Corona-card for the whole of Germany: Current numbers of cases from all counties | world

How many people have plugged in your County, how many elsewhere? Our Coronavirus-map shows up to date of Infection in Germany. All the data in a map to Coro

Corona-card for the whole of Germany: Current numbers of cases from all counties | world

How many people have plugged in your County, how many elsewhere? Our Coronavirus-map shows up to date of Infection in Germany.

All the data in a map to Corona Happened in Germany is constantly updated. Take a look at the Infection all 401 German country in circles. , We build on the information provided to the Coronavirus from now on, continuously for you.

The Coronavirus in this year's massive our life. And even if the situation since the end of April has relaxed the current of Corona infections and deaths are still on a daily basis in the discussion. The data is also the Basis for the policy, which decides on loosening or re-output limitations make. With us, you will find that is why in Germany and is constantly updated, all of the Coronavirus-Figures from all counties.

Coronavirus in Germany: All the Numbers, all the data

How many people have been infected in Germany, with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2? The Numbers , the Numbers are on the decline? How many people have died of the disease Covid-19? This article offers you a constantly updated Overview of the Coronavirus in all German counties.

Our Coronavirus-map shows you all of the cases of infections and deaths in all of the 401 German counties, which was confirmed to us by the respective authority. Good to know: Between the infection of a man and the Emergence in the Figures, a certain amount of time passes. What the Numbers mean exactly and how we collect it, we have written below for you. On the map a County is colored in the purple, the more this is affected 100,000 inhabitants, the equivalent of infection.

questions and answers: Coronavirus-map for Germany

How do I use the above Corona-card? On the Smartphone, you can with two fingers or the Plus-Minus icons at the top right of any point in the map to zoom in. From a certain Zoom level, the counties are labeled then. In the same way, a displacement of the neck is possible. On your Computer click on the icons to zoom in and out - alternatively, you can also use the CTRL key on your keyboard together with the mouse wheel. A tip or a click on the district revealed all associated Coronavirus-data.

How current is the Corona data? We can update the Numbers permanently. In the footer of our map, you will find a time. The data can, however, do not give up the days of the current infection happen again. Background the reporting chain, which extends from the Occurrence of the infection the Test to the laboratory and to the Department of health up in the official Numbers.

What not to say the Numbers? The number of infections includes all cases of infection with the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, which was covered by the local health authorities and confirmed. In the case of the death cases, it depends on the länder: Some deaths take into account with a Covid-19-disease, some are only a case of death directly by the Coronavirus induced disease.

+ the lab with the Coronavirus investigation in Munich: here Is a Test positive, he soon after entrance in the official infection figures. ©dpa / Sven Hoppe

how do the data and Numbers come to the Coronavirus, what they mean

originate where are the data? , We work together with the Munich-based company fusion base, sensing the official data, consuming directly from the German Federal States and their respective competent authorities. We interpret these data and prepare them, for example in the Form of a map. Our additional Bayern offer, we will obtain the data directly from the Bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL).

Why I can't find any indication of the reproduction number? At the level of the German counties, the indication of the reproduction number is, in our view, currently not useful. You are the parent of about for Germany, or provinces, how many people are infects a of Infected. It describes the speed of the Coronavirus-spread*. For German counties, this is not shown, however, as the number of cases is often too low and/or out of date, and it is at this level, other data, which represent the Infection better.

Where can I find the number x, where there is Information y? , We build this offer permanent for you. Please send us your suggestions. Also, if the Coronavirus has relaxed the situation in Germany, meanwhile, is the development of data and research continued to grow rapidly. We strive to carry the bill. A kit for coloring the map: We are a dyeing aware of a County is already a third of the maximum value of all the counties in purple color, to be able to Germany, a meaningful card offer. Thus, we compensate for the fact that some of the German counties fall like Tirschenreuth with extreme values out of the frame. The exact data, you can always find by clicking on the County.

Where there are more interesting Coronavirus stories? In graphics we show, for example, how dramatically the Coronavirus has changed our lives. We explain how Sars-CoV-2 is actually in comparison to the classic well-known flu* to classify it. And we have researched what concepts and values in the current discussion about the Virus are most important to you.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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