E3 & Gamescom 2020: This replacement Events are not allowed to miss Gamer | Games

E3 and Gamescom will take place in 2020, in the usual Form. There are a number of replacement Events where new products online via Streams will be presented. An

E3 & Gamescom 2020: This replacement Events are not allowed to miss Gamer | Games

E3 and Gamescom will take place in 2020, in the usual Form. There are a number of replacement Events where new products online via Streams will be presented. An Overview of the dates can be found here.

The E3 and the Gamescom will not take place due to the Coronavirus this year, as usual, in the exhibition halls. But gamers need not be disappointed, since a lot of developers and operators to offer as a replacement Live-Streams on the Internet. An Overview of the dates and participants in the replacement Events can be found here.

Not only the E3, but Gamescom cannot take place due to the spread of the Coronavirus, as usual, in the exhibition halls. Large-scale events of this kind would pose a risk to the health of the visitors. Some video games Fans don't have to worry about the announcements of new Games: the Studios and The organizers have announced numerous replacement appointments, which will take place in the Form of Live Streams on the Internet - the Gamescom 2020 .

All of the dates we have in the following section in the Overview .

Summer Game Festival from may to August: Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost of Tsushima, and more

The Summer Game Fixed was created by Geoff Keighley, which is, among other things, also a producer of the Game Awards. This is a set of multiple Streams to Play in, the latest news, Demos and other info to Games there. Many Studios have. in this Event the collective is latched, including CD Projekt RED , Ubisoft EA and Sony*The dates of the Streams of the Summer Game and be updated on the website continuously. Also, the respective Live-Streams, you will find there. These are the upcoming presentations:

14. May : Playstation State of Play: "the Ghost of Tsushima" 9. to 14. June : Steam Game Festival 11. June : EA Play 25. June : CD Projekt RED: "Cyberpunk 2077*" Night City Wire 11. July : Tennocon 2020 ("Warframe") 12. July : Ubisoft Forward ("Assassin's Creed Valhalla*", "Watch Dogs Legion", "Rainbow Six Quarantine") 27. up to 30. August : Gamescom 2020 (Opening Night Live, Gamescom, now, Gamescom Shows, Devcom)

Guerilla Collective of 6. to 8. June: collective of Indie-developers

Also Guerilla Collective is a Event, which was launched to fill the gap of the E3. Among the participants, especially smaller Indie developer studios. The track is on the official Twitch channel. From 6. to 8. June there are daily from 19 clock the Live Streams. The guerrilla Collective, among other things, the following Studios are participating:

Humble Bundle ("Temtem") Larian Studios ("Baldur's Gate 3*", "Divinity: Original Sin 2") Paradox Interactive ("Cities: Skylines", "Stellaris") Vs. Evil ("The Banner Saga", "Pillars of Eternity 2: Dead fire")

Summer of Gaming in June

Summer of Gaming is not to be confused with the already-mentioned and very similar sounding buzzer Game. This is a private Event, which is organised by IGN in June. Here, too, there will be Live Streams. On what platform and on what dates exactly will be is not yet clear, however, there is already a list of participants. These include, among other things:

2K ("Borderlands 3", "NBA 2K20") Bandai Namco ("Dark Souls 3", "Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot", "Elden Ring") Blizzard ("Diablo 4", "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands") CD Projekt RED ("The Witcher 3", "Cyberpunk 2077") Electronic Arts ("Star Wars Jedi: Fall of the Order", "Need for Speed Heat") Ubisoft ("Assassin's Creed Valhalla", "Watch Dogs Legion") Xbox

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PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show in June

The PC Gaming Show reported usually on the E3, and places special focus on the shown PC-games. Here, there will be no exclusive premieres, for the annual Show-always interesting insights when the developer studios. However, this year will be presented, increasingly, announcements, News and trailers. Will be broadcast Throughout the 6. June via Twitch on the channel of PCGamer. The exact times and participants to be announced.

Also, the PCGamer partner page GamesRadar will offer live streams which are complementary to the contents of the PC Gaming Show. From 8. to 14. June should daily be an hour long exclusive trailers, announcements, and impressions of the Top Games shown. The focus is on current and Next-Gen consoles, but also on Mobile and Streaming platforms for the Games. The Live-Streams are transmitted on Twitch, Youtube, and other channels. Here, too, the times are still to come.

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"Cyberpunk 2077", "Doom Eternal" and "Half-Life": This game Smashers appear in 2020

Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 13:35

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