Eching: Echinger Association is Corona-Fund for civil a | Eching

the effects of The Corona pandemic are varied and meet a number of people. With a Fund a Echinger Association wants to help citizens who are in economic distres

Eching: Echinger Association is Corona-Fund for civil a | Eching

the effects of The Corona pandemic are varied and meet a number of people. With a Fund a Echinger Association wants to help citizens who are in economic distress. You can donate any.

Eching – The health risks and financial effects of the Corona of a pandemic are many and varied, and meet the people differently hard. With the establishment of a relief Fund for the community of citizens, the corona as a result of economic distress, you want to Association and Foundation are "getting Older in Eching" now First aid for the Affected.

Whole industries are struggling to Survive

The media reporting these days, so the Association's Board Sabine Palitzsch, was almost exclusively the Corona of a pandemic and its severe economic consequences for the state and each Individual is dedicated. Large and small retailers had to close stores, supply chains are collapsed, the entire car industry running on the back burner. Entire industries, such as gastronomy, tourism, culture and event companies are struggling to Survive. According to the Ifo Institute, 18 percent of the businesses in Germany have deleted jobs. And so white (almost) each of the one or the other personal case to report, as suddenly, a secured felt solid future career is in shambles cross and across all sectors of the economy and professional sectors: from the freelancer, a musician, for example, or instructor, of a restaurant operation, a sample time of corona due to the termination of the young father of a family, the apprentices, on the contrary to previous Commitments not taken over, and so on.

In Eching would like to start in the ASZ-multi-generation house furnished relief Fund. This is also aware of a Cohesion of the Old and the Young, so the inter-generational Solidarity Association Chairman Gertrud Wucherpfennig. She argues that in contrast to some other work, pensions and and pensions the German retirement, regardless of the amount of benefits, in principle, were safe: "Due to Corona no loss of pension must be feared," says the Association's Chairman.

The Motto: "Echinger help Echingern"

a Different look for many professionals. Especially young families are burdened. You would have to accept in many ways – not least financially – cons, with the collective goal to protect the at-risk groups in the society and the Generation count is generally 60 plus. So usury penny appeal "to all who can afford it", explicitly also to the Older people, would not have to get stuck due to their life situation as "back" and/or, fortunately, in an economically secure position would be addressed. The Motto is loud for nothing "Echinger help Echingern". Sabine Palitzsch emphasized: "And so, of course, are addressed to all citizens from all districts of our community."

For requests to Klaus-Dieter Walter is not available, the Deputy managing Director of the ASZ-multi-generation house. Requests for assistance can be made at Tel. (0 89) 32 71 42 22 or by e-Mail to be delivered. All administrative costs are borne by the ASZ. Discretion and anonymity are guaranteed. "We want to decide the requests quickly and unbureaucratically, but ask for your understanding that we need meaningful evidence of the corona-related distress," according to the tripartite body, consisting of the two Association boards of the ASZ-Association, Gertrud Wucherpfennig and Sabine Palitzsch, as well as Markus Scheuch, member of the management Board of the Foundation "getting Older in Eching". This Trio also decides on the applications. The appeal: "Please help us Help others!" The first donations have already been received on the account – and the people responsible hope to have many more.


if you like, you can support the relief Fund of the ASZ-multi-generation house, and thus affected Echinger citizens. Donations go under the heading of "donation Corona" on the receiver account "getting Older in Eching". The IBAN is DE14 7005 1003 0025 8104 33.

news in the district of Freising

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Updated Date: 28 May 2020, 17:33

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