Corona-mask in the car: police has clear instructions, even for storage | world

The mask of duty in Germany is everywhere when you Enter transactions and when travelling in buses and trains. But what if you drive with a Corona-mask car, or

Corona-mask in the car: police has clear instructions, even for storage | world

The mask of duty in Germany is everywhere when you Enter transactions and when travelling in buses and trains. But what if you drive with a Corona-mask car, or kept there?

Corona-mask obligation unsettled drivers - new rules for lower Saxony corona-amendment of the road traffic regulations aimed at the police, the ADAC experts estimate a mask, a duty-Situation unclear, a

Update 16. June: by Corona-pandemic introduced mouth-nose cover leads many car drivers in the road to a carefree behavior. The police in the administrative district of Diepholz (lower Saxony) points, and is aimed at all motorists in Germany. This is to hang the unused mouth-nose cover while travel often to the interior mirror , it is called.

drivers of many of the car maybe as the convenience of location is intended, the mountains, a large accident risk . The interior mirror dangling mask restrict the field of vision of the driver is not insignificant, reported, police spokesman Thomas Gissing . In particular, vulnerable road users - pedestrians, children or cyclists that could be quickly overlooked. Also, motorcycle riders experienced an increased risk , since they would already perceived, because of their often narrow Silhouette is very late.

Update from the 24. April: The 27. April valid in lower Saxony regulation on the mask of duty is not before the police and the fine point his way out, if you, as a motorist unlawfully, a mask, and the face is hidden. The new Anti-Corona control did not apply specifically for the individual transport, stressed that health Minister Claudia Schröder on Friday. NachAbsprachen between the Interior and the Ministry of transport in lower Saxony again, it is for commercial drivers to carry a mask , even if it hides the face and a detection impossible. In such cases, for example, in the case of Taxi drivers going there anyway, a travel book , which enables a subsequent identification.

the police and the authorities in lower Saxony have been asked in addition, until Further notice of a prosecution, should an individual with mask at the wheel on-the-go, for example, a Car to protect against infection. According to road traffic regulations are a driver , which is not subject to the mandatory helmet must be shown at any time, to be able to in the case of Offences prosecuted will be. The new statement returns control to police officers in lower Saxony, now an additional, on the Corona-crisis custom note.

Mask requirement in Germany: Carry also allowed while driving a car?

original article from June 23. April: In a mask of duty - applies in all Federal States in Germany, mostly for all that are in shops or buses and trains. Many people wear the masks also in addition to volunteering in everyday life and ask whether you are allowed to drive with a mouth-nose protection against the Coronavirus car. A clear answer does not exist yet reported*.

Thomas Gissing, spokesman for the police in the administrative district of Diepholz (lower Saxony), assumes that a corresponding provision to the 27. April for lower Saxony will be developed. On this day, the duty is there and in almost all other provinces. Only in Schleswig-Holstein, it occurs only at the 29. April in force. Background: Important additional and consistent protection, especially where people have no contact, in a confined space together.

adaptation of the road traffic regulations because Corona needed

Responsible for a situation-related adaptation of road traffic rules and corresponding instructions to the police, the interior Ministers of the länder - for example, by using a Corona-regulation. According to clause 23, paragraph 4, is not allowed to anyone in a motor vehicle cover, "his face was as or Verde no longer hide that he is recognizable". Except here, only motorcycle riders. Gissing compares such to temporarily Change the rules of the road with the repealed a Sunday ban on driving for trucks, to ensure the supply of the citizens. In both cases, the Situation as it exists currently in the Corona-crisis was not see before and therefore the adjustments.

+ commercially available Mouth guard covering the face is usually less than self-made masks. The legal Situation is still difficult.©picture alliance/dpa

"is valid, that 60 Euro will not be due if one is at the wheel, sitting visible," says the police overlooking the Corona-mask of duty . At the same time, he emphasized that the officials in the rural district of Diepholz, however, are stepping up to clarify the Situation - and certainly beyond - finger-tip feeling to the motorists approach."We give people advice, as the Situation can handle it, without immediately any a fine exhibit."

ADAC: the mouth-nose protection is currently legal only if it remains visible

a possibility of ADAC points. "Whoever goes out with a Mouth guard behind the steering Wheel of a motor vehicle, must ensure that the key facial features are discernible in the Material remains," it says there on the part of the lawyers. In the case of customary masks it is not really a Problem, because the face is visible so that in the normal case.

In the case of the self-made masks, and it may happen, however, that this is the face too far to the obscure. Who wears a Mouth guard out of health, should be treated with special consideration of the police . "This is an individual decision and is ultimately at the discretion of the police officer," according to the ADAC - without that this is a legally binding evaluation.

Drive with the hidden face is currently an administrative offense

it Is committed with a Mouth guard is an administrative offense, by running in the normal case, the normal penalty proceedings, explain the ADAC experts. "Can't be determined, the driver, threatened the holder of a travel book." The law could also be during the Corona-crisis not simply abolished - a adjustment of road traffic regulations can help here. In the case of Taxi, it would be taken journeys now often regard to the Situation, reported the ADAC .

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While the Corona-crisis especially required a lot of breath-masks. Right now there is a recall of three mask models.

Date Of Update: 16 June 2020, 07:34