Geretsried/Bavaria: These foods are found in Geretsried to | Geretsried

if you like exotic delicacies, in Geretsried is a huge deal. In addition to the traditional Greek business "Feinkost Christos" and the Russian Neo-market, the

Geretsried/Bavaria: These foods are found in Geretsried to | Geretsried

if you like exotic delicacies, in Geretsried is a huge deal. In addition to the traditional Greek business "Feinkost Christos" and the Russian Neo-market, there is a Recent "Istanbul supermarket".

Geretsried – The city Geretsried, with around 26 000 inhabitants in the district for its high proportion of foreigners known. He is about 26 percent of the total population, and there are about 100 nationalities in Geretsried. Strong people from the former Soviet republics, the Greeks and Turks are represented in accordance with Romanians, poles, and Croats. No wonder, then, that there are these groups of specialty shops.

in addition to the traditional Greek business "Feinkost Christos" in the New space and the Russian Neo-market at the Chamalières-course enriched, Recently, a Turkish-Arab Loading to the Northern Egerland road's culinary landscape. The "Istanbul supermarket" has opened two months ago, instead of the earlier Greek delicatessen. The brothers Mohamed and Mohamed Shaker Hafsevgawi from Aleppo to lead him. In the past few days, hardly any was coming Through the narrow alleys between the shelves. Because of the Corona-distance rules, customers had to wait that part out.

the reason for the rush of the Islamic sugar feast, the multi-day celebration of breaking the fast following Ramadan. For the Muslims it's like Christmas: you stocked up with fruit and vegetables, Halal meat from poultry, lamb and veal, as well as the typical Oriental grain -, rice -, and lens types. They grabbed fresh coriander, Ten-pound bags of Basmati rice, chickpeas, pita bread, sweets and exotic spices such as cardamom baskets in the shopping. Many of these products you will not get in the normal supermarket. Also, the huge water melons, or the extra sharp, small chili peppers are a distinctive feature of the "Istanbul supermarket". In a with a plastic curtain to separate the cooling space, one finds the ethnic dairy products of the company Gazi. But also German food, such as bread crumbs are on the shelf next to the Falafel mixture. On some days in the week fresh fish on ice in the refrigerated counter.

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Mohamed Hafsevgawi (43) has worked in his home city of Aleppo are already in the food area. He had three shops. Eight years ago, he had to flee with his family before the war. His father and his younger brother, Mohamed Shaker have been living in Germany since 2003. Hafsevgawi lives with his wife and two children in Bad Tölz. Geretsried, he has been selected as the location for his Store, because there are many people from the Arab region and Turkey. "My customers come up from Bad Tölz, Schäftlarn, and Penzberg," says the Syrians.

He drives himself every day to Munich, to buy his Goods in the market hall. At the Moment everything is very expensive due to the Corona pandemic, so Hafsevgawi. He did not want to sell to overpriced prices to its customers, even if its profit margin is so low, he said. "I know that many people have at the Moment, little money. I know that pain ourselves very well,“ says the former refugee of his decision. After Aleppo, the 43 would return to-Year-olds like to at some point. "My Syria, my heart," he says, and touches the chest. However, Germany has become his second home. He is the people here are very grateful.

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bypass reasons in the same vein as the brothers Hafsevgawi are determined by the Partner Konstantin Gornung from Uzbekistan and Olaf Otrosenko from Kazakhstan nine years ago to open up the Neo-market on the ground floor of the so-called Tengelmann-high-rise building. Just in the Geretsrieder the South, many citizens from the former Soviet Union, and the "Russians-market", as it is called, supports your tastes. The spacious Shop has established itself in the meantime. Also, Locals will appreciate the offer of a crisp, fresh vegetables and fruit, giant parsley bunches, of Russian specialities, but also basic foodstuffs such as eggs, flour, pasta, and dairy products.

"we are all a little bit different," says Konstantin Gornung with a Smile – alcoholic drinks, the sausage, the caramels, the Quark ("which is") and sour cream ("Smetana"), the German palates unaccustomed Turkey necks. Not in the assortment, the famous Pelmeni, meat-filled dough pockets may be missing. Gornung relates how most of his food from the meat and pasta factory monolithic, the market leader for Eastern European food in Nuremberg. The Neo market works, as a family business: Konstantin Gornungs and Olaf Otrosenkos women to work with, in addition, the owners have to deal with two employees and two temporary employees.

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neither the Greeks in Geretsried nor the residents of the New square on your "Deli Christos want to be without". For around 30 years, Elena and Christos Voudouris fruit and vegetables, sheep's cheese, olive oil, nuts, as well as typical biscuits from Greece offer. Around your gazebo to the fruit shelves are placed. At the Moment, it smells of strawberries there to tire. In the Interior, where it is cooler, wait a small but fine selection of vegetables. At the deli counter gets you the original Greek yogurt, which is required for the Tzatziki, several varieties of olives, pickled peppers and other Mediterranean delicacies. Elena Voudouris cook three times a week Take-away meals such as Moussaka or bean soup. Their customers came from all over the County, she says. Elena and her family are from Thessaloniki.

son-in-law Dimitri Avraam has taken some time ago, the neighbouring Café "Coffeeholic". Previously, he had operated with Voudouris’ daughter, Christina, to taste the specialties business in the Egerland straße in the current Istanbul supermarket. "The family wants to. now to the fine business and the Café food focus," explained Elena Voudouris the task of loading

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