Corona-Transfer: a Gloomy assessment to the mask duty - So small particles ... | world

aerosols play an increasing role in the Corona research. The small particles could be for any second infection responsible. What can you do about it? What is t

Corona-Transfer: a Gloomy assessment to the mask duty - So small particles ... | world

aerosols play an increasing role in the Corona research. The small particles could be for any second infection responsible. What can you do about it?

What is the role of so-called aerosols in the case of the Transfer of the Coronavirus to play ? The small particles may be, for each of the second Corona-infection is responsible. It can protect you at all in front of you? Here you will find the basic facts about the Coronavirus * and the Corona News from Germany *. Also you can find here current case numbers in Germany map *. Currently, there are also the following recommendations to Corona-protection measures *.

Munich - In the study of Corona-infection due to , scientists are increasingly taking a so-called aerosols under the magnifying glass. Thus, a mixture of solid or liquid suspended particles will be referred to as particles of Sars - CoV-2 -in the air. What is the role of aerosols to the Corona Transfer play?

Corona: "Pretty sure that aerosols are one of the ways that Covid-19 spread"

"We are pretty sure that aerosols are one of the ways the Covid-19 widely used,“ explains the former President of the International society for aerosols in medicine, Gerhard Scheuch, recently, the German press Agency. Lubrication infections about played less of a role.

There are many questions that are still open, so Scheuch - for example, how the Virus is ride while you Speak, or what role temperature plays. "There's a lot of research work needs to be done," he said. "But it is being researched more and more in that direction." Long is not clear, therefore, how infectious the dried aerosols.

Corona/aerosols: particles to blame for any second infection?

According to Robert Koch-Institute the Virus is transmitted mainly through droplets produced during coughing and Sneezing, and when Compared with the mucous membranes are included. the aerosols - defined as droplet nuclei smaller than five microns - but could also contribute, "even if a final evaluation at the present time is difficult."

virologist Christian Drosten* of the Berlin Charité speaks in his Podcast of a study from Hong Kong, which has the effect of aerosol . Therefore, the particles for the infection with the Coronavirus is probably as relevant as the droplets of infection are. The study suggests that aerosols may be to blame for any second infection. Even in a Restaurant in Leer you were probably the reason that many of the guests are infected.

Corona/aerosols: How long is the small particles stay in the air?

As long as there is a potential threat, researchers have examined already: A Team from the USA has been measured with laser light, the life time of small droplets in the air produced when Speaking. Thus, they disappear in a closed environment with a stationary air only after 8 to 14 minutes. In conclusion, it is said, "that there is a significant probability that to Speak normally created in limited environments, Transmission of viruses in the air".

According to Scheuch could keep aerosols in closed spaces, even over hours, and can be infectious. A push of breath containing 1000 particles. "Outside, the dilution is strong, inside it accumulates."

aerosols as the Corona-Problem and masks are powerless? "So small particles can be bad

remedy filters" to create the mouth-nose protection *. However, you have to know that the masks, particles may not be able to stop with a diameter of up to two micro meters, well almost all. Nevertheless, the simple masks had a significant effect, says Christian Kähler by the Institute of fluid mechanics and aerodynamics at the University of the Bundeswehr München : "they offer resistance to flow. Rather than particles the far outside of the blow, keep you close to the head.“

Scheuch sees the matter a little more pessimistic and explained: Because the Coronavirus is only approximately 0.1 to 0.14 microns in size, ranged time, the so-called FFP-masks *. "Which are for larger bacteria. Such small particles are difficult to filter.“ Particulate filters were a better fit. But this is yet to be explored.

Coronavirus: mask duty is pointless? Pictures prove the opposite

the devil on the wall, you should not paint, therefore, but, because the mask of duty shows your effect, as one study confirmed and the Bundeswehr Munich, explored Christian Kähler. The following two photos, the breathing show air of a ausatme man with and without mouth protection. The exhaled air is shown in color.

+ The breath of a ausatme man with mouth protection.©dpa / Christian Kähler

For comparison:

+ The breath of a ausatme man without a Mouth guard.©dpa / Christian Kähler

Corona/aerosols: Drosten tips - "so you can reduce aerosol component"

Develop aerosols ultimately, however, a real Problem? There is also good news, because the most critical point, the distribution of the particle counter is simple: regular and effective Ventilation explains how to Christian Drosten compared with the "Germany radio". "If it is so, that a Virus is in the air in a room, then the room air needs to be moved, of course, and be promoted."

+ The distance, the spit droplets can. The stronger the acceleration, the faster the particles move.©Graphics: F. Bökelmann; editors: D. delete

This is could make everyone in a simple way, Drosten continued: "That is, if you open the window, since a large cooling fan inside, which blows the air to the outside, and the door makes a gap. Then you can vent, of course a room like this and certainly can also decrease as an aerosol component.“

Since Tuesday, that's the sparks – and in the literal sense: the New Corona App for our phones is ready to use, you can you download on Android and Apple devices.


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