Jair Bolsonaro has tested negative for the Coronavirus

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has tested negative for the Coronavirus . This he announced on Friday on Twitter and Facebook. So he denied a report in a lo

Jair Bolsonaro has tested negative for the Coronavirus

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has tested negative for the Coronavirus . This he announced on Friday on Twitter and Facebook. So he denied a report in a local newspaper.

On Thursday, has previously been tested Bolsonaros communication chef Fabio Wajngarten positive. Wajngarten and Bolsonaro visited Donald Trump at his residence Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

In Florida called Bolsonaro most of the articles, which were published in the media about the danger of Covid-19, as a "fantasy". Still, after the world had declared health organization (WHO) Covid-19 on Wednesday for the pandemic, verharmloste the Situation. Other flu diseases have killed more people. Leading scientists have disproved the "It's just a flu"-a statement undoubtedly not took care of him.

This was during the visit in Florida, as you can see on Wajngartens Instagram Account. Media reported, was Wajngarten hours with Bolsonaros wife, Michelle, and son Eduardo in the President's plane sat.

Also in the US, the positive Test of Wajngarten should be a reason to worry about that. There are several images that show the US President together with Wajngarten together. On a wear baseball caps with the inscription "Make Brazil Great Again". Vice-President Mike Pence is in the vicinity of Wajngarten.

check out this post on Instagram to

“Make Brazil Great Again” @realdonaldtrump @Mike pence @Alvaro garnero ????????????????????????????????????????????????

A contribution Wajngarten shared by Fabio (@Fabio wajngarten) on

Trump and Pence have shown so far, demonstratively unconcerned and yet not test. The spokesperson for the White house said there was no need for Tests in people who have no symptoms. Neither Trump nor Pence would have had great contact with Wajngarten. Trump himself said last Thursday that he was "troubled".

Anti-Parliament Demo cancelled

even before the test results, Bolsonaro put together with health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta, both with Mouth guard, in front of the cameras and warned of the Coronavirus. In his speech, Bolsonaro was announced, demonstrations were planned for the coming Sunday, to cancel.

Previously, he had called yourself via Whatsapp to a protest March against the Parliament. Bolsonaro is an opponent of the people's Assembly, because these made in the past against his concerns and Veto had perceived rights. Among other things, the Parliament refused to make use of indigenous territories in the Amazon economically.

Now is the plenty of bizarre scenario that the President makes to the protest March against the democratically elected institutions were on stage, for the time being, from the table: "We can not expose the health of the people a risk," said Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro had the Doctors show

otherwise, it runs for Bolsonaro bad. The stock exchange in São Paulo has experienced a dramatic crash, the collapse of the Oil price is for the semi-public Oil company Petrobras is a big Problem.

The promise to stabilize the economy, was one of the main reasons for Bolsonaros choice. Accordingly, the economic impact of the Coronavirus, he has underestimated quite obviously massively hit him, hard. Relish journalists in Brazil resident Glenn Greenwald of the Internet platform "The Intercept" and political opponents like the Ex-President Lula to now count da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, the misperceptions and Verharmlosungen of the right-wing populists.

Corona is Latin America

could be a Problem for Bolsonaro, he has built the health care system fell sharply. His predecessor, Dilma Rousseff, repeated thousands of Cuban Doctors into the country. Bolsonaro sent them back home on the grounds that the Doctors would spread political Propaganda.

all of This will be Jair fly Bolsonaro in the next few days, around the ears. According to the WHO, are recorded in Brazil in 77 cases officially. Since the policy has underestimated the Problem and not many people has tested, it should be much more.

In the whole of Latin America is Corona, meanwhile, is the dominant theme. Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, announced yesterday, to ban flights from Europe. In the Region there are a total of more than 250 confirmed Corona-infection cases. At least three people have died so far in this region of the world to the novel pathogen.

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Updated Date: 13 March 2020, 21:00

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