Corona is in Germany: Many start pools in season, but the rules | world

in the Midst of the Coronavirus pandemic bathrooms open more and more their doors. In order to keep the risk as low as possible, apply new rules. in Spite of C

Corona is in Germany: Many start pools in season, but the rules | world

in the Midst of the Coronavirus pandemic bathrooms open more and more their doors. In order to keep the risk as low as possible, apply new rules.

in Spite of Corona*crisis open pools in most German länder after the other. A normal summer season, it will not give but nevertheless. Swimmers need to make the most of the places on a lot of rules and regulations taken. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany*. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Munich/Düsseldorf - In the shadow of the Corona-pandemic to start the free bathrooms in modern Germany in a probably very unusual summer season. Since this Wednesday (20. May) opened the outdoor pools in North Rhine-Westphalia again. In Saxony, they are for 15. May open again in Berlin on 25. May follow suit - but some countries, such as Bavaria, do not want to specify yet whether the open bathrooms in this season at all.

in addition to the question of whether, and when, pools this summer, it is probably also the everyday between lawn, swimming Pool , and jump to the tower unusual. Plan only with distance, visits only after registration, and long queues in front of the pool: outdoor swimming pool-guests and also the staff for the Corona-Contagion* in the future, a few rules .

outdoor pools open in spite of the Corona-crisis - there are Online bookings and time window

A quick Swim in the evening will not be this summer, everywhere possible, explains Christian Ochsenbauer, managing Director of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen (DGfB). Many spas want to offer time cards, visitor flows to channel . An example of the enterprises of the "Cologne baths", where customers are granted only with E-Tickets of admission. "Spontaneous visits are not planned," says a spokesperson Franziska Graal man. By the Online registration pools can hit two birds with one stone, because not only does it avoid Overfilling. The bathrooms were also at the same time their burden of proof, explains Graal man. Online registrations are planned in Berlin.

outdoor pools open in spite of the Corona-crisis - distance the A and O

whether in swimming pool , in a line at the diving tower or on the lawn - distance, the need of the hour is to keep. Therefore, be mounted in Düsseldorf or Cologne marks on the floor, in some of the bathrooms, the swimming shall be allowed to be beschwommen Railways are also only in one direction. Also, the about 1.50 meters long swimming Pool as a spacer . The DGfB also recommends to limit the number of persons in the pool . "It can then happen that the people have to stand in a queue in front of the pool," says ox farmer. The known distance - and contact commandments also apply to the lawn.

+ queues will be this year, probably not in front of the pool entrance, but in front of the swimming pool. (Archive image)©dpa / Thomas Frey

outdoor pools open in spite of the Corona-crisis - new tasks, the lifeguard

expect In the premises of the "Cologne bath" will encouraged the staff to control spacing rules and to admonish when necessary, says spokeswoman Graal man. Who does not want to hold absolutely to the new rules, you must leave the bathroom. Security forces should also ensure, on the meadows, not to larger groups. DGfB, managing Director of ox-Bauer also suggests that the lifeguard lock the bather count and pool if necessary to.

All of the new rules are intended to ensure that the Coronavirus become more widespread. In addition to distance, also disinfection is now written large. the Sanitary facilities should be cleaned more often in Berlin, stay Changing rooms and shower rooms completely closed . Many of the baths plan, all of the few hours of the operation to interrupt a basic cleaning, reported Ochsenbauer. Who has to Worry about, the Virus could spread through the water, can breathe a sigh of relief: According to the Federal office for the environment Filtration and disinfection, lead to the fact that viruses can be reliably disabled.

+ In outdoor pools should be disinfected because of the Corona of danger now. ©dpa / Rolf Venn Bernd

open free bathrooms despite Corona-crisis - and trying to have a bit of normality

Despite the Corona-crisis some pool operator try something like normality. In most bathrooms the small visitors* should be able to romp paddling pool in the children, told oxen farmer. In General, the obligatory outdoor swimming pool can be fries schnabuliert, because the restaurant is widely open. In compliance with the spacing rules are also attractions such as diving boards and Slides for visitors to be accessible. Because in addition to Hygiene and safety it is also another thing that says Ochsenbauer: "quality of life".

Note: Who is not only in the swimming pool, but also to the sea should keep track of the News Ticker to the developments the chances of a summer holiday, in spite of the Corona-crisis*.

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Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 00:35

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