Kiel/Heath: Corona test sites in the North and restrictions in Heath

With local restrictions in Dithmarschen and additional test stations in the country wants to fight in Schleswig-Holstein against a greater spread of the new Cor

Kiel/Heath: Corona test sites in the North and restrictions in Heath

With local restrictions in Dithmarschen and additional test stations in the country wants to fight in Schleswig-Holstein against a greater spread of the new Corona-Virus. After the accumulation of infections in the district town of Heide to grab from Saturday to contact restrictions and other measures. On the steps was agreed by the circle with the country, even before the limit of 50 new infections per 100 000 inhabitants was achieved within seven days. Health Minister Heiner Garg (FDP) certified to the circuit on Thursday an exemplary approach.

With Wednesday night, there were achieved in 44 cases in a week, the most in the Heath. Affected were mainly returnees from the West-Balkans and Scandinavia. District administrator Stefan Mohrdieck was already after 15 infections not only in the case of 30, the country agreed to value, praised Garg. From Saturday on should be in Heide, a maximum of two persons from different households meet, as Mohrdieck said at a press conference in Kiel with Garg. Public events will be suspended. The weekly market may only be with the mouth-nose protection visited. Customer inlets to shops to be braked. Mohrdieck announced increased controls. For travel bans, for Heath and Dithmarschen Garg currently sees no reason to.

Mohrdieck also announced more Corona Tests in the residential districts in which the cluster of infections occurred. On Wednesday, a further 13 new infections were found in Dithmarschen. Mordieck stressed, the harder protection measures are restricted to the city of Heath: "There is no Lockdown for Dithmarschen." From Saturday on should also apply in the of to many tourists visited the resort of Büsum, a mask is mandatory in the pedestrian zone.

After returning from abroad can have Schleswig-Holstein from Friday at five additional Points, free of charge, to the novel Virus testing. As places Garg called for the port of Kiel, Lübeck, the ferry port in Puttgarden on Fehmarn, the roadhouse Ellund at the border crossing to Denmark on the A7 motorway and the bus station Neumünster.

test results are expected Garg, according to a rule after 24 hours. He stressed that the areas kehrer from risk up to the time of a negative test result are in quarantine and the health Department report. Otherwise, a fine threat. The new test stations can do Garg, according to the daily, around 200 Tests. In the country a total of 9000 Tests of the day were possible. This capacity is going to be exhausted half, and the trend is rising.

Garg appealed to the distance requirement and the other rules of hygiene to be observed. The rising infection numbers in recent times have to do with a gradually growing carelessness of some people. To not follow the rules, be ruthless.

Recently, the number of officially reported infections in the country had risen within a day, according to the state government's Stand on Wednesday night to 22 on the 3401. 156 people have died in connection with the Virus. About 3100 of the since the beginning of the pandemic demonstrably Infected are now regarded as a recover. In hospitals the last 17 Covid-19 Ill were treated. The latest Figures of the circles of a flow the next day, in the Overview of the state government.

Against the Backdrop of an impending classification of Dithmarschen as a risk area, Garg stressed that it was the decision of the other provinces, if you take from there, people take special measures. Within Schleswig-Holstein, the country of call no circle as a risk area.

According to research by the physicians ' Association is expected to peak times a week, with around 55 000 returning travelers to, of which 40 000 from abroad. The patient flows need to be routed so that they are a burden on the outpatient System of community-based Doctors as low as possible, said Board Vice Ralph Ennenbach. He called for, in any case, before the practice to call before she visits for a Corona test.

For the public health service expressed the Senior occupational health doctor from Neumünster, Alexandra Barth, the professional's request, all returnees from high-risk areas after a first Test for a week to send in quarantine, to then test it again, and released only after a negative result from quarantine. Garg welcomed to a method with two Tests. Such would be assessed.


Date Of Update: 30 July 2020, 08:26