Climbing gyms Opening: pleasure in because of home, restraint in Peißenberg | Peißenberg

The series of relaxations in terms of "Corona" and it relates to now, also lovers of Indoor climbing. The climbing halls operator in Weilheim excited by it, t

Climbing gyms Opening: pleasure in because of home, restraint in Peißenberg | Peißenberg

The series of relaxations in terms of "Corona" and it relates to now, also lovers of Indoor climbing. The climbing halls operator in Weilheim excited by it, the Team of the DAV climbing centre in Peißenberg is still waiting from

the district - Which has a Velcro handles are pink, the other yellow or blue, and others green. Everyone has a different shape and a special profile. But they have in common, that they light compared to many other handles on the gray wall, literally. Traces of the use? Fail display. "There is no one, Yes, and it climbed the Bank," says Norbert Kunz. In the past few weeks, around 50 climbing and 60 Boulder were screwed-new routes.

the operator of The "Under the roof" at the Weilheimer trifthof road has not laments for the corona-related closure in mid-March, long, but said: "Okay, then we will make a stop Ramba-Zamba." Kunz has used the time of the lock downs for a renovation: floors, sanitary facilities, the Bistro area and the window – everything was brought to the front man. Now is in a fever, the head of the re-opening of the opposite. From the 8. June, so it has the Bavarian state government announced that it may open certain Indoor facilities.

Indoor Climbing: "Under the roof" has been comprehensively refurbished

Kunz has seen the press conference. And in fact, the word "climbing gyms" fell, "there is a stone from heart has fallen". He is also on 8. June open, even if, according to its summer schedule of Monday would be actually available the day of rest. "We've had enough," says Kunz with a Smile.

the date has closed, the climbing hall, which was established in 1998, twelve weeks. "Economically this is a hot box," says Kunz. Three months without income – "this is hard". After all, A very good usage in the Winter and the state's emergency assistance a support, with the help of it I Kunz "so far, just managed to" messengers. Even if it can now begin again, he expects that he will be in total this year only half of the sales from the previous year. "That's not necessarily economical."

Indoor rock Climbing: Kunz relies on the good sense of climbers

What pleased him, was the acceptance by the clientele. Some of the master climber had offered to buy tickets in advance. Also, the DAV-section because home with the Alpine club is a cooperation – have brought an advance into the game. "It feels good when you realize that the people part of the Situation," says Kunz. The offers he had to accept so far. Compared to the previous operation corona will change, due to a lot of things. The climbing gyms Association, "Klever", and also of the Alpine club have created a measures catalogue. "We are going to implement it," says Kunz. "We need people to participate."

Necessary pre-notification via the Internet ( is in the future, bookable Slots, which include two hours of climbing time. In the hall is allowed only a certain number of climbers at the same time. Courses in small groups, children's birthday parties and larger group events can be offered. Between the two climbers must always remain a backup line. The handles must not be after every trip cleaned, however, the customers need to disinfect the hands. Kunz sets the visitors to a molten Magnesia to the heart – the "Liquid Chalk" has a high alcohol content and acts as a disinfectant. Whether and to what extent the Gastro-area is used, and whether food can be offered, the hall operator, wants to decide in the coming weeks. "Much more important is, first, that the process does not work when Climbing." Showers and Changing rooms remain closed.

Indoor rock Climbing: understanding for hard Corona-restrictions

For the harsh measures, closures of entire lines of business over the next few weeks Kunz understanding – especially since he got a demonstration of the dangerousness of the Virus. Was one of his regular customers circle a Mittfünziger, died at Corona. Even more important is the climbing gyms-in-chief, that, in its operation, 8. June "run clean". The Hygiene requirements mean for him extra costs, which he does not want to give more. "We will maintain our structure." The current annual subscriptions, he makes three additional months to run; thus, the customers come to the full twelve months. On the other hand, Kunz will not reduce the prices. He expected "that the people accept that I need the sales".

Indoor rock Climbing: restraint in the DAV-climbing center

Something different than the "Under the roof" represents the situation in the DAV climbing hall in peißenberg – is an early Opening seems unlikely. Hall officer Herbert Fischhaber and his Team is currently in regular contact with the Chairman of the section, Ronald Bauer. "It's also about what can be responsible for," says fish commander-in-chief.

The peissen Berger hall with a floor area of 100 m2 and a climbing area of 400 m2 is "very small", so fish commander-in-chief. The German Alpine club has made for climbing gyms a list of proposals, such as operating under the Corona could conditions be possible. However, several conditions in it "we can not meet," says fish commander-in-chief. Larger halls "to do easier." According to the area and the number of backup lines, so the Team has calculated, could six rope teams at the same time in the hall to stop.

Indoor rock Climbing: DAV hall, only for internal groups

the currently valid requirements Should not be relaxed, however, "then it is probably the first time so that will not be for the Public is open," says fish commander-in-chief. Max DAV-internal small groups could get in. In normal times can be booked in the DAV hall climbing courses (on weekends). On top of that climbing takes place in therapy (including for the inhabitants of the Duke, saw-mill facilities) and visits to schools. The section also participated in the holiday program of the municipality.

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