Korea : the new threats from Pyongyang to Seoul - The Point

The tension continues to mount between North Korea and South Korea, and the latest threats from Pyongyang are not likely to fix the situation. After having demo

Korea : the new threats from Pyongyang to Seoul - The Point

The tension continues to mount between North Korea and South Korea, and the latest threats from Pyongyang are not likely to fix the situation. After having demolished the liaison bureau with its neighbor to the South, the regime of Kim Jong-un has indicated that it could strengthen its military presence on the former sites of the cooperation-Korean. It could also reconstruct some of the guard posts along the demilitarized zone between the two countries. In addition, Pyongyang has also declared that it had rejected a proposal that would have been sent by Moon Jae-in, the leader of South Korea, regarding the sending of an emissary in order to resume discussions.

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Kim Yo-jong, the powerful sister of the north Korean leader Kim Jong-un, saw in it " a proposal by a disaster and lacking in tact ", according to the agency, north korea's KCNA. For its part, the army of north korea has stated that it would resume military maneuvers in the border area and that it was to send leaflets in the direction of the South. What Seoul, which had never stopped playing the easing in recent months, has responded harshly, denouncing about "fools" and " very rude ".

" We warn that we will not tolerate any more the actions and words unreasonable of the North ", said the spokesperson of the blue House, the presidency of south korea, Yoon Do-han, who held, in particular, "unprecedented and foolish" the fact that Pyongyang reveals that Moon Jae-in has proposed the dispatch of an emissary. For its part, the ministry of south Korean Defense believed that the threats of the North in breach of several inter-Korean agreements if they were implemented. "The North will pay for certainly the price if this kind of action is implemented," he said in a press release.

Pyongyang seeks to create a crisis in the first place ?

The appeals for calm have come from a major western capitals after the demolition on Tuesday by Pyongyang of the liaison office of inter-Korean which had been opened in the city's north korea Kaesong in September 2018, and then one of the symbols of the extraordinary relaxation appeared this year on the peninsula. This office was the result of an agreement between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in, who had held three summits in the space of a few months. At the height of its activity, the office brought together two delegations of the North and the South, each composed of twenty officials.

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It was the first instrument physical, permanent communication and was intended to develop relations intercoréennes, improve relations between the United States and the North, and to ease the military tension. But the North-South relations have continued to deteriorate in the wake of the fiasco of the second summit between the us president, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, in February 2019 in Hanoi. Some experts suspect the North of trying now to create a crisis to obtain concessions on the background of deadlock in the international negotiations on its nuclear programs.

units soon to be deployed in Kaesong and at mount Kumgang

The army of north korea has stated that it would deploy units in the tourist resort of mount Kumgang and in the complex of Kaesong. These two areas were previously some of the most important projects of the cooperation-Korean. Mount Kumgang was a tourist destination for South Koreans, until a soldier of north korea struck in 2008, a woman who was ruled out of the authorized areas. In the industrial zone of Kaesong, where was the liaison office, companies in south korea have until 2016 to work of the workers of the North by paying their salaries in Pyongyang, in the framework of an agreement very lucrative for the north Korean regime.

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The spokesperson of the army of north korea has also mentioned that the guard posts that had been removed from the demilitarized zone (DMZ) in the framework of an agreement inter-Korean concluded in 2018 would be re-established to " strengthen the monitoring of the front line ". Artillery units, in particular in the maritime areas, will revert to " all types of military exercises regular ". The Korean war (1950-1953) was marked by an armistice, not a peace agreement, which means that the two neighbors are still technically in a state of war.

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