Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn: Successful Start-Up must be churches of the living room soft | height-Siegertsbrunn

The Start-Up, Flower Art counts McDonald's and Flixbus to its customers. Seat of churches, the successful young entrepreneurs in height. At least not yet. Beca

Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn: Successful Start-Up must be churches of the living room soft | height-Siegertsbrunn

The Start-Up, Flower Art counts McDonald's and Flixbus to its customers. Seat of churches, the successful young entrepreneurs in height. At least not yet. Because their offices soft the living room.

Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn – The Flower way GmbH, which produces under the brand name "style of green" for about five years, unusual Design-pictures of moss and other plant species and markets, it needs churches, their location on the corner of Rosenheimer Straße/ester Wagner road, in the amount-Siegertsbrunn to give up. As managing Director Luke things confirmed, on request, have you reached with the landlord of the former carpentry building, the young company uses as a production facility and warehouse, meanwhile, is an agreement. You will leave the Area in the beginning of next year and to a new location must consider, says things: "for this reason, we are on the search for suitable areas for our company."

As reported, is to be built on the site and a neighbouring property the living room. The existing plot is to be dissolved borders and the property is re-divided. In order to create space for the new dwellings, to be demolished the former building of the carpentry shop and a small house. Get the living of the plan estimates only and business house on the corner of Rosenheimer/ester Wagner road.

land for production and office sought

Although it had been in the plans in the past year in the municipal Council out of concern for the future of the successful Flower Art GmbH has reservations about the project, to be agreed with the building Committee this year in March, the planning application, with a large majority. And, although the area is now significantly more homes to be built than originally planned(see below). From the Department side, it was noted that, despite the changes to the planned development on a plot of this greetings of the round will be comparatively moderate. Even if the municipality does not produce the agreement in the planning application, there is a danger that the district office does not sanction the plan.

+ With 23 colleagues in Sales work churches-Manager Therese Bach Mayer and managing Director of Luke's things on the site in the amount.

The Flower Art GmbH must look, therefore, for a new headquarters. "If we can stay in the height of the churches, is not currently clear," says Dinger. Because, in the parish of little land were available, which would fit with the profile of his company. "We are looking for related office and production space, followed by storage, and this, unfortunately, is in these dimensions difficult." Specifically, we are looking for a site that has both over 300 square meters of office space, as well as areas for storage and production of the order of 500 to 700 square meters. In Höhenkirchen you have explored most of the land – so far in vain. Because you want to, but like to stay in the village, one is according to the things are even ready to compromise: "Even if it is not our preferred solution, we could transition a separation of office and production space to imagine, to wait for a suitable, contiguous area in the amount of churches." Finally, you've beaten in the municipality of, in the meantime, roots.

customers include McDonald's and Flixbus

However, the young entrepreneurs also stressed that the brand "the style of the green" will continue to grow and you have to line up for the next few years suitable. Now the search is therefore also outside the village to a new location. "To keep all employees, we don't want to move too far," stresses Luke's things.

The Flower Art GmbH has alone at its location in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn 25 employees. Most of them come from the municipality or the region. Among the customers of the company, among other things, the Munich airport, the bus companies Flixbus, as well as the Fast-Food chain McDonald’s. in addition to pictures on the wall, the moss factory also produces partition walls made of plants and other Design products. For marketing to work with architects as well as office and exhibition-together planners.

These dimensions has caused the construction project:

On the two plots of land on the corner of Rosenheimer Straße/ester Wagner road to the community sanctioned planning for 50 residential units. Originally, it was intended by the applicant to build three terraced houses and two apartment buildings with 29 units. Now, multi-family homes spread to five a mix of different apartment types being produced. This leads to the increase of 50 residential units.

The two tallest residential buildings shall have a ridge height of over ten meters. The originally in the middle of the quarter as provided for above-ground Parking spaces have been moved in the direction of the ester Wagner road. In the opinion of the building administration, the sealed surface is thereby reduced. There are ten surface Parking spaces and 89 Parking spaces in the underground garage are provided. In the middle of the quarter there is a large children's Playground is to be built with four benches. The on the property, existing trees or groups of trees should expressly remain the same.

Date Of Update: 13 June 2020, 05:33