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John Bolton has a talent undeniable : wherever he goes, he manages to make legions of enemies. Consider this : in 2005, president George Bush appointed him amba

John Bolton, the man that Washington hates - The Point

John Bolton has a talent undeniable : wherever he goes, he manages to make legions of enemies. Consider this : in 2005, president George Bush appointed him ambassador to the united nations. During his confirmation in the Senate, his former colleagues down upon him such a flood of horrors that even the republicans refuse to support it. Humiliation is rare. He was accused of being violent, arrogant, intimidating and harassing those who dare to contradict it, in short, of being " a bully ". George Bush is forced to appoint during the vacation of Congress with a mandate limited in time (which avoids the confirmation of the Senate).

Thirteen years later, Donald Trump, in fact, his national Security adviser. And judging by the story he has just written his seventeen months in the White House, he has not made many friends either. On nearly 500 pages, he is critical of everyone : Steven Mnuchin, the secretary of State to the Treasury, who " didn't know what he was talking about ", Nikki Haley, the ex-ambassador to the united Nations, a courtesan who flattered the family Trump, Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, a dirty hypocrite who denigrates the president behind his back... But it is especially with the chair that he settled all his accounts. He describes it as a type of corrupted, ignorant, obsessed with his re-election, who goes so far as to seek the favor of the dictators, and that " the obstruction of justice is a way of life ".

At Yale, he thundered against the elites, leftist

and Yet, in 2016, John Bolton, under his moustache, walrus, sang another song. Then a commentator on Fox News, he never stopped heaping praise on the new president, because he dreams of a job in the new administration. It will eventually get noticed by Donald Trump, a great lover of declarations muscular and of praise, who in fact in march 2018 – despite her allergy to the hair – its third national Security adviser.

The two men share a contempt for multilateralism, international institutions and treaties that impinge on the sovereignty of the United States. They are also in favour of the "America first" and reports of strength brutal. But unlike the president, John Bolton has never changed position and defends the same ideas for the past fifty years with a zeal doctrinaire. This son of a fireman and grew up in a modest neighbourhood and the curator of Baltimore. Encouraged by his mother, from whom he has inherited, it is said, the character is vindictive, he won a scholarship in a private school before moving to Yale, where he ton (already !) against the elite leftists.

Too much falcon for the hawks

After college, he is hired in a law firm prestigious in Washington, and then held various positions in the administrations of Reagan and Bush's father, where he has carved out a reputation as a super-hawk. In 2000, after the election of George Bush Jr, John Bolton was appointed under-secretary in charge of arms control and international security affairs. There, it is active to sabotage the treaties, or rather, as he says in his Memoirs, " to reject policies and agreements the bottom-end and replace them with greater independence and less constrained extraneous ". It pushes the United States out of the treaty on anti-ballistic missiles with Russia, and withdraw from the international criminal Court, a victory that the ex-under secretary described it as "the most beautiful day" of his career at the State Department.

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But this is going to-t-in-war fanatic is especially known for his enthusiastic support to the adventure in iraq. Its expeditious methods end up by alienating him from even the other hawks in the Bush administration, that the ship as ambassador to the united Nations, where it is in doubt – he starts back across the institution. When his term of office expires, seventeen months later, the Senate still refuses to confirm it. Bitter, Bolton slams the door and, in addition to that he is chairman of the Gatestone Institute, a right-wing group very anti-islam, becomes one of the pillars of Fox News.

If it were up to John, it would put you in four conflicts today.

At 69 years of age, his appointment as national Security adviser, offers him one last chance to impose his ideas. It encourages in particular the withdrawal of the nuclear deal the iranian government. But the honeymoon doesn't last very long between the two men, and not only because they are not suffering neither the one nor the other the contradiction. Bolton is much more interventionist and only knows the policy of the stick – "I do not agitate the carrot," he says. To hear it, nothing beats a good military solution to resolve a crisis . or Donald Trump likes to play the strong men, but do not want at any price a war. "If it were up to John, it would put you in four conflicts today ", quips he. Bolton is hostile to the rapprochement with Vladimir Putin, on the offensive of charm to Kim Jong-un, the north Korean leader, and opposes to come to Camp David with the taliban to negotiate a peace agreement. Donald Trump finally announce in September 2019, via a tweet, that it was dismissed. Bolton claimed that he has resigned himself.

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A little less than a year later, the ex-advisor mustache retaliates by swinging a Scud of 500 pages much a murderer as he likes. But the book is explosive, once more, not attract him a lot of sympathies. "The book is bloated conceit, even if it mostly shows that Bolton has not accomplished much ", sums up the New York Times. On the right, we want him to have dared to attack Donald Trump. To the left, it is called the venal and unpatriotic. He refused to testify before the House of representatives during the process of impeachment, while yet, to judge by his book, that he had all kinds of serious accusations against the president. All because he preferred to keep his revelations to an editor who, it is said, has given him $ 2 million.

For the moment, the former advisor may declare victory. Despite the efforts of the White House to block the release, the media has already published the good pieces. But there is a risk of losing the second battle, because the administration will do everything possible to confiscate the profits of its sales.

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