Corona in Göttingen: Test for the spread of viruses in train, and plane | a world

How to transfer viruses like the Coronavirus in trains and planes? Test of researchers from Göttingen to bring answers. The centre for air and space travel s

Corona in Göttingen: Test for the spread of viruses in train, and plane | a world

How to transfer viruses like the Coronavirus in trains and planes? Test of researchers from Göttingen to bring answers.

The centre for air and space travel site - Göttingen in lower Saxony, The researcher is conducting research on the topic of virus transmission to test the spread of of virus in the plane and in the train, The results can in the fight against Corona*

Göttingen - help virus is Transmitted via droplets and aerosols – you may also Corona-virus – particularly good in airplanes or trains?

How it spread there? And what is the influence of the ventilation? With these questions, scientists employed in the German center for air and space travel (DLR) at the location Göttingen in experiments.

virus research in Göttingen: challenges of mobility in times of Corona-crisis-understand

The researchers from Göttingen, want droplets, especially the spread of potentially virus-loaded – in the Test there are physical particles in trains and aircraft cabins – to investigate the experiments and in Computer simulations.

As a starting point is assumed to be a "sick" passenger in a fully occupied area. The findings are intended to help, according to the DLR, to understand the challenges to mobility in times of Corona-crisis better and to find solutions.

virus research in Göttingen: Corona-spread better

By a Computer, the researchers simulate in Göttingen is part of a large compartment of a train with six rows of seats. For the 'sick' passenger Exhaling or coughing by the program is calculated, which is also used successfully for the Simulation of the Cabin airflow.

it will be Supplemented with the addition of aerosol particles, the spraying and evaporation. The Computer program calculates the distribution and range of the particles and represents them graphically. Theoretically, the findings might also give clues for the spread of Corona virus.

+ Test for the virus dissemination: The researchers from Göttingen to test also, like a virus in the trains can spread. In the Corona-crisis is an important research task.©DLR/nh

virus research in Göttingen in the Corona-crisis : Simulated distribution in a Zuglabor

at the same Time, researchers in the generic Zuglabor Göttingen a similar Situation in one Experiment, to

24 Dummies with Sensors to serve as passengers. A 'sick' Dummie emits from the mouth area of air with the mixed droplets, and a trace Gas. High-speed cameras and sensors to track the spread of the particles in the cabin. Particles and concentration are captured at various Places in the room.

Also in Corona-virus an increased infection risk in confined spaces with many people. Therefore, means such as road rules in public transport lanes is also a mask of duty.

virus research in Göttingen in the Corona-crisis: testing in a simulated aircraft

the spread of the witnesses Examined in flight. An Experiment is soon to start in a new aircraft laboratory in Göttingen in the framework of the EU project ADVENT.

+ the Test in the cabin of an aircraft: The German centre for air and space travel (DLR) in Göttingen, investigated the spread of viruses such as the Corona Virus - and used a test aircraft for the experiments.©DLR/nh

"airplane cabins are self-contained systems and a high level of air already have pure attitude. Our research on the spread of viruses in the cabins should contribute to the protection of the passengers from infection, and answers to the question: how can flies be in the future?“, Prof. Rolf Henke, Executive Board Aeronautics, DLR explains.

research is ongoing at the DLR Institute of aerodynamics and flow technology in Göttingen, also, because it is in Germany, a leader in the field of cabin air-conditioning of aircraft and trains.

so Far, but it wasn't the spread of pathogens, such as Corona , but you did the research for the comfort of passengers and the energy consumption of the air conditioning.

virus research in Göttingen: research in the fight against Corona

help "The developed scientific tools we can use now for the study of the spread of viruses in the passenger cabins," says the Institute's head, Prof. Andreas Dillmann.

With the first results expected according to the DLR in Göttingen, "in the coming weeks. The experiments, however last part for months.“ No statement you can about the infectivity make. All findings are to be published and partners in the industry.

virus research in Göttingen: the aviation industry wants to adapt to Corona

The air transport industry has been confronted because of the Corona with many challenges and is working hard To find ways to make air travel safe again. The research in Göttingen contribute. Because travel by plane and stay with Corona a risk, show how pictures of fully-occupied aircraft on social channels.

Among other things, Airbus and Boeing have studied how the Virus is spread in the cabin. A part of the research has dealt with the use of UV light for disinfection between flights. The Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York tested this method in their subway cars. New simulations with physics-based simulation technology from Ansys showing how UV light can be used to sanitize aircraft cabins between flights.

Corona in Göttingen: the crisis is in the Region

an outbreak of Corona in Göttingen. The municipal administration does not exclude that of Göttingen could be a Corona-Hotspot and thinks about far-reaching measures.

infection with Corona on suspended particles in the air Is possible? A scientist from Göttingen, explores the fine dust-aerosols and advises to the safety distance, in spite of the Corona-protection mask.

section list image:©DLR/nh

Date Of Update: 31 May 2020, 10:33

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