Hagen/North Rhine-Westphalia: Wrong cops haul loot bag way | world

you have once again taken by surprise seniors. And incredibly cleared: In Hagen (NRW) dragged "wrong cops" bag of loot and were particularly naughty. "Wrong

Hagen/North Rhine-Westphalia: Wrong cops haul loot bag way | world

you have once again taken by surprise seniors. And incredibly cleared: In Hagen (NRW) dragged "wrong cops" bag of loot and were particularly naughty.

"Wrong cops" driving nationwide to mischief, to bring seniors to their belongings. The Scam works, despite all the warnings, the police again and again. In Hagen (NRW), was the prey of the crooks now particularly lush.

Hagen - An elderly couple from North Rhine-Westphalia fake COP on Wednesday (24. June) quasi-be full capacity is passed Packed into several bags.



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Erik O. Schulz (independent)

gold bullion, gold coins, silver bullion and jewelry Packed with value in six-digit height , the police from the NRW city of Hagen, near Dortmund, the seniors late in the evening and in front of the door.

As is so often the case in similar cases, the victims of the "false police officers had been placed" in the mistaken belief that snatched robbers a piece of paper with addresses - with that of the couple from the Hagen district of Dahl, reported WA.de*.

"Wrong cops" in Hagen (NRW): Real "robber-gun"

Only two of the four perpetrators had been caught, the other two could be on the way to him, dangled "Mr Schröder" from the "Robbery" the elderly husband about 21: 30 hours on the phone before.

+ In Hagen in North Rhine-Westphalia have set, "wrong cops" your older victims as long as the phone is under pressure, until they stowed their valuables in huge amount in the bags and in front of the door, turned off (the Icon).©dpa/Julian Stratenschulte

Sent the wrong police officer inquired whether the valuables were in the house in Hagen. So was adopted in North Rhine-Westphalia, arrest warrant against Bank employees , had passed on secret information about clients to the said band of robbers.

Because it was better if the police stopped the wealth for safety in official custody take the... 16 civil police officers in the vicinity of the house, the situation so under control.

"Wrong cops" in Hagen (NRW): massive pressure exercised

In the Wake of the "false policemen" massive pressure was exercised on the old people. Among other things, the caller is played an allegedly recorded conversation sequence between two burglars and a access of the police faked.

And then it got serious: The victims were so intimidated , that they were willing to pass in Hagen, all value objects of the "officials of Sanchez" and a "Mr Renner the police station Dahl".

"To do this, bags should be in front of the house. A short time later, a Unknown to the door, picked up the bag . Out of fear of the alleged armed robbers in the area, the couple had not opened the door," police said Hagen.

Especially naughty, even macabre : In a telephone conversation half an hour later, the perpetrators expressed their gratitude for the cooperation of the older couple.

"Wrong cops" in Hagen (NRW): description of the Collectors

shaved about 30 to 35 years old, 1.70-1.75 meters tall, normal stature, dark brown to black, curly hair (on the sides bald, and the top for longer cut) "coarse face" with a thick nose and bushy eyebrows, shirt, three quarter length trousers, sandals

instructions especially eye-catching vehicles , receives the criminal investigation Hagen , under the call number 02331/9862060.

The police have renewed their warning about the skillful methods of the scammers. "They put their victims selectively under pressure by playing the police investigation, the Prosecutor's office bring into play and the matter is time urgent to make.

police advice: you do not trust call back, in which 110 in the phone is displayed. This is a part of the mesh. Hand over any valuables, cash or personal data. Hang up and choose to the emergency. Wait for the wagon, where appropriate, on a strip, and contact members." * WA.de is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

section list image:©dpa/Julian Stratenschulte

Updated Date: 25 June 2020, 13:33

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