Bavaria/Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Alpine-disaster - tourist plunges about 200 feet into the death of | Bavaria

In the upper Bavarian Alps, it came to a tragic mountain accident. A woman fell several hundred feet to your death. Hours of use of force had been looking for h

Bavaria/Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Alpine-disaster - tourist plunges about 200 feet into the death of | Bavaria

In the upper Bavarian Alps, it came to a tragic mountain accident. A woman fell several hundred feet to your death. Hours of use of force had been looking for her.

A woman fell in the Alps in the death. The vacationer was in the upper Bavarian Alps. She fell several hundred feet deep.

Update, Sunday, 18.30

Farchant - It is well, said the woman on the phone. Your husband should not have to Worry. She was at the summit and was now on the way home. In about an hour she was back. But they did not. Against 20.30 clock – that would have been about an hour after the call. And not after many hours. On Saturday morning it was clear: The 57-Year-old is dead. She was crashed on the eve on the descent from the High Fricken about Farchant.

In the early hours of the morning is started the tourist from Baden-Wuerttemberg to your mountain tour. When, exactly, can say neither the police nor the mountain rescue service. Clear only seems to be: "she was very slow on the road," says Thomas Abold, head of the mountain rescue Garmisch-Partenkirchen. That was apparently clear. This is because they had decided alone to break up. "You probably wanted to stop anyone," says André Heinrich of the police station, Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In the time she had miscalculated, however, "completely", adds Abold. Because of the location of her cell phone was last logged in, up to the valley, hikers will need usually at least two hours, he estimates.

mountain rescue searches until 4 o'clock in the morning in two squads - helicopter support from the air

So long about the husband as well as brother and sister, the wanderer, the made in Farchant vacation waited. But when the 57-Year-old against 21.30 o'clock still wasn't back and it was dark, reported to the Baden-Württemberger his wife missing to the police. Immediately a large-scale search was launched. Ten forces of the mountain of controls advanced. In two squads, they went with torches in the Kuhflucht - and the Oberauer Steig and their small sub-paths up to a height of about 1600 meters ab. In this area, they are concentrated due to the first investigation. Because you knew the last detected phone point. To 4 p.m., the members of the mountain were looking for watches to the woman, in parallel, a rescue and a police helicopter in the area flew over both with a spotlight, as well as with a thermal imaging camera. But all Attempts to find the woman, were unsuccessful. Also the cell phone location, brought no result.

at 7.30 PM on Saturday, the forces continued the search. The mountain rescue, now a 16-man on-site, extended this to the terrain beyond the road as well as the descent variant via the esterbergalm. Two men of the Alpine group of the police supported you, the fire brigade was alerted Partenkirchen, to help with your drone in the search. It was not needed.

First, on Saturday morning, forces discover the corpse from a helicopter

around 10.30 am, the crew of the police helicopter discovered the body of the Missing West of the Kuhflucht waterfalls in a 35 to 40 degree steep gully. About 200 meters it had crashed. The site of the accident in "difficult terrain" (Abold) achieved the use of forces with the helicopter. By winds, they retrieved the dead woman.

it was Probably on the Hackl dough, a narrow connection path in the direction of Wank, bent, and had strayed. Until you suddenly in front of the kuhflucht walls and not progressed. That is exactly where it crashed, according to current knowledge about the rocky terrain.

With a police officer, a member of the crisis intervention service delivered to the families the news of the death of their wife and sister. "A terrible fate," says Bergwachts the head of Abold. However, he sees a small positive aspect: the woman was found. "It is even worse if there is no end. The remains at all liable.“

Original message from Saturday:

Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Farchant - In the upper-Bavarian Alpine it has come to a tragic accident. the A woman who was on vacation in the Region, fell to his death.

The incident occurred according to the police, already on Friday . the According to preliminary findings, a woman fell several hundred feet deep through rocky terrain. the woman suffered fatal injuries.

accident in the Bavarian Alps: woman plunges to death - she was alone on the road

the victim is a 57-Year-old from Baden-Württemberg. She was broken on Friday alone to a mountain tour on the High Fricken at Farchant , in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen .

the woman was Missing in the evening by their relatives, because it was not returned up to this time in the accommodation . The relatives reported the woman as missing.

In the connection made in addition to the mountain, the police and the fire Department wakes up on the search for the woman. Only on Saturday morning, they were able to find. Officials discovered the body of the wife of a police helicopter and threatening you.

relatives are now in the care of a crisis intervention team.

In Bayern brewing on Saturday for a real storm-Front.* Day trippers should take in Eight. A youth is dead, discovered on the highway 3 in Schwarzach, from the accident, is still missing.

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