Coronavirus: a virologist Christian Drosten fights back vigorously - Complete nonsense | world

With in-depth expert opinion, has made Christian Drosten since the onset of the Corona-pandemic a name. Including, he has to suffer now to have the responsibili

Coronavirus: a virologist Christian Drosten fights back vigorously - Complete nonsense | world

With in-depth expert opinion, has made Christian Drosten since the onset of the Corona-pandemic a name. Including, he has to suffer now to have the responsibility of colleagues to.

In the Corona-crisis* counts Christian Drosten of the most sought-after experts. The virologist learns but also the shadow side of the new glory know. In his Podcast he warns of a dangerous development.

Munich - It must have been a lot of anger pent-up in Christian Drosten* . The virologist tried since the onset of the Corona-pandemic* to inform to the best of our Knowledge and belief, about the new and still largely unknown Virus , the peculiarities and the dangers posed for humanity. But increasingly he sees himself because of his advice and explanations of accusations. Because in Corona, the times has been circulating a lot to a lot of dangerous half-knowledge. And thus, conspiracy theorists always get more on top of water*.

Now Drosten, of the has already, by a public letter against Fake News to military has used the opportunity, after all these negative experiences and to let off steam. In his "NDR"Podcast "Coronavirus-Update" , the Director of the Institute of the Charité in Berlin, shares his insights regularly, he sat now with strong words to the military. And made basically the biggest Problem of this crisis is clear: To the Coronavirus everyone simply has an opinion - because it affects all of us. And many want to share their just as comprehensively as possible.

virologist Drosten, and the Corona-crisis: "Some of the Doctors and professors put nonsense in the world"

So Drosten grumbles about the many social media , such as Videos, "the part of million views and full of nonsense are". Absolute lay hold, one might think. However, not only the communication of the need, he denounces clearly: "It is part of Doctors and professors , the to put any nonsense in the world, the never of these topics worked. Which you believe but because of their academic qualifications.“

Not to forget the "right conspiracy theorists", the outstanding long-on Demos across the country. To suffer from the experts how Drosten themselves, because of their Expertise* we will ask, given the totally contradictory views, at least behind: "I get the Echo back in the Form of allegations and issues ."

+ In a breath with the political heavyweights: Christian Drosten is addressed in Demos ever directly.©dpa / Christoph Schmidt

However, the WHO has a shattering Corona forecast: The Virus can, perhaps, will never be defeated.

Drosten in the Corona of a crisis: the myth of the artificially-generated Virus resistance

So he is likely to be all the more happier that the discussion about an artificially created Virus definitely "off the table". Because a certain interface in the main surface of the protein , it has now been discovered by researchers from China and Europe independently of each other in very similar Form in bats*. "Although it is slightly different than that of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus of the people, but is very, very similar," says Drosten in the Podcast.

In this context, it can also resist other virologists. The Frenchman Luc Montagnier , Nobel prize winner of 2008, had declared in a TV Show, the Coronavirus could only be artificially manufactured, as in the genome sequences of HIV would reside. "It is difficult to say for an active scientist in the Virology that a Nobel laureate in the subject of Virology nonsense spread ," says Drosten: "But this is complete nonsense." The theme was "easy".

virologist Drosten, and the Corona-crisis: experts to remain in their area of expertise

But can not understand the inroads that researchers from other fields of science Drosten: "I am also a Professor. But I would never trust to give any things to the Public, which is so much opinion include yet.“ He cites the example of bacteria, which he understands. Because, although it is common opinion in the case of virus and bacteria it was "almost the same", knew a scientist that is not the case.

Drostens charge: professionals would share for you foreign to the area information is entirely without Foundation: "The General courts, the go beyond the knowledge of the students textbook knowledge ." And that was particularly dangerous: "it strengthens the truly dangerous conspiracy theorists the back. That is irresponsible.“ To whom exactly Drostens criticism alludes to, does not reveal it.

Drosten, and the Corona-crisis: Express praise for SPD politician Lauterbach

the native Emsländer highlights a colleague specifically praises: Karl Lauterbach . The SPD politician and health expert needs in these days of a particularly thick skin, demanding time and again to the target of protest learning , the vehemently extensive loosening or Corona to have recognized the crisis as a state element for the consolidation and Expansion of Power.

"I have read, how he got into the criticism. As commentators have written that he should change less talk shows and go to pay attention to how he behaves", in the case of jumps Drosten member of the German Bundestag: "it is a aim on a Person, and thus a Meeting of the content that the Person is of themselves, but this content is perfectly correct ."

Drosten, and the Corona-crisis: talk-show charge against Lauterbach, secondary

Lauterbach, only the "state of things" again: "The knows, and it is from his basic training epidemiologist ." Due to his Expertise, "it is also first whether someone finds that he is too much in talk shows. He goes out in Public, and be informed with correct content .“

So, the passionate had Flying vehicles last about the very probable efficiency of Pool Tests struck out. But also, the rapid criticized relaxations in hospitality* . Because in confined spaces arise through the Exhale and cough aerosols Drosten. According to a airflow must be given.

+ admonisher in crisis: The SPD politician Karl Lauterbach wants to rush during the Corona-pandemic nothing.©dpa / Bernd von Jutrczenka

Drosten, and the Corona-crisis: Restaurant-outdoor areas can safely be used

However, be outdoor areas of Restaurants a relatively safe Zone, especially since "a Two-Meter distance is likely to be not necessary". The risk of Infection* is banned to a large extent. Drostens explanation: "The blowing out, anyway, which is spread via Aerosol Transmission." For the interior, it is indispensable to open the window .

remedy for Local without the outside area could be created basically simple. So Drosten stimulates a Tick less bureaucracy in these unusual times: "Why are not allowed to restaurateurs, the sidewalks on sharing ? In these times you can not make but also time for the municipalities, exceptions, and say that to pubs, their tables on the sidewalk - as long as they could endanger passers-by.“

A proposal that will be put to the Curb opponents well received. Among those who did not want to Drostens gain Expertise last much.

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Germany, the Openings of the limits plans to the neighboring countries - there are already concrete data.

In may, a virologist Christian Drosten is called the ideal reproduction number is amazingly high. The decency rule does not protect, apparently, but before the infection with the Coronavirus, because this is transmitted via aerosols.

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Date Of Update: 24 May 2020, 11:34