Erdogan: Turkey can be tens of thousands of migrants to Europe

Greece has averted an organized, mass, and illegal border violation by refugees and migrants from Turkey. "were It averted more than 4,000 illegal border cro

Erdogan: Turkey can be tens of thousands of migrants to Europe

Greece has averted an organized, mass, and illegal border violation by refugees and migrants from Turkey.

"were It averted more than 4,000 illegal border crossings," said government spokesman Stelios Petsas on Saturday in the Greek state television ERT after a crisis session under the chairmanship of head of government, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday in Istanbul: "We have opened the (border)gates yesterday." Since Friday, the 18'000 refugees had come over the Turkish border into the EU. With Saturday, it could be up to 30'000. The EU have not kept their promises, criticized Erdogan. The Turkey could not provide many of the refugees.

Turkey has already taken in more than 3.6 million refugees from Syria. A refugee Pact with the EU by 2016 envisages that Turkey refugees and migrants from the way in which the EU holds. In return, Ankara will receive, among other things, financial support.

"Zero Migration" in Bulgaria

unlike in Greece, the situation in Bulgaria, the EU's external border with Turkey. "At our border (to Turkey), there is zero Migration," said the head of government Boiko Borisov on Saturday, according to a report by the state television.

border police chief Swetlan Kitschikow reiterated in the largest Bulgarian-Turkish border checkpoint at Kapitan Andreevo, the situation is no different from that of the past few days. Migrants moved from Istanbul to the West, but not in the direction of the Bulgaria border.

In Athens, said government spokesman Petsas: "We have held, and our borders are also EU borders, protected." Greece was determined to do everything in its power to protect its and the EU's border.

66 migrants had been detained, would have managed to come out on Greek territory. Greece strengthen its controls to the Islands of the Eastern Aegean, with more than 50 ships of the coast guard and the Navy, the spokesman said.

government sources in Athens said the Turkish President instrument to streamline the office, the millions of refugees and migrants in his country, in order to force the EU to pay him more money so he could continue his policy and military action in Syria. Greece have to do with the war in Syria and will not pay the price for it, had the head of the government of Mitsotakis, explained the day before.

The Situation at the Greek-Turkish border remained on Saturday tense. The Greek riot police used tear gas and stun grenades to prevent large groups of people to come through the already closed border crossing at Kastanies/Pazarkule. The refugees and migrants threw rocks and fire bottles at the police, such as the Greek television showed.

Turkish attacks in Idlib

Turkey has in attacks in the Syrian provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, according to activists, at least 45 soldiers of the Syrian government killed.

The Turkey had attacked it with fighter planes, drones, and artillery, among other things, areas near the cities Sarakib and Marat al-Numan, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights on Saturday. In addition, Turkish troops with the ground would be attacked to-ground missile factories and a research facility East of Aleppo.

The Turkey had been, in the words of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a number of attacks in Syria. In the process, investments were for the construction of chemical weapons and air defense systems and runways destroyed, Erdogan said in Istanbul. More than 300 military vehicles have been destroyed, including more than 90 tanks. Background of the retaliatory attacks for the deaths of numerous Turkish soldiers in Syria.

The Syrian government denied the allegations and accused Erdogan's "misleading" statements and Exaggeration. Would have been destroyed in Syria really have chemical weapons plants, would have given it to in the surrounding area, many Dead, it was stated in a report from the state Syrian news Agency Sana Saturday.


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