosening delusion, the result is that we have to close in a couple of weeks." Employees as Nadine Bergner count at the gate the visitors - a maximum of 30 may occupy the same time in the Museum.

group visits are not currently allowed, tours are held still. Family members of a household are allowed to visit the gallery, however. "We realize that currently - in the absence of Alternatives - and increasingly, families with children come." Especially the interactive exhibition "fortresses - franc bulwarks" , which welcomes the visitor with cannon thunder, is popular with children. "At some point, also the digital deflection range is exhausted," says Museologist Alexander Sweet. "Then the children are happy to experience something else."

The exhibition offers a playful access to the Frankish fortresses, explains why they were built and why they are today, not for the defence to be used. There is a lot to admire, among other things, the last surviving Kronacher cannon from the year 1739 with ammunition, which can even be taken in the Hand, so Cute, small and large visitors alike come at their expense: "I hope that people take advantage of this forced break to make the things you do otherwise."

And maybe the one or the other Kronacher, the old lady starts after a long time again a visit to and connects the same with a stop in the Bastion of Marie. Without the Marie walks and Bicycle trips are not the same. As the guests, who come for the past week on the fortress Rosenberg are in agreement. Even if the waitress at the entrance wearing a mask: your eyes Shine.

"The mood is good. Many of the regulars are gone," says Sandra English. The anniversary year - 15 years Knut Events - had you presented yourself differently. Therefore, the relief of the operator of the popular trip destination is to listen to clearly. "The longer the forced closure has lasted, the more burdensome it was. We could not estimate how long everything will take, and I was afraid that my employees are lost." Thus, the revenue loss in this time, has offered the Bastion Marie in a pick - up and drop-off service for food.

Also the new challenges Englich and its 15 employees now, literally with a Smile: "Even if we wear masks, we smile at you it is always friendly," it says on the "rules of conduct", available on the tables - and it says so on the name tags. Before ordered, distributed to the staff cards, on which the guests your contact information need to fill out.

The little "homework" will be taken in the purchase as well as short waiting times, as currently, outside the range of a few tables and these need to be disinfected after each guest. "So far, we have only received positive Feedback. All understand."

With such a view, the Wait can be noticed not difficult - and so many Kronacher combine a trip to the Franconian gallery with a visit to Marie.

This article by Sandra Hackenberg

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Date Of Update: 24 May 2020, 09:27