Corona: the fear of the second wave - Lisbon back in Lockdown - What should tourists now | world

return During the first tourists to the beach, you need to back many of the residents of the Metropolitan area of Lisbon, in the Lockdown. The Foreign office ha

Corona: the fear of the second wave - Lisbon back in Lockdown - What should tourists now | world

return During the first tourists to the beach, you need to back many of the residents of the Metropolitan area of Lisbon, in the Lockdown. The Foreign office has given its advice for tourists.

While tourists look forward to the holidays, you need to bite the residents of Lisbon in the sour Apple. The city, a second Lockdown before, because the number of new infections is increasing every day. The Foreign office has responded to the development in the meantime. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany*. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Update from 28. June, 12.07 PM: , After the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, on Thursday announced a Lockdown for 19 municipalities in the Lisbon Metropolitan area , has responded to the German Foreign office on this recent development and on its Website, the travel advice for the country adjusted. "Portugal was affected by COVID-19 first, less experienced, but at the moment, an increase in new infections. The regional focus of the Lisbon Metropolitan area“, - stated on the website of the authority. It goes on to say that 19 non-tourist municipalities in the districts of Amadora, Odivelhas, Sintra and Loures were affected, as well as in the city of Lisbon, the municipality of Santa Clara.

Corona infections are increasing in and around Lisbon, but there are no entry restrictions for German

Nevertheless, there is the foreign office that currently has no known restrictions on admission for German, arriving by air from Germany on the Portuguese mainland Under certain circumstances, travellers need to make the entry information to the destination and reason for travel. Until probably 30. June entry by land is only possible if a residence in Portugal can be demonstrated, it says on the Website.

For the Lisbon Metropolitan area have been due to the rise in new infections since the 23. June some easing up for the time being, 12. In July, taken back . Cafes and shops close to 20 PM, supermarkets to 22 PM and Restaurants at 23 o'clock. In addition, it is forbidden to consume in a public space alcohol. For the particularly affected municipalities shall apply from 29. Of June to the first 12. July 2020 for more stringent measures. Here are the obligation to isolate themselves at home and leave the house only for necessary ways, such as to work, for shopping or for a visit to the doctor is, in particular, for citizens again. In addition, spontaneous meetings without compliance with the spacing rules are here to five people.

Coronavirus-developments around the capital of Portugal Lisbon Worry - Lockdown 2.0 announced

first message from the 26. June 2020:

Lisbon In a European comparison, Portugal has come far in the world by Corona-crisis* . 40.415 Infected with a total of 1549 fatalities (as of: 26.06). The Trade of the country was for a long time as a model in dealing with the Virus* . Quick and extensive Tests to prevent dimensions, as in the neighboring, particularly affected Spain. Now, however, developments around the capital concern.

Corona in Portugal: the number of new infections is rising

In the Metropolitan area of Lisbon for some time declining. The infection figures are on the rise again and the environment of the capital is evolving to the new Hotspot of the country. According to the faz alone, 77 percent were on Thursday reported to 311 new infections in the Metropolitan area of Lisbon . So far, the North had been particularly affected.

The fear of a second Corona-wave is growing. And while in other countries such as the UK or Germany, there are numerous step relaxations* in power, it is said in Portugal now in this area, too: take a step back. During the first tourists to compete in the Algarve, in the country of your holiday, you must back many residents of the capital in Lockdown.

As the faz reports, should already have the first EU countries of entry restrictions* for residents of Portugal have been adopted.

Coronavis in Lisbon: residents are permitted to leave home only certain occasions

From the 1. July bans in 19 communities in the capital re-output, announced the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa on Thursday.

The inhabitants are allowed to leave the house then for two weeks just to make purchases, to drive to work or see a doctor. the Lockdown 2.0. Also assemblies are only allowed a maximum of five. to bring

"The only effective Form, the pandemic under control, is that people stay as long as possible at home, and the social distance, as well as all safety and hygiene standards," said Costa to the new regulations. * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

tens of thousands of Britons stormed on Thursday to the coasts in the South of their country - in spite of the Corona. On Twitter photos of crowds of people are found in beaches.

Swedish exceptionalism in the Corona-crisis-proves more and more as the wrong decision. State epidemiologist Tegnell has re-were errors in the strategy.

Date Of Update: 28 June 2020, 06:34