Corona: Drosten concerned about infection development in children: What we see currently ... | world

a virologist Christian Drosten commented in the NDR Podcast about the Corona-Infection levels in children. The researcher is concerned. virologist Christian Dr

Corona: Drosten concerned about infection development in children: What we see currently ... | world

a virologist Christian Drosten commented in the NDR Podcast about the Corona-Infection levels in children. The researcher is concerned.

virologist Christian Drosten* is one of the leading experts in the Corona of a pandemic and the Director of the Institute for Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin. The scientist speaks regularly in a NDR Podcast on the current situation in Germany and the state of research. Drosten extremely concerned about the Corona development in children.

Berlin - Despite the loosening of the Corona remain Infections stable. The measures to contain the Coronavirus in Germany work according to the Corona-expert Christian Drosten . The sun in several effects, says the virologist in the NDR Podcast (episode 45. "Distance bid out there to take seriously"). The incidence - so how many people in a certain period of time new develop - is very low. It has succeeded in Germany, among others, excellent, the infection happen brakes to be downloaded.

there are Also new insights, such as, for example, that the Coronavirus in the case of large crowds of people especially indoors, due to the aerosol component would be disseminated. The distance requirement is therefore continue to grow seriously.

Corona-infections in Germany: Drosten concerned about Numbers in children and adolescents

on The subject of infection are preparing Drosten of the Corona-developments in children but, as he says in the NDR Podcast. In the age group of the children and young people showed a strong increase in the Corona-infections at the beginning of the lock downs.

at the Beginning would have been infected in Germany especially people over the age of 30 to 60 years with the Virus. Then, especially the Older had been affected. There were a lot of Corona outbreaks in nursing homes.

"What we see now in the recent time, is an increase in the age cohort 20 to 29 10 to 19 . And if you look closely: zero to nine,“ says Drosten. The virologist refers to the RKI situation report of 1. June and, in particular, the figure six.

The virologist, stressed that the situation reports of the Robert Koch-Institut are intended for a specialist audience, for Doctors and health authorities would be published. But Drosten Figures tried to explain statistics and correlations.

In a situation report of 26. May have represented the RKI the Corona-Infections in the population by age again the other way, and after reporting weeks (figure seven). The graph shows the evolution of the age groups between the calendar week 10 (2. to 8. March 2020), and the 21 calendar week (18. - 24. May 2020).

Corona in Germany: a virologist Drosten observed "diffusion phenomena" in children

A special attention is paid Drosten on the age group of zero to nine years and ten to 19 years in the calendar week twelve to 21. "The double in time," says Drosten. Even the younger kids would join in this doubling completely.

+ RKI situation report of 26. May figure seven.©RKI graphics

"It almost looks as if the would increase even a bit disproportionate between zero and nine years. This is so memorable, because this time, we are talking about here, in Essence, the time is relatively soon, the schools were closed,“ says Drosten.

It was the so-called "diffusion phenomena" with Christian Drosten. Also in the house, which could infect children. Despite the school closure had increased in children, the infection remains.

"We are open now, with a low incidence, but with a suspended Situation in the case of the children," Drosten emphasized. For the school opening, it was, in his opinion, important to keep that in mind. Also in the evaluation of the case numbers, when kindergartens and schools were opened.

Corona infectivity of children - Drosten remains in Theory to his study

The infectivity of children is the subject of a study by virologist Christian Drosten. A first draft of the investigation was published at the end of April, and caused a stir. There was also criticism.

Now, the Team Drosten has published a revised and expanded version. In the process, Drosten is sticking to his Thesis that children spread the Virus similar to adults. There is no evidence to suggest that children were probably as contagious as adults, in the of the Charité hospital in Berlin published work.

Corona in Germany: a virologist Drosten recommends that schools and day care centers caution

The, now published, 28-page Text is still a so-called Preprint, which is not yet for publication in a scientific magazine, but as usual, scientifically, to be discussed.

Drosten is considered to be one of the main scientific adviser to the government in the measures to contain the Coronavirus pandemic. The statement on the infectivity of of children could have consequences for the extent to which children in the coming time, in day-care centres and schools can go. In the publication it is, it caution and careful Monitoring would be "recommended" at the lifting of the current restrictions.

With in-depth expert opinion, has made Christian Drosten since the onset of the Corona-pandemic a name. Including the Corona has to have the responsibility-to suffer virologist, and now also colleagues.

virologist Drosten is currently relieved that the Corona pandemic in Germany, the delivery is so far off fairly lightly. But he also has a fear that even makes him afraid.


* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 10:34

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