Hameln: Concerned citizens to demonstrate for the basic law

The cardboard signs are still left on for a quarter of an hour under the pavilion, to the peaceful Demonstration begins with drums and dance. A concerned citize

Hameln: Concerned citizens to demonstrate for the basic law

The cardboard signs are still left on for a quarter of an hour under the pavilion, to the peaceful Demonstration begins with drums and dance. A concerned citizen, the steps up to the MIC and this was also the case in the past few weeks has done, is Stefanie Walter from Hameln. She says: "The consequential damages of the lock downs are for us in no relation to its Use" and mentions, as an example, among other things, the economy, suffer. A listener complained that it had been in Germany, no Lockdown ("curfew") – not a "factual discussion", the wishes Stefanie Walter, it is because of the man before he can step up to the Mike, disappears.

So those of you who can't make friends with the during the pandemic, measures taken to speak this Saturday, to the micro. "To us a coherent explanation of what makes the Virus so highly dangerous and so such drastic measures are justified is still missing," says Stefanie Walter. The median Age of Corona-related deaths is 82 years of age; people with pre-existing conditions and Older, according to studies, as being particularly at risk. "And to protect, of course, provided that this protection is individually wished for", stresses Walter and would like to have justified restrictions, which limit the life of each individual, "technically".

to clarify, what you and your comrades-in-arms this Saturday, exactly, has brought Stefanie Walter, a reading of the basic law. Take-away for all the audience of around 150 people (including 50 that were signed up for the Demonstration) from it. One of the Speakers, Karin from Hameln, takes it and reads a single paragraph, to which you critical comments. For example, it is stated in paragraph 1 of article 11, that all Germans enjoy freedom of movement throughout the Federal territory. But, as the speaker emphasized, for example, for a holiday in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in advance, a binding accommodation booking is necessary. "Regulations have the effect of negating just the basic law", writes Stefanie Walter. That in the basic law, however, is that the right to freedom of movement may be restricted according to paragraph 2 of article 11, for example, to avert an imminent danger to the existence or the free democratic basic order of the Federation or a land, or to combat the threat of disease, is not mentioned in the Demonstration.

to Which dissociate Stefanie Walter clearly are a conspiracy theorist, like the one from the well-known TV cook Attila Hildmann. "Hildmann and co. we are with regard to their part, stark Statements is critical," says Walter. Where: "freedom of expression" calls for speakers Marcel article 5 of the basic law, "to also be an Attila Hildmann". He had the feeling that a lot of Germans say "nothing more, nothing more to do, but only to accept".

Whether a freelance graphic designer, a Doctor, nurse or physiotherapist – say you want to anyway, on this Saturday and will do the next weekend again. Because, as Walter says, they would stop only "when we have our basic law, in full Abundance," and there is an independent Committee of inquiry into the pandemic, all the actions, Utterances and decisions retroactively under search.

in Addition, they concern issues that are still in the room, and the could have after Corona according to Walter consequences: in addition to the App, which could help to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus (and is seen to be of critical), and an immunity card, as well as an EU-harmonized certificate of vaccination for a cross-border electronic exchange in the conversation, bothers, Walter, especially, that the vaccine will have attached so great importance. The President of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, had recently said that a vaccine is necessary to stop Corona pandemic. She was no Impfgegnerin, "critical".

Critical in Other respects, also to the press. And so the 50 logged-in demonstrators, some of whom had complained a week earlier, wrongly, that the press ignore did not want to be photographed this Saturday in Hameln prefer of the press.

This article, by Karen Klages

*The contribution of ""Concerned citizens," demonstrate was written for the basic law" published by Dewezet. Contact with the executives here.


Date Of Update: 08 June 2020, 13:26