Corona-skiing in Austria: spacing rules and mask duty in Tirol? Soon forget | Bavaria

skiing in Austria, in spite of Coronavirus - is that possible? Our Reporter tried the freshly opened Tux glacier at the end of the Ziller valley. Corona-Rules?

Corona-skiing in Austria: spacing rules and mask duty in Tirol? Soon forget | Bavaria

skiing in Austria, in spite of Coronavirus - is that possible? Our Reporter tried the freshly opened Tux glacier at the end of the Ziller valley. Corona-Rules? Difficult.

15. March ended the Coronavirus is the ski season in the Alps. Now, the glacier opens in Hintertux (Zillertal) again. We start the self-test when it comes to skiing in the Tyrol. With a mixed result. Many more exciting tales from Bavaria and the regions in our App.

Tux – skiing in June? You don't do. It's ecologically unsound, and the feeling for the Winter disappeared. Many years ago I was in the June time, out of curiosity, in the eternal snow of the Stubai glacier, for lunch I ate at 3200 meters of altitude, an Apple strudel, a bee would swirl around him – strange.

This year, however, the exception. The ski season to München the Corona-crisis violently at the 15. March finished, the skiing was prohibited. The Tirol snow card, the popular season pass for nearly all ski resorts in the state have until 15. May applied. Last week, the mail: The Hintertux glacier is operational again, the snow card up to 2. August extended, and then the Opening of the borders preferred. Well: So once again, on the mountain. And take a look in the near future of the Ski-tourism .

+ Our author Günter Klein has ventured on a year-round navigable Hintertux glacier on the ski slopes – with a Mouth guard.©Günter Klein

skiing in spite of Coronavirus: a New record for two - and-a-quarter hours from Munich to Hintertux

Only two-and-a-quarter hours – a record we need to have the car of Munich city center to the end of the Zillertal , on a Saturday in the Whitsun holidays, otherwise, a safer Stautag. The Hotels are almost all still closed and hardly any German cars on the road. License plate found in the Parking lot of the glacier train: Munich, Ingolstadt, Freising, Germany, Straubing, Ulm, Stuttgart.

+ skiing to the Corona-crisis: A sign at the Buffet.©Günter Klein

we always like to Ski and Snowboard. The Hintertux glacier is the focal point par excellence: normal operation, 365 days a year, in the summer, the deal together melting stops from 80 to 20 kilometres of racing teams to come especially. In addition to Tux, only a Lift now runs on the Dachstein glacier, the trail with its height but primarily serves the long-run clientele.

"Safe on the mountain" so Hintertux the concept is overwritten, it keeps the ski in Corona-times feasible. The three Shuttle cars that it goes in stages of 1500 to 3200 meters, disinfection stations were set up, signs to remember the two main commandments: "by far you're the Best!" A distance of one Meter in the gondolas and in the Restaurant, in a line, anywhere. And in the lifts (not the lifts), there is a mouth and nose guard duty. Does it all work?

skiing in Austria/Tirol: Mask due to Coronavirus? About 30 percent of keep in mind

Now, the ski area is hardly frequented, the first racers to order shortly after ten o'clock again to the valley, because it is at the top for rod training to foggy. The mountain railway employees working in lift stations, carry the majority of the no mask, of the guests 30 percent of keep appreciated it.

Coronavirus while skiing in Austria: distance rules in the gondola quickly

It's too bothersome for you to handle the protection, you would have to take off the helmet and the glasses always, and re-place. The mouth protection continuous wear, even while skiing? Tiring up there, about 3000 meters, where the air is thin. Most of the pull the collar of the jackets high and the head, miss cheap Look of the staff avoid. Because little skiers are on the go, you could distribute the gondolas of the "glacier bus". Go, follow the Reflex, purely zuhuschen, where the place is. A Meter Of Distance? Quickly forget.

On skis, you can ski right down to the Tuxer fernerhaus at 2660 metres. The self-service Restaurant is open – with the usual skiers-cuisine (Schnitzel, Spaghetti, goulash soup, pastries). Who works there, protect yourself with the Face Shield, the tables are constantly being sanitized. The guest can take disposable gloves, but he has left no contact details.

conclusion: In the winter season, you will be able to include all that is not so loose to run. In the summer, the skiing is not tested yet. There is a lot of numbers smaller. Down in the valley, the Après-Ski is even. The Bar from the "hohenhaus Tenne" has opened the open-air area. There are two guests there.

the call of The mountains? After all, at the time of departure, the contagion risk is not equal to null

in November 2018, the CSU and the Free voters to reign in Bavaria together. In the Corona-crisis, the partners will divide more and more. There is a crash this week?

Date Of Update: 08 June 2020, 17:33