Ebersberg, Bavaria, black locust as an Alternative to the spruce | Ebersberger Land

The black locust has been declared tree of the year 2020. The Unusual thing is that The tree is actually a neophyte, the species has been naturalised in this co

Ebersberg, Bavaria, black locust as an Alternative to the spruce | Ebersberger Land

The black locust has been declared tree of the year 2020. The Unusual thing is that The tree is actually a neophyte, the species has been naturalised in this country.

County – The black locust is a migrant species that exist in our latitudes it is only since about 300 years ago. But the threat of climate change in the local forest economy open to new ideas, and some of the beekeepers in the district of Ebersberg wouldn't be averse to the flowering and drought-tolerant deciduous tree also.

choice is not without controversy

Usually threatened native species are not taken into account in the choice for Plant of the year, which is why the tree of the year is in the Form of Robinia in the Public controversy. Still, he's not in a large number of them in the district. Johann Taschner, the head of the lower nature conservation authority knows that the deciduous tree stands with us in gardens, "or municipal areas". Also as a street tree, the black locust is out of the question, because it is more resistant than, for example, the mountain or maple. "In the trade, the black locust wood is very much in demand," says Taschner.

"The spruce is convinced with us

Kerstin Mertens, the Chairman of the protection community Ebersberger forest die" is: "The spruce will die with us." The more you should "be grateful for every tree that is able to withstand these temperatures," she says, with a view to climate warming. "We need the trees for the production of oxygen and sequestration of CO2 from the air." In the Ebersberger forest, you've had this year still in luck because in may and June, increased rainfall had fallen.

long-term increased drought

in the long term, the increasing dryness, so it is, now is animate, the forest farmers to search for Alternatives. In this context, Alexander grassl, the Director of the forest owners Association water castle confirmed that there were experiments, the cedar of Lebanon to nationalize – "with a secured seed." The black locust as a timber supplier "interesting". In closed populations, the kind of growth that can reach heights between 20 and 30 meters.

Also Douglas-fir will have begun to be planted

As forest farmers in the past, the planting of Douglas-fir to turn to, there was resistance from the conservation area. The went so far, that planted trees in Germany were wilfully carried away by activists and by book plants replaced. The Douglas fir was "dry-resistant and used to be at home", explains Graßl. Besides, it'll give old Douglas-fir populations in the water castle.

What are the black locust is concerned, he has "no opinion", says Olaf Rautenberg, Chairman of the Federal nature conservation in the district of Ebersberg. The tomato was originally not a native Plant, and still, no one would get the idea to refer to them as neophyte, so Rautenberg, mutatis mutandis. He is, however, of the view: "We have plenty of native tree species." The ordinary sunflower, a plant with which the Green party shows, it belongs, by the way, strictly speaking, also to the neophytes – as well as the chestnut.

wood is weather-resistant and hard

the wood of the black locust is resistant to weathering and hard. It finds use in the manufacture of garden furniture, for piles and as a building material, white Graßl. Taschner has seen for a bike ride in the new Federal States its own information, after all the black locust forests, the planted had been. "I have already asked a beekeeper, whether I have stocks in us knows, because they wanted to set up their bee houses." "The question is, if a tree is found already 300 years with us, he is still a neophyte?" Taschner is convinced: "In the context of climate change will do in this regard is still a Lot for us."

secret under the earth

"black locust colonize very fast even the most inhospitable to life. The secret of their success lies under the earth: so-Called nodule-bacteria that live at the root, fix nitrogen, and this accumulates in the soil,“ informed of the nature protection Federation of Germany on its website.

The tree of the year Foundation is aware of the fact that your choice triggers heuer discussions. Still, the proportion of black locust in Germany amounts to only about 0.1 percent. But there, where this species has been able to gain a foothold, it has established itself and is pretty much indestructible.

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Date Of Update: 16 June 2020, 02:35