Football SV Raisting coach John Franz stands in front of his Comeback as a player | Landkreis Weilheim

three years Ago, was Johannes Franz, a cruciate ligament tear. It is the beginning of a long time of suffering was - the is now to an end. Raisting – It is no

Football SV Raisting coach John Franz stands in front of his Comeback as a player | Landkreis Weilheim

three years Ago, was Johannes Franz, a cruciate ligament tear. It is the beginning of a long time of suffering was - the is now to an end.

Raisting – It is not so, that Johannes Franz can now move completely free of symptoms. "In the Sprint I can't draw yet," says the player-coach of the SV Raisting. In Training he is involved in since the end of the winter break, but re-actively, instead of having to stand on the square and to give instructions. In the remaining ten season play, the trained interior wanna play defenders for the Raistinger again and help you create the classes holding in the district League.

The term "game trainer" had in the past almost three years, Franz has no validity. Up to the 15. July 2017, the 25-year-old peißen Berger at the former country-tier player was when he was in the first game of the season at FC Memmingen II, a cruciate ligament tear. It is the beginning of a long sorrow was time for Franz. The first Operation, which was carried out only weeks after his injury, was only the prelude to this Drama. Due to a germ in the knee, the cruciate ligament had to be removed-implant office screw. In April 2019, the 25-Year – old was in surgery this time successfully – for a second Time.

football: John Franz as coach of SV Raisting only a transitional solution

at this time, Franz already more than a year as coach of the Raistinger in use After the dismissal of Markus Ansorge in March 2018, the peissen, Berger jumped in. What was probably planned as a transitional solution, developed for the Raistinger fortunately case. Although Franz was not able to prevent the country's relegation, he managed to stabilize the Team in the district League. But Franz has benefited from his new role: "as a result, I was able to support the club and it has helped me to push my injury, far in the Background."

football: In small increments, Franz returned to the game of existence

In small increments, Franz ventured to return to the game of existence. Last fall, he began to run the warm-up locker. It pass exercises, "but all to no physical contact" followed, as the peissen, Berger reported. At the training camp in early March in Croatia, he was then in a training game. The first Test under competitive conditions, was positive: "Up to slight muscular problems, I felt nothing." But then the corona of a crisis, the put all the sports operation for weeks came. Specifically for the 25-Year-old that was a circumstance that didn't appeal to him at all: "I need football specific Training, otherwise everything will be lost again."

Since the end of may Franz and the Raistinger team are back on the training field, until further notice, once a week. Due to the hygiene regulations of the BFV, the possibilities for training are limited, however: "You can do something," says Franz. "The most fun but make the game forms, and the fall." Nevertheless, it is currently not difficult to inspire the players for the Corona-specific Practice sessions: "After such a long break, everyone is hungry for the Ball," said the Coach. At some point, but it could be difficult, "if you have no goal in mind," says Franz.

football: Francis calls for a stop of the season

Primary objective is that 1. September may be played again. It was up to Franz, it would have canceled the season: "From the head, the season's been so far," he says. Everything goes according to Plan, by the Raistinger the end of November with their ten matches in the County League South. In the worse case, you have to be in the Relegation to the League, which is held probably in the spring of 2021. Franz would have with his team then a winter preparation by for allegedly, only two games – and any lack of understanding of him. In this respect, there are by the Association, however, to make it clear: In the spring of every district to carry out division of a Bavaria-wide League Cup, the most successful teams can even ascend in the national League. What concerns the remaining games in the district League South, is Franz Optimist: He is convinced that the SVR creates games for the classes without a decision. At the Moment, his Team relegation occupies the 12th place. The residue on the saving shore is only a single counter.

football: His future dual role sees Franz relaxed

His future dual role as coach and player of the 25 considered-Year-old as non-problematic: "let's see how I can do it. I see it in a positive way.“ What made him so confident is true: Since this season he has with Max Stöckl a competent Co-Trainer: "He thinks like me and he understood a lot of property that I can rely fully on him." It will probably be so that Stöckl takes in the future, at the Games, the Coaching. "When I reach almost my Form, I want to play," says Franz, either as a Central defender or on the six-Position in front of the defense.

About his career as a player, he, however, is under no illusions: "I'll tear out definitely no more trees", so his assessment. Want to be called: A John Franz in higher leagues, such as regional or Bayern League is that it is very likely. In Parallel, he wants to pursue his coaching career: Definitely imagine it can work, as a Co-Trainer in the case of a higher-class club and learn from an experienced Coach. "As a coach, air and is to me up," admits Franz.

The 25-Year-old but it also says: "I would force myself on any other club." And so it is not unrealistic that he is doing well next season at SV Raisting his work. As one of the next projects of the B-trainer certificate is Franz on the program.

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More than one fix solution - John Franz has> the SV Raisting as a coach

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