Garmisch-Partenkirchen: training expert Rieder to Corona, exercise, and Sport | Garmisch-Partenkirchen

training scientists from Max Rieder emphasizes: "Any movement is better than none." In the Interview, the expert from the Olympic training center in Garmisch-

Garmisch-Partenkirchen: training expert Rieder to Corona, exercise, and Sport | Garmisch-Partenkirchen

training scientists from Max Rieder emphasizes: "Any movement is better than none." In the Interview, the expert from the Olympic training center in Garmisch-Partenkirchen about football-breaks and quarantine of Sport speaks.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – 30 years of Max Rieder (57) in the power sport operates since 20 years, he coached at the Olympic training center in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, professional athletes from the sport – including Olympic champion Viktoria rebensburg – as well as young drivers. As an exercise scientist, he knows exactly how to put the right training stimuli, and how Non-Training affects the body. In an Interview, the Oberammergau talks about the muscles after two weeks the Corona-quarantine, explains why endurance athletes 14 days of peace and quiet can relax and see and as a footballer a chaotic training start after the forced break counteract.

Mr. Rieder, you have to imagine the once: you healthy in quarantine, and two weeks without sports.

... that's not possible. Move always goes.

But if you are not likely to go out.

I know many, many ways to keep me fit.

For the muscles there are a lot of Exercises. But what is the condition? How much she suffers in two weeks?

of Course, it always depends on the situation. We take a fit recreational athletes who run on a regular basis, several times a week, or on the mountain. Two weeks break, not even particularly noticeable.

The air enough so after 14 days of run, pause again for a half marathon?

If it has been done before – determined. Of the breathing, you will notice no big difference. Only the legs may be difficult. A matter of muscles.

Two weeks to break - like the muscles not

Even if you have trained the muscles at home?

Then, of course, not so strong, perhaps barely. There is much to compensate for. But a bit of tweaking, it is at a longer distance, probably still. To can 100 percent replace the specific run-of-load without Run.

If someone makes two weeks is really nothing at all: What the muscles say?

I don't like them. Just like me (laughs). Anyone who has ever had an injury knows that After a few days of muscle already. This is, as I said, the Run felt.

quarantine or not: Some were not allowed to train. Footballers, for example. Your forecast: Will the first Training of a mess?

there's that possibility (laughs). One or the other will be wondering whether he could ever handle with the Ball at his feet, if he has forgotten how to play football.

What is it hook?

went to Determined with each other, and in the quick eye, a lot lost. The footballer spatial vision characterized. The Estimate, where the Ball flies, how the moves of the other players. Add to that the own Move with the Ball, quick to Respond to the environment. This is all very complex.

... and is probably hard to do without a soccer training improve?

can be quite a System for the neural, the brain and the eye, schools.

An eye-training for footballers

such As?

For example, a eye training. If you look at first on a point in front of you on the table, then looks out of the window, fixed to a point approximately 40 metres away. Between these two points it jumps back and forth. This improves the peripheral vision. Or if you look to the bottom left and top right, then bottom right and top left, always in the exchange, without moving the head.

And that's supposed to help players?

The best Training for football is of course football. But Yes, these small Exercises can help for sure. In order to offset at least a little the lack of Training in the team and with the Ball. The same is true for the perception of their own movement.

What do you mean?

The players – and that goes for all the other sports needs to know at all times where he stands in the room. Also the good schools.

Give us yet another example.

This is basically each time a Balance or stability exercise. One closes the eyes and concentrates on his body. Through the back? I think horizontally the leg? My head is right now? My legs parallel to each other? So I get a feel for my body in the room.

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footballers should not only go Jogging

What a footballer must still pay attention, in the first Training not quite starting from scratch?

Basically, you should of course fit on an individual basis. And not only go Jogging. The long-term would be counter-productive. Footballers need a super quick start. The first steps are crucial. This means that interval training, short Sprints, quick Steps, which can also be in the living room make. Regardless of offers that everyone uses the time to train things that you have long neglected.

Stretching for example?

For example. Or it strengthens the back, the abdomen, the side, working on the core stability, improves Balance. All things that any athlete, whether professional or not, whether a runner, footballer or skier, desperately needs.

Is the recreational athletes aware of?

As a lot has happened in the past few years. Some areas also does a certain Trend well. Gymnastics and Stretching – to lose the one who hears it, the Lust, that doesn't sound particularly sexy. Now it's called the Whole mobility session – and it's fun. Something to put it bluntly. But this is an important point. You should not tense up. Motivation and fun are the most Important.

in order to move at all.

Exactly – and also, if you started out with the Sport. This is only possible when one has joy in it. Basically, Any movement is better than none.

In the country, more joggers and cyclists by Corona

What is your impression: do not Move the people by Corona and its consequences, such as short-time work are more or less likely?

In the city, it may be different. But I think, here in the country they are moving more and more. At least I have never seen so many people Cycling or Jogging as in the past weeks. In some is immediately apparent: The pants and the shoes haven't been long on the road.

you are Pleased by this?

So right. I am of the opinion that movement is in our genes. Many of you have forgotten how to just. If only a few people come back, then it is already something gained. Movement heals, is good for the brain, the muscles, everything.

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