Incontinence tuitera of Trump breaking their own record

MORE INFORMATION Trump: “Unwind Greta, relax!” Trump already can't block their critics on Twitter The clock had not still marked the 10.00 of the morning of

Incontinence tuitera of Trump breaking their own record


Trump: “Unwind Greta, relax!” Trump already can't block their critics on Twitter

The clock had not still marked the 10.00 of the morning of this Thursday, when Donald Trump had already tuiteado or bounced tweets from other accounts 87 times. At an event at the White House at noon, said to those present that he was taking “a very busy day”. The battery of tweets morning the american president only marked a precedent of what would be the historical record of most interactions on Twitter since he took office. The 123 tweets in less than 24 hours coincided with the marathon discussion in the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives on two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Trump broke his brand achieved only recently, last Sunday, when she tweeted about getting to 105 times. Most of the publications of the representative were extracts of videos of republican lawmakers and experts dismiss the removal proceeding that leads the Democratic Party. During the 14-hour discussion of the congressmen, the president also described as a “hoax” the process. Finally, at the first hour of this Friday both positions were approved with the support of 23 democrats present in the Committee, and the rejection of the 17 republicans.

The peaks of tweets published by Trump are directly related to the struggles that matter most to you, according to The Washington Post. The american newspaper, which carries a track of the daily publications of the republican in their social networks since he announced his presidential campaign, reports that in July of 2015, Trump tweeted a lot more than usual, just when it received an avalanche of criticism for comments he made against the mexican immigrants. During the primary republican remained at a medium pace-low, until came the last month of the campaign and was reactivated. Something similar to what happened during his first year in the White House, until we started the campaign for the mid-term elections. In April of this year, the month in which it was published the report about the interference of Russian, Trump tweeted with great intensity, as when you do campaign. And now, with the impeachment, he has beaten his own record twice in less than a week.

Although the verbiage tuitera of the representative this Thursday focused on the impeachment, the tweet that gave back to the world was the one that was dedicated to the activist Greta Thunberg. On Wednesday morning, TIME magazine announced that the activist of 16 years was the "Person of the year". Among the 10 finalists was Trump. "Ridiculous. Oh Greta you should work on controlling your anger and then go to see a good old movie with a friend! Unwind Greta, relax!", wrote Trump. Minutes after the young swede changed his biography on Twitter: "A teenager who works in the control of his anger. Now relaxing and watching an old movie with a friend."

The critical message of the representative of 74 years against the girl, a symbol of the fight against climate change caused that "Be Best", the campaign against online bullying led by the first lady Melania Trump, he became a Trending Topic (one of the most commented subjects on Twitter). The users of the social network recalled that a week ago the first lady, the White House and republicans have criticized the professor of the Stanford Law School's Pamela Karlan by a comment made about Barron, the teenage son of Trump and Melania.

“The opposite of what the chair has said, the Second Article does not give you the power to do what you want, and only I will give an example that shows the difference between him and a king, that is to say, the Constitution says that no titles of nobility, so if the president can appoint his son Barron, can't turn it into a baron,“ said Karlan, trying to make a play on words. "A child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics," wrote the first lady in response. "Pamela Karlan, you should be ashamed of your angry complacent public, and obviously biased, and using a child to do so”, he added.

Date Of Update: 26 December 2019, 04:00