Bad Tölz: family visit to Turkey falls off | Bad Tölz

The travel plans of many in Tölz of the Turks live have been thwarted for this summer: your home country is still classified as a risk area. Bad Tölz-Wolfrats

Bad Tölz: family visit to Turkey falls off | Bad Tölz

The travel plans of many in Tölz of the Turks live have been thwarted for this summer: your home country is still classified as a risk area.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen –The more weeks of summer vacation with the family for many Turks, of course. In this year, this fixed point is not applicable for the majority of in the calendar, believes Tarkan Demir, coach of the SC Rot-Weiß Bad Tölz: "one or The other is already to go, but the mass is not it for sure. Especially if you have children and family, the risk is too great. You don't know if you can come back again and again. If something happens, there'll be hell.“

Demir had planned his vacation long, the flight tickets were booked. But then, the Corona-crisis came. Only the borders were completely sealed. In the meantime, the entry is allowed, however, the Federal government has classified the Turkey, along with 130 other countries, as a Corona-risk area. This has consequences: Passengers from a high-risk area need to expect that you have 14 days in quarantine.

Against this Background, Demir consulted with his family, and in the end the verdict was unanimous: The holiday is cancelled. "There is no world after all is not doom, if we fly for a year in Turkey," says Demir. "Thank God I was able to cancel my flight tickets, and without fees." Most of the Turks would travel according to Demir, however, with the car to the relationship, largely for financial reasons. The high season in the summer holidays, a plane ticket between 600 and 700 euros, the cost of the football coach reckons. And then you had to get a rental car, to all the Relatives to visit: "Since it is then fast times at 3000 to 4000 euros and still has not made a holiday."

in Order to save money, take a lot of the 20 - to 30-hour drive in purchase. These bring in the Corona of the time some of the risks. To come to Turkey, we needed to drive through Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria. "What happens if suddenly a country no more?", ask Demir. "Then you have to drive a detour, or it is still there and worse." This risk was it "just not worth it". Apart from the fact that President Recep Erdogan could at any time will close the border: "The one who is rather merciless."

the thought of Turkey quickly

Halit Vural from the Snack "Orient Kebab discarded" near the Tölzer Isarbrücke has not discarded the idea of a Turkey-travel quickly – even if he considers the Corona Situation in Turkey too dramatically. The Hygiene requirements are strict and the Hotels well equipped. Turkey, among other things, a certification program, which is also checked by the TÜV Süd. Hotels and caterers can participate on a voluntary basis. A whole catalogue of requirements must be met. To beaches about a safety must be observed distance. Use items in rooms need to be disinfected. In Hotels and airports, thermal imaging cameras are used. When symptoms and need a free corona test can be made. In spite of all precautions, Vural says: "The Corona-Virus, you don't see. I am a diabetic, belong to the risk group – this is all too dangerous.“ Therefore, he forgoes trips within Bavaria.

The waiver of the Turkey-holiday does not fall hard for him. Vural was born in a village near the border with Syria. As a 13-Year-old, he came to Bad Tölz and now lives for over 45 years here: "Apart from the relatives I know of in Turkey and no one and have no friends." Therefore, he was given back his citizenship. The ideal place to be apart Tölz anyway: "more Beautiful than here it is anyway nowhere. If I had time, I would always vacation here.“

Not too big of a fear of the Corona-Virus has a hockey player Yasin Ehliz: "I would have no Problem to travel in Turkey. It is not so, that I go because of Corona anywhere.“ Nevertheless, the annual Turkey trip is also with him. Normal he always made at the end of may after the ice hockey world Championships holiday. However, at this time, the boundaries heuer sealing. Now Ehliz is entered long ago into the summer training. "Here I have the training opportunities, in order to be fit for the start of the season," says the striker of the EHC Red Bull Munich.

travel financially to meet

other reasons for no Tölzer business woman who wants to remain anonymous, on the annual trip to Turkey: "For us, it is since the Corona is very, very quiet become. We would not have made the trip financially.“ It is "sad" that Turkey is classified as a risk area, although the risk in your opinion are "not so high". The classification will lead to problems. "We have school-age children. Because of the quarantine, you can possibly not in a timely manner in the classroom,“ she says. "Besides, it would be a pity if someone in the relationship would die, and we could not be at the funeral here."

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