Grass like on a Golf course - the sports place in Rottenbuch | Landkreis Schongau

Because of the Coronavirus are orphaned, the sports facilities currently. In the series "Our sports facilities" they now get the deserved attention today: the

Grass like on a Golf course - the sports place in Rottenbuch | Landkreis Schongau

Because of the Coronavirus are orphaned, the sports facilities currently. In the series "Our sports facilities" they now get the deserved attention today: the rotten book.

rotten book For everyone in football and sport, it is crazy how a little piece of Paradise. When you enter the rotten Bucher sports grounds, on one's heart. In a rich Green, the two large football fields and a small field opposite to the rays of a place. There are two tennis courts, seven stock cars, a Soccerbox, as well as an all-weather space with a tartan track and jump pit. The club's home, the gun club SG rottenbuch home comes – velvet underground Shooting range. In the upper floor of the sports hostel there is a gym with Spinning-wheels and the Alpine club is based there, and has created its own rock-climbing room. Almost all the construction work on the site have mastered the rotten Bucher in-house and using local businesses. Now you make sure that everything stays neat.

Not only in the club house on the lawn. Wolfgang Grössler tells of a player of an opposing team, arrived in rottenbuch and said: "I've played on many courts, but never on a Golf course." Grössler handles together with his son Stefan about the lawn accordingly maintained. A red shield with the inscription "Enter" is pressed banned the sport space currently. "On the fields has been lost except in Games and training, no anything," says Stefan Grössler with a stern face.

the feature would be Almost Sparta Prague after a rotten book

a couple of years Ago Sparta Prague would be almost a training camp for coming in. "It was all cut and dried," says Robert Streif, since 2007, football-head of Department at TSV. The rotten Bucher sports space was the only one in the Region that met the requirements of the Czech Europa League participant. However, the Hotel in which the football professionals wanted to pass the night, was not ready in time for training camp. Prague it moved somewhere else.

+ In black and red have prepared the player to your home cabin. Four large Changing rooms there are in total in Rottenbuch.©Herold

the last game of the men's team of FC wild-dough/rotten book rotten Bucher sports place but it's been a while. Since 2015 rotten book together with Wildsteig a game community, and has three men's teams. Semi-annually, the clubs changing the game and location. As in the first half of the season in Wildsteig was played and the second round was interrupted before the first game because of the Corona of a pandemic, have not fought the men in rottenbuch long points. "We'll save the marking color," says Wolfgang Grössler. Otherwise it will mow in the normal three times per week, whether in Wildsteig is played or the Coronavirus provides for a forced break.

The opening match of the FC Augsburg

For the leisure-Kick the rotten Bucher have since 2017 Soccerbox. "The much used," says Streif. Did the Box in a joint project of the rotten Bucher village renewal. The donors are recorded on a plaque in the entrance area of the sports grounds.

the new sports ground in 2005, Opened with a game against FC Augsburg. "A County selection has lost 0:13," says Streif. A year earlier, the club house was inaugurated after four years of construction. Until then, the football field, the founded in 1958, the Department was closer to the place. Now he is a few hundred meters away in the direction of Bad Bayersoien. About 106 meters long and 70 meters wide, the two large fields. The training space has benches, a flood light system, the main square and two Substitutes. In addition, scrap bookers have their own irrigation system.

The Bulldog is getting on in years

Almost on a daily basis during construction with Bernhard cancer. "He was the man for football in the rotten book," says Streif. Cancer died in 2011, a photo of him still decorating the club house. In addition, another picture is hung. To see Mary Mois, and Bärbl and Sepp Donderer are there. The three of them are for the catering in the club house responsible. "The revenue from home games are missing now, of course," says Robert Streif.

, And the expenditure continues to flow. Especially the maintenance and inspection for the reel mower and the Bulldog empty the coffers of the players. 32 years of orange-red Bulldog is already old. "Constantly is a bit broken," says the head of the Department. Spare parts are hard to come by. A new acquisition would be a desire, if money would be available. Until then, the Grösslers have to make Do with the old vehicle.

The series

Here is to be cheered, cursed, scolded and celebrated: Here, victories, defeats conceded, friendships. On the football field life. Actually. Due to the Coronavirus, the lawns are orphaned land most of the time. In the series "Our sports facilities" you'll still get attention.

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