Coronavirus: building Shine in Germany in a red light - action has a serious Background, Bavaria, Germany

On Monday evening were irradiated many buildings in Bavaria and the whole of Germany red. The Background is a more serious and has to do with the Corona-crisis.

Coronavirus: building Shine in Germany in a red light - action has a serious Background, Bavaria, Germany

On Monday evening were irradiated many buildings in Bavaria and the whole of Germany red. The Background is a more serious and has to do with the Corona-crisis.

On Monday evening (22. June) were lit in the whole of Germany, the building in red. The action has a serious Background, because of the Corona*crisis of insolvency, for the industry as a whole is a risk. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus, and the Corona-News from Bavaria. We also offer them in a map, the current number of cases in Bavaria. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures.

Update from 23. June, 6.22 PM: in The evening were shining in Bavaria and Germany, buildings in red. The action should make the Situation of the event industry in the Corona-crisis.

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Munich was present at the action. "Munich glows red and shows solidarity", it means, for example, on the instagram page, "“.

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building Shine in Germany in a red light - action item serious Background

initial meld of 22. June, 12 PM: , and there are further relaxations for Bayern and Germany in the Corona-crisis. However, for a branch of the economy, there is still no light at the end of the tunnel.

"A broke shaft on an enormous scale threatens with serious consequences for the labour market and the cultural diversity as an important pillar of our society." The event management company Newality writes in a press release. On the difficult Situation of the entertainment industry on Monday (22. June), are made aware of - the " Night of Light ". On the night of 23. June "sites from 22.00 clock the more than 3,000 participants in the nationwide action in more than 250 cities, including Munich*, event locations, games, public buildings, and buildings with red light illuminate: many luminous memorials , which can arrange a huge light-Monument," as it is called on.

Night of Light in the whole of Germany: action to Corona-the difficulties of the event industry

cities in Bavaria, is to be enlightened, with Würzburg . The Association for the support of the cultural diversity of the post-hall organized the action in the city along with the friends of Chambinzky and the Association of free culture, such as the Bavarian radio (BR) is reported. The creators want financial support, also from the city. "We have managed so far without help, in the past twelve years, a wide and for the city of valuable cultural programme to offer. In this emergency, it also needs local support. Otherwise it is, as one would be when the first drops of Rain the umbrella is taken away,“ says Jojo Schulz, operator of the post hall to the BR.

Also with the Dom and the Käppele in Würzburg, the machine house in the Bürgerbräu that Mainfrankensäle Veitshöchheim, the training centre of the s. Oliver Baskets, the burkardus house and the cellar Z87 in Würzburg. are All of them are now lit up red.

Coronavirus: Major events remain prohibited

Coronavirus in Bavaria - Night of Light is on the "endangered industry" carefully

It should be set to a character for the "endangered industry" and calling for a dialogue with policy-makers to develop solutions. "The Event industry was the first sector that was hit by the COVID-19-crisis and he will also be with very high probability, the longest and most profound of the impact affected". the company warns further.

Almost all companies from the fields of exhibition construction, event technology, event Agency, Catering, stage construction, event location, exhibition company, conference centre, conference hotel, concert promoters, artists, and individual entrepreneurs are affected by the event are prohibited. Since mid-March, the event industry makes a sales more. "Unlike in manufacturing, the absence of sales may not be made up, nothing can be produced "on stock"; the majority of companies in the Event industry are service providers. Even if after the end of the crisis, a high demand would not be compensated for the suffered loss,“ clarifies the company. For the industry as a whole, the acute risk of Insolvency.

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And we have another announcement for you! The "Night of Light" on Monday evening, the 22. June, will it give 20:30 watch a Live Stream below . Moderator Aljoscha Höhn is located here is a prominently lined-up Panel. More information about find height on our Facebook page or below @aljoschahoehn

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Red-lit building in Corona-crisis: millions of jobs at risk

"It is important also to make the Public aware of the particularly hard-hit sector of the events industry and to highlight the fact that the current assistance is sufficient in the Form of loan programs,“ the report says.

For the action is used the color Red. Thus, the following should be expressed:

The event economy is on the "Red list" of endangered industries Red alert: millions of jobs and a billion-dollar market are in danger of A flaming appeal to the Public, The color will be addressed also for the passion for the profession: "We burn for what we do!"


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Updated Date: 23 June 2020, 05:34

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